Rewind, Book One: The Demo



I then suppose I’ll throw my hat in the game ? I’m not doing anything better to next year. says the guy that has uni

Disclaimer, I’m not the finest feedback person though.


I don’t know if this was pointed out already or you have explained it already but I noticed that there isn’t a bisexual choice, is it going to be added later on? (sorry in advance if you already have explained this.)


Ha, I’m a full-time student myself! It’s totally awesome for you to jump in too!

The main thing we need betas to do is point out errors, say when something needs more customisation, make sure the game is working, etc. If you can do that, I’d more than gladly add you to the list! Just dm me your discord name!


Hi there! The no preference option is the bisexual/pansexual option. If it is selected, you will get the originally gendered ROs. (AV male, K female, AL female, O male, Vervain and Sam do not change). While some authors do add a bisexual option, I decided to go with a “no preference” instead, as it wouldn’t make sense in a game to have a bisexual option where one RO goes by they/them due to their lack of knowledge on gender, and another… is, well, Sam. I hope you understand! This is not an attack on other sexualities, more so a “this really wouldn’t make sense” kind of thing.


Just finished the demo and I really liked it! I love all the characters (except Gorglesnorf, duh) and the world building!

So, is Avalon not human? Since he has pointed ears… And he must’ve been really old since he still remembers Eristral back when it was just a small village. That must’ve been a long, long time ago… Idk, I’m really just guessing here :stuck_out_tongue:

And does Tam’s children know their father has magic? Do they all have magic and are they aware of it?

Sorry for bombarding you with questions, I hope you don’t mind :sweat_smile:

oh this is heartbreaking! :sob:



AV is not entirely human no. But I will not reveal anything about about that :wink: they are indeed very very old… as are most of the ROs, oops.

They know Tam has magick! Magick in full-blooded humans is actually pretty rare! Tam, MC, and Gilin are the only magickal humans in Eristral… except Mister Cormin, who’s talents will be revealed later!!

Asking questions here or on Tumblr is totally fine! I encourage it, in fact! If you want to know more, I’d love to tell you what I can ^^

Yes, indeed, very heartbreaking… book six is going to be quite the ride, haha.


so what are the other races’ average lifespan?

he can command horses??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok I think this is my last question for now: Is the illness that struck our mother and Anna the same one?


There’s like… hundreds of races, m’dear. Far too many to list here :laughing:

he can command horses??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Ok I think this is my last question for now: Is the illness that struck our mother and Anna the same one?

Ha XD nope!

Nope. The mother’s illness was a type of brain cancer as we would understand it. It quickly disabled her because of its placement and growth rate.

Anna’s disease is… well… spoilery to talk about :wink:


Oh, sorry! Just the ROs’ races then. What are their race’ average lifespan? You said AV’s race is spoilery and I assume Sam’s is too, so you can just exclude them. :smile:





Waking up to see all this comments is making me so fricking happy :sob:

And @Shawn_Patrick_Reed your theories are… So fucking good? I can totally see a lot of things you have said happening. Specially the dad’s town thingy… Is that just to alter stats or… Is there something else behind? :mag:

And the illness… Is one of the things that intrigue me the most. Could it be a side effect to the MC having to “rewind” through time/space?


But… Did they consciously make the decision to “rewind” through time because something tragic happened and they wanted to start over or is this something they have no control over?


That’s an excellent question, wouldn’t it be awesome if the MC put themselves through that willingly?

And this makes me wonder, what about their family? So they rewind with them? Does the entire universe rewind? Or just the MC? And when doing so, does the MC also go to a different reality or stays in the same? And if going to a different reality, is it like a hopping on another “self” or is their whole body disappearing?

So many questions I can’t wait to see the answers to :eyes:


That’s what happens when you touch thw whole time-travelling stuff. Many people have different takes on warping time and reality and I can’t wait to see how the author will handle this. What happens to the ROs when we go back in time? What reason did the MC have to go back? Did the RO die and MC wanted to save them? Did something go horribly wrong? Will MC remember who they were and that they have the ability to alter reality and time? So confusing.


Is the MC actually human to start with, or are they a really powerful magician?

And yes, I agree. I honestly can’t wait to get more clues as to what is going on and try to find out the truth…


So could wolf coat guy/gal be one of mc’s lovers/rivals/villans/whatever from past timeline ?
if it MC’s disease is side effect of time travel (and just not tuberculosis) could be possible since mc has it for like 2 yrs ( i prob way overshoot it with this…)


This whole thing reminds me of that new black mirror movie where the main character has the ability to go back in time and change reality. Fun fact: The viewer is the one that controls the MC so it’s like an interactive movie.

What if the MC has sudden flashbacks of moments they never had but once had in a different reality? Wouldn’t that affect their sanity? Imagine having a constant feeling of déjà vu. Unless the story changes everytime we rewind? Or will it be the same but the RO changes?


Well, so far we know that somehow A knows about the MC, that’s the reason they go find them in the first place. And if I remember correctly from Discord, A is really involved in the big plot and will do important appearances in the last book.

So I don’t know if they are past lovers, but maybe they were friends? Maybe the MC is as old and got into this situation themselves, to prevent something, and A thinks is the time to step in before is too late?

I don’t think it will be exactly the same for every book, but that’s just me wishing I think :joy:

Maybe we should ask @gatheringstardust about this, if it’s not too spoilery.


Wait wait wait now you got me confused one with wolf coat and Av are the same person?

Well it could be that MC begins as some other version of themself be it king, hero, beggar or working retail and facing same-ish big bad that ends up reseting timeline and or destroying that timeline


Yes, Av and wolf person are the same I mean I think they are, but now you confuse me lol