Rewind, Book One: The Demo



Hey, Capri/Cierra here! If you’re checking out this thread, then I would like to welcome you to one of the games my friend Rissa and I are working on: Rewind.

Rewind is going to be a six book long series, with each book introducing a new love interest and their own individual story. And you, my lovely readers, will play as the same main character in each book, due to an underlying plot that will be revealed throughout the course of the books, and be explained in full in the final book. This series will be set in a medieval-esque world that has magickal workings and many supernatural species and creatures who may help as much as hinder along your journey. There will also be not-safe-for-work material, also known as mature content. Some choices will carry over into each book, as will your stats. Never fear, for this will not be a stat-based book series. If you do not have a stat high enough to pass the check, a different and more common-sense based action will happen! Lastly, you can also pick your measurements (I know it can be so annoying when you’re forced to constantly look up measurement translations). Enough of my rambling, lets get into the information about this book!


You are the youngest sibling of three. You live with your father, grandfather, and two elder brothers on the outskirts of a rather large city called Eristral. You work as an apprentice in a shop run by Master Gilin, your less than benevolent noble-magician master. Much of your time is spent with your best friend, Arabeth, who you’ve known since she was born. Only two winters ago (or years), you became ill with an unknown disease that is slowly worsening even with medication, and has become bad enough that without your medication you are rendered unable to do much else but cough, sometimes to the point of blood coming up. Seeing as your mother died only six years ago from another unknown illness, part of you wonders if you’ll follow her fate.

Not long into winter, a well-known magician arrives in Eristral, turning your normal routines topsy-turvy. As you come to know them more, you find your illness also worsens… and later, they reveal they’re the only one who can cure your disease. Yet, even more worrisome… the disease is fatal, and the cure rests in the magician’s old home, so far from Eristral you will have no choice but to journey with them if you want to survive.

[Blurb end.]

Now, as for features (these will also be the same in the other books!) :

  • As I said, you can choose your measurements, either American units or Metric units!
  • In game, there will be a Lexicon and a tab called “My Diary”. The Lexicon will act as a dictionary for certain words and adds some lore as you play! “My Diary” tracks certain decisions and information about you and your relationships :slight_smile:
  • You will have relationships with certain characters! In these relationships will reflect your interactions with them and details about them.
  • You can be… “evil” to a certain extent. I’m really not good at writing evil-ness honestly, but there are options to be cruel if you want to play that way.
  • Your choices do matter! Some will effect later stages in the game, or conversations with certain characters!
  • You can choose your preferred pronouns (he/him, she/her, or they/them), whether you are genderfluid, and later, you will be able to also choose if you are transgender or not!
  • You can choose your sexuality! Whether you prefer men, women, or no preference! (No preference will result in love interests having their original gender!)
  • You will not need to play a specific way to get close to the love interest. However, certain decisions or choices may make it take longer for them to become romantically involved.
  • There are options to what you prefer to do in your free time! Right now, there’s only artistic choices and reading, but later there will be musical instrument choices and maybe more than that!
  • Again, stats will not really hurt you. From what I have planned, if you can’t pass a skill check, a common-sense action will appear instead!
  • There will be not-safe-for-work content! I’m not sure to what extent, as it depends on what HG will allow, but if a majority of it is cut I will offer full scenes elsewhere!

As of right now, Rewind has six chapters and a prologue (all included in the demo), and is at a word count of 39,145 words! As I update it, I will include here what the word count is!

If all of this interests you, please, check out the beta-tested demo ! And, if you enjoy Rewind or find any errors, or just want to give feedback, tell me about it! This book series is written by me and coded by Rissa, the silent lurker who might pop in every now and then on her own account or through here (same for me! I do have a personal account as well) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: .

We will be working on multiple projects together, including a second story I have cooking up and one of her own which will be announced soon enough, most likely first in our weekly updates on our social media! Thank you so much for your time!

Edit: As requested, I will provide a list of the future romance options and some informatiok on each!!!

