Seven days in purgatory (2020 Sept 5th, Chapters 3/7) (ko-fi open: Jan 6)

I really enjoyed this so far! I’m really excited to see what happens next! Amnesia is really interesting and Abigail seems a bit tooo nice to me, but I really like her at the same time. I really don’t know what to think xD


I played a bit of the demo, and I found an error with the female side character. It has said “he snorts” instead. Thought I should.let you know.


Looks interesting so far. Just a silly question, they’ll eat fish fingers and custard too? :rofl: Loved the Dr. Who reference.


I think I get where it is going

was the MC brought back to life by the spouse?


found:Abigail actually laughs at that, letting go of your face. “Oh, that’s,” he snorts, “that’s quite a story.”(should be she)


I’m gonna give it a go now could use more of a summery

You successfully grabbed my attention!!! I really enjoyed the demo, the creepy ambiance is my favorite thing by far and I can’t stop feeling weird vibes coming from our spouse! Can’t wait for more :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


This is interesting. I’m looking forward to read more! The scene at the end especially grabbed my attention. I like how you described it, it seemed vivid and legitimately unsettling. It painted a nice, creepy picture.

The spouse, in my case, Anthony, was fun to interact with too! I definitely don’t trust him, but I’m making my MC do. Let us see how blind we can be.

The only thing I would take note of, is regarding choice. Especially choice on how the MC acts. Sometimes it felt like my MC was interacting with Anthony without player input. Things like pouting, predetermined answers, etc.

Maybe just adding a choice here or there would be good.

Best of luck on your project! I look forward to an update.


I do try to balance between the person you were bleeding in and the freedom to choose who are are now. Right now, with so little information, the PC is relying much on habit. Don’t worry – there will be more freedom as the story progresses and you become more aware. But you shouldn’t forget that you “have no agency over the past.”. The player has no say over the person the PC used to be. Only their name and gender/sex.

I couldn’t do that without spoiling anything lol. The downside of an amnesia fic.

Nothing so scifi or low-fantasy, I promise you.


Thank you for the catch! It’s fixed now


@Sel_Lee omg! just played the demo and I just completely fell in love with it! truly its so good!

I think I’m in love with Anthony lol the demo felt so domestic and like a normal couple living their lives in the suburbs and how a day would kinda be for them. with some exceptions, of course! lol

like what did happen to my kitty?! why dont we get him back like im fine anthony! what happened at the end of the demo! lol but seriously such a good game and I hope for more soon! :heart_eyes::heart:


I really enjoyed the demo! I haven’t read a new demo that piqued my interest this much in a while : D

I was wondering how much the attunement will impact/influence the story though? And are there any more stats you plan to introduce?

Either way, great demo and keep the good work up!


Thank you! But I feel I must warn you… It is a dark story, though it can be quite sweet if the pc chooses to accept it as such. Tread carefully.

The attunement will indeed have a larger impact towards the end. It will lock out some choices and force you to make others, depending on the stat.
As for other stats, I’ll be including text status. Like a short journal of what you remember, what you feel. There might also be a health bar, but other than that, I don’t think I’ll be adding more number stats.


Omg this demo was a trip! I really loved your writing and the way pc and spouse interact with each other. I don’t believe Hannibal is still alive though :pensive:


Super cool, with the past set in stone, things could be go wrong rather quickly…like what the true relationship between the MC and spouse, were they truly loved each other, and the prison.

some silly and out of nowhere theories...

And the dream, could be a reflection of the past, seems like they are judge the MC, and they disapprove with the MC despite what the MC did and even exclusive?

Also in TW, the reference to past child abuse give me a bad feeling, I hope the spouse is not the one whom been abused? I was thinking Stockholm syndrome…


Trans options :relaxed:
No nb :slightly_frowning_face:

Are you gonna add some nb content sometime or is this just binary stuff?

I might have chosen to be blind to the weirdness of it all, but I found the husband absolutely adorable. My MC trusts him, and so far has no reason to doubt anything he said.
Can’t wait to see where it goes, and when it starts to feel… wrong.


I’ll buy whatever he’s selling, his sweet blind my MC and me.


Yeah, same!

I’m still waiting for the plot twist, I’m almost ready to believe that we don’t really know that person that much, and everything they say is a complete lie/exaggeration.


crackpot theory time! our spouse is the reason the car crashed, maybe we tried to leave them and they got mad? tried to sabotage the car? would explain why the cat was in the car if we were trying to get away from them. i was also really ready to just say “yeah no, they’re probably our long time stalker” but the sense of familiarity between them and us is really throwing me off :thinking:
on a nicer note, the domestic tenderness…god i’m dead