Salad Bar (WIP)

Who doesn’t love a good salad? Salad Bar gives players the opportunity to select from a delicious assortment of leafy greens and toppings. Or no greens at all – your choice! Perhaps you want ranch dressing drizzled over tomatoes and chicken, or perhaps you’re in the mood for croutons and watercress over beets, with a sprinkle of bleu cheese and olive oil? Your choices are limited only by the limits of your imagination.

Salad Bar is not simply a game about salad, however. It is also a Choicescript game that challenges the very definition of “choice” itself. Salad Bar invites the player to reassess the ways in which conventional understandings of “choice” both empower and restrain individuals from expressing their true wants and actualizing their own interests. If you are selecting from a predetermined array of foodstuffs, for example, are you really exercising a choice, or merely acting a part in a play written by the “other” who actually possesses agency? Is the entire “choice” structure merely a charade? Can choice be said to exist in a normative sense when the entire game has been written by someone else? Perhaps trainee salad bar technician Tifiny, or assistant restaurant manager Mohammed, are the playwrights here? Or are they?

Likewise, your personal characteristics themselves act to both affirm and challenge societal norms regarding appearance, identity and consumption. What message does eating a “salad” convey within the context of such markers as gender, age and weight? Who determines that narrative? Does returning for seconds trigger the same cultural reactions regardless of who is doing the eating? Perhaps you shouldn’t eat at all? Or should you?

Try it now and find out. Beware, however, that Salad Bar may not be appropriate for younger players due to graphic descriptions of obscene sexual conduct, recurring vignettes of rabid mob violence, and a pointed rebuttal of Harutoonian’s thesis that Japanese interwar efforts at cultural hegemony contributed directly to racially derogatory American wartime propaganda.


I think you lost me. Plus your demo doesn’t work.

I’m thinking this is an April fool.

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I was going to ask if this was a joke, then I remembered what day it was.

This is cute!

My favorite part was when Tifiny and I had an intense discussion about the meaning of Shakespeare’s works as a whole and how it has shaped and altered Western society.

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This is beautiful.

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I was fortunate enough to catch Tifiny’s postmodern neofeminist deconstruction of Merry Wives of Windsor at last year’s Van Cortland Park Beat Poetry and Dubstep Slam and it was a thing of beauty. She has a gift.


WTF Why i got the ending that World War II never happens, Can you explain it to me ? and please no Hitler choke on salad. Otherwise its good game throught its clear, that you doing it as more of art than game.

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Needs more character creation. If I can’t play as a Bulgarian nun this is a definite no purchase.


Note to self: include option of being a Bulgarian nun in next WiP


I … Could you please … Er … Well, it’s … um …

I don’t understand.

This is art… Someone give this man a medal.

The romance scene was the most touching thing I have EVER read!! cries ^-^
I was also dazzled by amazing and vast amount of choices on making your own salad creation…and then you tied everything together so perfectly with intensely deep characters! This game not only made me thing the deepest out of any other but truly shines as the most unique! HOW DID YOU DO IT???

As a mod, I have to insist that you mark this thread as Adult for the aforementioned obscene salad content.

Also, all salads are required to be gender-flippable. Please correct this omission at once or your game will be summarily banned.


Did anyone else run into a killer whale while cleaning the aquarium in the back? I can’t figure out how to get past that point.

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You need to use Luger, you get it from Hippie Marx.

Being run over by a military submarine isn’t much of an improvement over death by killer whale, you know…

Dont tell me you Forgot to Contact Napoleon ? And BTW describe me your playthrought, because it is litellary imposible to be Confronted both BY WHALE and SUBMARINE, They are kinda mutually exclusive.

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I like the “Voight-Kampff” test…Is their a way for it to come up as a replicant?

I turned left at the bus stop.