The Interrogation of Choices (WIP - Version 1.1)


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“Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted - it is an intimate date with yourself” - Paul TP Wong

Also, this is an open project. You may edit it through Github.


This narrative covers one’s personal interactions within the “Choice of Games” forums. Notably, the sections that will be covered are the different levels of expertise held within the forums, the amount of activity observable inside said forums, and one’s future plans; interlaced is other information relevant to these broad subjects.


  1. Self-indulgent
  2. Branching occurs between dialogue
  3. ~2,000 words per branch – ~4,000 words total

Version History


(Version 1.0)

March 29: Project Created

March 29-31: Initial Writing

May 17 - May 25: Implementing into ChoiceScript

June 5: Bug Fixing / Continuity Checking , Releasing to Public , Renaming (Choice of Reflections --> Reflections: Narrative of Undertakings [Name Still WIP])

Please share any/all thoughts you have while reading!


1st run through. I really enjoyed it
2nd Run Through for bugs and whatnot.
Also hah hah that Knife pun was so corny but I enjoyed it can you put more puns in?


Thanks for playing :slight_smile:

Which path was your favorite?


Glad we’re a nice cult.


You know it Havenstone but technically I don’t think any cults are nice they all are evil in some way like kidnapping but I guess you guys are the first. Oh @Eleckar I liked being the Bad Cop because why not? Hmmm @Havenstone I think I’m going to go off and make another COG game.



Ah, the enlightening statements made by the cops of which are uninformed.


Yeah, I figured most people would enjoy being the worse of the two evils. Also, I suppose I could add another path where the interviewer bases his questions solely on puns – it might make a nice rendition for a NewGame+.


If you did that you would be my most favorite author of all times hands down.
There’s a error her !{He}


Your bribery is tempting.

Thank you. I believe it’s fixed now.


I know it is good luck trying to ignore it but it will overcome you in the end​:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


The girl provided feedback, eh? You sure you did your research? :dolphin:


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but:

“…cabin, you take one final look back, and can’t help but chuckle at just how easily you tricked that kid into believing that you actually cared about #{him}.” Should be ${him}.

This is the last page of the Good Cop ending :slight_smile:

also, I would legitimately pay for a pun-only version of this game.

But you’d have to go all-out.

I’m talking Piers Anthony level puns.


No Night Mares to ride here. :racehorse:


'sit bad that I enjoyed the kid’s torture? lol. Aw, kinda wanted it to last longer, and like, have a female route with other means of getting answers from the captive. Anyways, loved it :grin:



Thank you, that error is now fixed.

In order to get the maximum leverage out of my puns, I think it might be a good idea to hire / steal a volunteer to run some ideas by. Maybe I’ll revisit this project after my next is out of development.


Nah, it isn’t any worse that enjoying burning ants. As mentioned above, I might go back to this project and revamp it with new ideas and impressions that come to me over the next year or so.

Also, yes. It would have made the game much better to have different options for torture or persuasion. Good thinking!


Thank you for your support! I did not expect this project to go over as well as it did.


Please COG gods don’t
Everyone at some point has wanted to see the fall of the COG gods and some even planned a revolution so yeah I think it will be pretty popular


But, I don’t think I’d enjoy burning ants. Well… maybe I would. They don’t really react, just, you know get squished or run around frantically.



I shall be waiting


I have decided to open this as a public project if any of you fine folks want to tinker around with the idea.

I’ll be waiting for the pun DLC.

(I meant to do this originally but forgot until now)