Rewind, Book One: The Demo



let’s just… refer to them as furry boi

  • easier to remember
  • sounds cute and innocent
  • f u r r y


It’s furry Cable form future comming to pop MC


Hmmm, I can’t give info on AV’s stuff.
K, O, and Sam have eternal life.
Lycanthropes have extremely decelerated aging once they hit puberty. (Werewolves =/= Lycans!)
Vervain is a nymph, a spirit who inhabits or creates nature-based bodies. A nymph’s body will slowly age, but they can leave it once it becomes too useless and inhabit/make a new one!

Very interesting. So is the MC’s. :wink:


(Meira you gonna confuse people using just A; two ROs have A names, lol!)

Nope, each book’s world shifts and changes :wink: in a steady amount that isn’t too far of a leap. ^^


AV is indeed wolf-coat person from the dreams!


And here I was thinking for a moment that we were getting a cameo of our friendly neighborhood werewolf, Alanna/Alain who was spotted in our woods. :laughing:


Ha! Werewolves are very different from lycans, and AL is a massive person.

Would you guys like for me to post their appearances? ^^

The ROs i mean


Is it OK for me to ask in what ways?

If Solid Snake can hide in plain sight with a cardboard box, I have the upmost confidence that Alanna/Alain can hide in a small bush without a single person suspecting anything. :grin:

Villager #1: Hey, you hear about that bush with the dog muzzle, giant claws, and tail?

Villager #2: Yeah, guess Gilin’s attempt to make herself a man went a weird direction again.

Villager #1: It’s a shame that she forcing MC to take care of it everyday.

Villager #2: Eh, judging by its wagging tail, the bush is quite happy with the arrangement. Good to know it got standards.

Villager #1: Indeed.

(both villagers nonchalantly sip their tea and watch MC go on a walk with a VERY conspicuous bush)


I love what I’ve read in the demo so far (like, a lot, your writing style is 10/10) but the concept of having to romance ALL the ROs, with only one in each book, sorta confuses me. I get that the MC won’t remember previous romances, but what about the ROs themselves? Will they not remember being in love with the MC either? What if I want to pursue one RO throughout all six books? (I’m a ride or die kind of person if you can’t tell :man_shrugging: )

I’m just already emotionally attached to Avalon, so the idea of romancing him and then having MC completely forget in the next book and go on to someone else seems wrong—especially if Avalon remembers and MC doesn’t :worried: And sorry if this question has been asked already!!


Lycans were originally made when a group of horrible, morally evil shamans took the souls of wolves into their bodies and then subjected themselves to the Taint, which is… just… a coglamation of evil, chaos, and vileness made into a material form of a viscous liquid that has a mind of its own.

Because the shamans were so cruel and monstrous in their human life, the Taint only helped them more than cursed them: they became bonded with the wolf soul inside of themself, were given near-eternal life, extreme senses and strength, and a body that shows their truest self. Lycans can control their transforming after a few shapeshifts, and they have a human base form.

Werewolves have a base form of a wolf and were made under similar circumstances, except the shamans who bonded with them did the spell wrong and cursed themselves into the body of the wolves. Still hoping to achieve what the other shamans did, they subjected themselves to the Taint as well, only it went horribly. They now have three forms: wolf, human, and an even worse amalgamation than lycans as the third. They are weaker in their human form and cannot stay in such a form until many years of practice. However, they cannot control their shifting into their third form in times of high stress and during the highest cycle of the moon due to the shamans who birthed them gaining their powers from the moon. When they are in this form, they are not themselves, and will only remember bits and pieces of what happened.

It is a major insult in Lycan culture, be they Lycans who follow the original shamans’ horrible traditions and their treatment of those they see weaker (women, children, etc) or the ones who turned from their eviler brothers long ago, to be called a werewolf. Many deem it appropriate to kill whoever gives such an insult.

Wow, that was long, ha!!

(Pffft Alain gonna need a four hundred year old oak to hide himself!)




None of the ROs remember, but AV knows all of what’s happening. Well, except up to book six… then stuff gets wild.

There is no way to pursue one RO unless I make friendship routes which will not have as much content as romantic routes. But even then, you are not pursuing the same RO.

Even though AV remembers and knows what’s happening, they know the MC and the ROs do not. They do not hold grudges nor do they hold any anger at either for it; it’s not the MC or the ROs’ fault that they can’t remember and AV is a person who will not mistreat others for things they cannot control.

I understand it can feel wrong, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, I promise.


They are posted :wink:


Wow, AV has get a new whole level of respect from me! That is one hell of a person right there.


O is SO TALL! My MC is only 5’4 :laughing:

Please tell me we can get a happy ending. :sob:

What did we do to deserve them??




AV has lived for a long time and was raised with kindness and love. They have a wonderful, golden soul and they need to be protected at all costs honestly, they do not believe in blaming others for things out of that person’s control. They have an amazing amount of kindness, warmth, and sympathy for others.

Except for those who use and abuse others. For them, AV has no mercy.


Lmao! I actually want to give my MC the same height as mine irl, which is still shorter than 5’1! Guess we’ll just have to climb them!


O would gladly pick up shorter persons, trust me. It’s a great way for them to show off, too, lol!

Everyone will have a happy ending, don’t worry :smiley:

sobs I KNOW. WHY DO WE DESERVE AV? sobs more into script


Lol! The taller ROs will gladly pick up a short MC, especially O. How else are they supposed to show off? ;p

You could definitely climb them. I’m not sure they’ll stay family friendly if you do, though…