Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I played it recently but the title escapes my memory. It’s where you’re teleported to a different world with magic and monsters. Tasked with defeating someone and has all these cool features and different cities to go to when you start out. There’s guilds, inns, inventory, codex? There was exp and level bars in the stats. I found it really interesting.
In one of the cities you meet someone called Leon.
If anyone knows what it is called please let me know!

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I don’t remember much, but it was a WIP where you’re a monster hunter from a family of monster hunters, and you get possessed and end up in a town full of supernatural beings :thinking: not much to go on, but I’d appreciate it a lot if someone could help me finally remember what this is :sweat_smile:

Was it The Hunt: Demon Eyes [On Hiatus/Will be moved to Twine]? The author said that the game was going to get ported to twine, so it’s on hiatus. The link to the demo is here: https://thehunt-if.tumblr.com/

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Omg yes that’s it! Thank you so much :blush:

There was a WIP where the MC wakes up with amnesia with their “spouse” who is totally not a serial killer/cannibal taking care of them.

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Would it be Home: Let’s Go Back by @snail?

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Yes, it is likely Home: Let’s Go Back!
There is a little story about it for now, but one character is officially on the way with the name’s Leon. Thanks for the reminder to our friend here!

Yes it is! Thank you! :blush:

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Can someone help me. Please bear with me
here since it’s been awhile. So basically you attend some Mech Academy where you can choose which one of your parents are still alive whether it’s your Dad who’s a mechanic or Mom a air force pilot. There’s also this badass Tomboy blonde girl who is an army brat that can be romance I think.

Pulse University I think… Probably 0r mecha ace I have forgotten somenof the storylines, so I am not sure.

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Yes! it’s Pulse University thank you very much for your help. @Uchiha_sasuke

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The first scene was the player character being bound to some demon (player’s choice) in a ritual and receiving a mark/rune in the forehead. The MC, currently, can’t remember anything before this event. They work as a mercenary or similar with some kind of handler that is a RO (cold, white hair, gender selectable). Player can choose to take the RO surname for the MC. Other RO (gender selectable or female, can’t remember) is a bard and will flirt with MC. Very short demo.

I know it kinda sound similiar to the northern passage. I believed it was the northern passage for quite a while, but unless this mystery demo has changed a lot since the first time I played it, it can’t be. At this point I don’t know if I mixing games or what.

Is it perhaps Virtue’s End ?

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Yes! Thanks a lot.

A WIP where the main character is burned to death by his trusted friend. I remember that they (main character) were some sort of special magical race of people and that to stop his sibling from basically nuking a city they did something that looked traitorous (smth about killing a priestess iirc). The MC’s friend (a prince) executed him, although the MC’s other two companions attempted to save them. After this, he was sort of reborn back in his origin country, and the story continues from there to where they save a long-lost, thought dead, childhood friend. I suddenly felt a nostalgia to play it again but I couldn’t find it, so if anyone could help it’d be awesome. ty!

Sounds like A Mage Reborn?


Can anyone help me
There was a wip in which the mc has accident and then he time travells back in time and is revealed to be queen Victoria grandson and then Sherlock Holmes comes into the scenario

Is about you getting married off by your brother to your clan enemies and your spouse already has a son of their late partner. The demos finishes at the end of the wedding.