Book One:
Avalon/Avlyne (AV): A powerful magician who’s well-known throughout Aome. They appear human, but… are they really?
Appearance: honey brown, curly hair (shoulder-length on Avalon, middle-of-back length on Avlyne); golden brown eyes; golden olive skin; and slim body type with some muscle. Two dimples. They appear Greek in our modern world.
5’10/178 cm

Book Two:
Kelsei’Loa (Kelsey)/Kelsei’Noa (Kelsen) (K): A chubby half-demon who has great amounts of self-confidence and tends to be rather chill. Tends to be a bit of a party animal… winces
Appearance: strawberry blonde, straight hair with the right side of their head shaved (little below Kelsey’s shoulders, but only a few inches long on Kelsen); swirling, Fire Opal-colored eyes; tanned skin, much like a darker sand colour; and a chunky, muscular body type. They appear Hispanic.
Kelsey is 6’3/191 cm, Kelsen is 6’0/183 cm.

Book Three:
Alanna/Alain (AL): A full-blooded lycanthrope. Alanna is different than Alain due to how pack heirarchy works: Alanna is a fiery, confident woman who wishes to cure herself of her affliction: Alain is a mellow, soft-hearted man who wishes to escape his pack and live his own life.
Alanna: Pixie cut, dark loosely coiled hair; left emerald green eye and right dark blue eye; dark brown skin; and very muscular body with wide shoulders and hips. Appears African-American.
6’1/185 cm.
Alain: Close-cropped, dark tightly coiled hair; right eye emerald green and left eye dark blue; dark brown skin; and massive, muscular body that is built for strength and endurance. Appears African-American.
6’3/191 cm.

Book Four:
Ostaryxises (Ryx)/Ovelioxae (Lio) (O): One of the original Dragons, O does not understand most concepts common in humanity. After having spent centuries in constant torture and torment, they have little trust for anyone… except for whoever takes the time to approach this hurt animal.
Appearance: Waist-length, thick black hair that curls towards the ends (Ryx has two small braids at his right temple, sometimes pulls his hair back or braids it; Lio almost always has hers braided); golden eyes with purple (Ryx) or red (Lio) flecks around the pupil; dark olive skin. Appears Greek.
7’0/213 cm.

Book Five:
Vervain (V): A forest nymph, Vervain is innocent to the sins most are aware of. They prefer to be alone and care for their forest, but when the dark forces of the supernatural encroach upon it, they will do what they must to save it.
Appearance: Hair is not in fact hair, it is short russet fur from which small bundles of light pink vervain flowers protrude, and two hair like vines gently sway on either side of their head from underneath flowers close to their temple; lilac coloured eyes with no sclerae and plus (+) shaped pupils; fair skinned with russet spots on their torso towards their rabbit-like half of their body and near their hair line and covered in freckles; and a slim, graceful body. Below where a belly button would be (they lack one), they appear to be a rabbit, though one better suited to walking on it’s back legs. They have russet fur covering these lower legs, and a fuzzy, rabbit tail.
Height is based on the MC’s, ranging from 4’11-5’4/150 cm-163 cm.

Book Six:
Sam (S): Sam is eternal. Sam is ancient. It knows all there is to know about you, and it had spared you when it shouldn’t have. Will you take the chance on trusting it to save the world, or will you allow your previous teachings to blind you to it’s truer nature?
Appearance: I have only revealed that in its more humanoid form, it has blonde hair.

Another Edit here!

I am looking for non-binary and genderfluid testers! If this fits you, please contact me here/on discord in the server or let me know in the discussion below!

Also, if you want to get updates, know more about our other upcoming projects, or find some information on the ROs (or ask about information!), please follow/join us on the below sites:


Welcome to the community Capri and Cierra. I look forward to everything you two have upcoming.

One concern I have: Are you both sharing one user account?

Most collaborations will have the various authors contribute to the WiP as separate users; meaning each author will have their own identifiable user account.

This will become more important as you both branch out into your separate projects.

I look forward to seeing your collaboration project grow and will try to keep my eye on it as it grows.



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Wow, the demo was really good. I got my eyes on this and welcome to the forum!


Hey! Capri/Cierra is the same person, and I go by @caprithebunny too! Rissa and I share the account but she will mostly answer through @hushedmusic ! Thank you so much for the welcome!!


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Thanks!! Let me know your thoughts on it and any concerns! I hope you enjoy ^^


I’m so sorry! I’m poking Rissa right now to fix these issues. It seems a few things translated wrong when she uploaded the demo! These should be fixed very soon!


Thank you! We’re (me and Rissa) are noticing some copying errors right now!

Um, coin purse is a separate item from your bag! Its a small sack that holds money versus your bag which is like a backpack or knapsack. Your other edit is being added though!!


I remember talkng about your game, I’m so excited that it’s finally here! :grin:
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