Dark Days (Demo is released, but short)


My name is Valentijn and I plan on writing a story about a kid/teenager/adult that has gone through a lot. Basically he/she has/had a really rough childhood, because of their parents. He/she always gets betan up, gets locked up in a dark room and is always the least favorite child. (There are more things) I don’t want to tell everything yet, but in this story you will control, if you end your suffering, if you fight back or whatever you want to do. You will go through different stages of life. This story is going to be dark, but maybe you can make it lighter. There’re going to be romantic choices. You can play as male/female/gender less straight/bisexual/homosexual/asexual. You can also choose your look, presence, hobbies, character and relationships to some characters.

Demo is out, but it’s really short.

New link: https://dashingdon.com/play/valentijn/darkdays/mygame/

Old link: https://dashingdon.com/play/valentijn/dark-days/mygame/

Ps: If there’re any spelling mistakes, that’s probably because my first language isn’t English. It would be nice to tell me if there’re any.

I’m out.


It sounds like it has potential. It reminds me a bit about depression quest, a game about living with depression. I’d certainly play it since I’m all for life simulation games, and psych evaluation games.

Now that I think about it, there’s a game where you run away from home, and it’s a wake up call to the realities of running away from home. It’s called the runaway game. http://therunawaygame.com/TRG2.html

So, if the game turns out to be something similar to that, I’d definitely play it and I’m interested.


Thanks for your reply! It’s great to see that someone is interested in my game idea.

Yeah it’s definitely a big part of the game to find a positive way. If you’re depressed or not will be a matter of choices you make. But it will definitely be harder to not be depressed/getting depressed.

Thanks for the game link, I’m definitely going to check that out.

Well, sometimes I feel bad playing games with this stuff on the plot, but it sounds very interesting if you take it very seriously - I mean the plot and the MC’s feeling. And I’m willing to give it a try. Do you have anything from the plot already written or you’ll go with the flow?
I’ll follow this thread to see what happens, but I wish you good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your reply!

I have already written something and have many ideas. And because of the feelings of the MC, I know someone who has gone through something like that. He kind of inspired me to do this. And I hope I can show the feelings of the MC how they’re supposed to be and that you feel like you would be the MC. This means a lot to me so I’m trying really hard to make it good!


Oh boy, a parental abuse story. Phew… I’d better prepare myself for this one…

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That’s a good idea, because it could be quite disturbing for some player.

Nice to see, that you are interested!

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Yeah, I am a parental (+ grandparent) abuse victim. So, I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

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Sure I’ll give it a try it sounds cool
Well not cool given the context but interesting nun the less

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Nice to know, that your interested.
And I get what you mean about the content.

Oh, I’m really sorry about that, but I’m definitely happy that you’re keeping an eye on my game.

Now this sounds interesting, not enough games in general have this type of experience, much less choice of games. I like it, but be careful not too get too vivid, Apple is very uptight about this stuff.


sounds like a great idea! :smiley: not enough horror/dark COGs looking forward to a potential demo, I assume the MC can suffer from other mental health issues, not just depression? already got an idea how my main MC would respond to that situation.


I have to admit,there’s never been this kind of story anywhere else in CoG…and it certainly does sound interesting…

I’ll keep an eye out.

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Glad to see you like my idea. :slight_smile:
Yes the MC can surely have many other mental health issues such as shame and other.
Wow that’s cool that you already got an idea for your character!


Yeah, I haven’t seen a story like that in CoG.

Great that your interested, I’m excited about everyone who shows interest for my story.

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Nice to see you think it’s sounds interesting.
Thanks for tip, I try to get not to vivid.

I’m an child abuse survivor,I’m going to be watching this as well. If you’d like some more information please pm me…you mentioned some lighter choices, what if a lighter choice is adoption?


I’m interested in how this will pan out but i think there’s a typo june 9th has already passed. So? What date is it coming out( or around)?

Edit: whoops my bad forgot some people on here are not american and use a different standard looking forward to sep 6th.

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Adoption, that’s a good idea.
I’ve mentioned in another comment that I’m writing this story for someone. And there is one person in this story that I think could be a person that adopts the MC. The person is going to the MC’s aunt. (In RL it’s my grandma)
And if I have a question about something, than I’m definitely going to pm you. If that’s okay for you.

Thanks for your interest!