Rewind, Book One: The Demo



Hey, thank you for pointing out these errors! The betas missed a few and another few are other errors that still weren’t fixed!


This great
Me call friends




Thank you!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed and I hope your friends will too!!


Hey, It’s me, ya boi.

I’m only on the 1st chapter and:

I’m scared. I’m 155 cm and I always thought that 163 cm was average?? Holy H E C K.

Anyway, I’m super excited about the detailed customization! Yes, I a b s o l u t e l y love character customization and I’m glad that the player had the choice to either use the metric or american system. Seriously… Thank you author for letting us choose the metric system. Americans, your way of doing things are overrated. Please use the metric system like everyone else in the world.


Haha, I know American units are g r o s s (I’m American and I find Metric vastly easier). I’m glad the customisation is up to your standards! Thst was one of my issues during beta testing, but I’m getting better! ^^


I mean, I guess is average depending on the country? To me 163cm is on the short side.

But also, this is compared to the RO, which is 178cm?

And wait for future RO’s that are 200cm+


Being a 156 cm myself, I feel like a hobbit now :sweat_smile:, but as @Meira_Litch said, wait for the rest of the ROs, most of them are over 190 cm :grin:


For this sole reason I will bookmark this WIP. @Hearts Thank you so much for introducing me to another great WIP!


Hey, @gatheringstardust mind if you post a list of what ROs there are gonna be in the game if it isn’t too spoilery?


I’m Vietnamese and apparently 155 cm is average for a Viet female. Everyone in my family praises me for being so tall but… I live in Sweden… And compared to everyone in Sweden I’m a dwarf.


RIP my MC’s neck because she’s gonna have to crane her neck A LOT.


Yes Capri, share the list of future ROs

I need to gush with more people about Ryx and Alain please

Also @spunkycatninja @resuri08 you two should totally check this out if you have the time :smiley:


I need to finish this demo asap because i have no idea who these people are and i need to know so that i can pick a fave ro and obsess about them and probably start a cult fanclub for that one (1) character.


Aaah yes Him, exactly my type :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, sure, guys!!! Lemme get it all typed up and I’ll add it onto… the… main post?


Well, this two RO’s, I don’t think they will appear in this book. The way this game is set up, there will be one RO per book, but your MC will be the same on all of them… The RO for this book will be Avalon/Avlyne.

As for the reason for this, it will be revealed as we advance on the story.


Oh no I’m gonna lose my oldest sibling privileges :frowning: I’m the oldest sister out of four so I’m always the boss. At least the MC is not the middle child, everyone forgets about the middle child.


Welcome to the youngest sibling group, in which you get the protection of your parents because your siblings try to bully you time to time :rofl:

Also CoG, what about no:


But how did you know about them? Does the author have a tumblr or did I miss something on the main post?

Younger siblings always get what they want and my sisters have always abused that power. Luckily for me our parents work late shifts so sometimes I always get what I want :eyes: Sometimes I get to act as leader and break a few rules with the help of my siblings.

Younger siblings are either your slaves or your partners in crime and there is no in between.

Hate it when that happens. CoG we’re discussing things related to the game, chillax.


Ohhh, there is a discord server! And I know because I am friends with Capri and Rissa :joy:

But maybe @gatheringstardust if you feel like it, you can put a link to the discord?


Oh boy… I wonder which RO would fit me the most :eyes: I havs a weakness for tsundere ROs ugh so cute. And rivalmances YES


@gatheringstardust What if your in a romance with Avalon/Avlyne? Also will the game put us in a relationship with the RO no matter what?


Where u from exactly lady?
Im 1.85 and think im short

Gives respect

If if not spoiler
id like to ask


When just avlyne show up

They last to choice(the reaction to gilin bitchness)
Is it trigger not so healthy relationship?

4 ? My sympathies
I have 3 and i think its too much

My case feels more like babyseater(wrote right?)sometimes wish they were old enough could punch them