Replica: between universes (WIP, intro ch9, ch2 edit 12/07/22)

Replica: between universes

A few years into the future, scientists were able to open a door into other parallel universe. This made destiny and faith nothing more than a simple, old story. People were able to visit various amounts of parallel universes where their loved ones were still alive, or universes where they managed to have a more successful life than in their home universe. This seemed to be one of the biggest discoveries ever at the moment.

But everything started to fall apart when the wall between each parallel universes became too thin, all the layers of parallel universe nearly becoming one single layer, which was resulting into allowing one particular error, or “virus” to enter our universe and create complete chaos. This “virus” was called the “Replica”, and the Replica must be found before it is too late.

So. That. Without spoiling much.

Aaaaand there is romance! Yay. However, romance is not forced and the reader won’t miss out on anything by deciding to ignore this.

The story mainly focuses on the plot, story, characters, and the main obstacles coming with it.

  • 4 romantic options and all of them are gender-neutral, so you can play as m/f, bi, gay, straight, and those characters’ genders are all determined by the MC’S preference.

  • There is a romance-free path! You won’t miss any content, as there are bits of unique text written for both romance and non-romance paths so everyone has fair amount of “fun” !

  • The MC has a sister, Lily… and she will stay your sister. She will be the one to be at your side constantly if you do not wish to pursue any romance path!

  • Your choices determinates your companion’s personality traits and personal arcs! So watch out for what you choose to do in their presence, or their story might get a bit messy!

  • Consequences depend more on your choices than stats! At the end of each story part, you will get notified of the most important decisions you made in the past 5 chapters and how this influenced the people around you!

  • the story currently has 425k words (all branches, excluding command lines) and around 130k words for one single run.

for the next update, coming up soon!

…wheres the update

Word count

Chapter 1:

  • every path/choice: 17 925
  • one read: 7 000+
  • rewritten and edited (29-12-21)

Chapter 2:

  • every path/choice: 23 628
  • one read: 9 000+

Chapter 3:

  • every path/choice: 28090
  • one read: 13 000+

Chapter 4:

  • every path/choice: 53 490
  • one read: 16 000+

Chapter 5 - part 1/2:

  • every path/choice: 33 992
  • one read: 13 000+

Chapter 5 - part 2/2:

  • every path/choice: 32 090
  • one read: 13 000+

Chapter 6:

  • every path/choice: 54 354 (currenlty raising)
    *one read: 14 000+

Chapter 7:

  • every path/choice: 84 923
  • one read: 17 000+

Chapter 8:

  • every path/choice: 90 757
  • one read: 15 000+
The gang
Hazel / Hanual Park (RO)

Characteristics: emotional, secretive and shy
-inky black and wavy hair, covering the sides of their eyes
-meadowy green, monolid eyes
-blue hoodie, a tat too big for them and simple, inky black wide pants beneath. they have two small and nearly unnoticeable but clean white earrings, and glasses for reading which they never use, really. Never.
-cool, fair skin

Fay / Flynn O'Neill (RO)

Characteristics: compassionate, cautious and intelligent
-dirty blond hair, long and pushed back
-light blue, big doe eyes
-red/black flannel with a white t-shirt beneath it, and a necklace of a small anchor around their neck, and a tattoo of the same type anchor on their back. They a casual jacket with a hoodie when going outside.
-freckled, tan skin
-lean build, but isn’t recognizable under all the layers of clothing they’re wearing.

Ashley / Asher Ray Carter (RO)

Characteristics: Bold, loyal and sarcastic
-dark brown, medium length curly hair
-deep brown eyes with a hint of gray, the colors becoming visible when standing in the sunlight
-white/gray t-shirt and a black leather jacket, an eyebrow- piercing, and a small, brown belt bag on their belt.
-olive skin
-long, somewhat muscular build.

Amethyst (RO)



Characteristics: playful, sarcastic and happy
-braided hair nearing the center of her back
-a white button up shirt with the picture of a small red music note on the upper right chest, and a red coat reaching her upper legs.

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Anyhow, looks interesting, haven’t played yet!

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Oh look, misspelled words and bad grammar already (: I swear this topic will be filled with those if everyone decides to quote everything I wrote wrong. But thank you for pointing it out :smiley:


This seems really interesting, good luck with it :smiley::+1:

@Chopper thank you! You don’t wanna know how insecure I am about this story at this very moment, Heh.


Gotta ask tho is the romance prominent cause it seems there will be romance?

Finally, a game made for me!


I’m planning on focusing more on character, plot and the obstacles that come with it and romance is more of a… side thingy. But it can become a big thing, too, I’m not completely sure about it just yet, to be honest.


The summary definitely caught my attention. Good luck with this! :slightly_smiling_face:


Really like it so far seems interesting!
But can I get an option to not believe them, maybe attack them some more for intruding in my house and tying up my sister?


Actually, I planned those options for the next chapter :smiley: Thank you so much for playing :smiley:


:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: I love games that focus on plot but I would warn you that if you do romance have it at least mean something and not some random scene to appease people. I would have it plot incorporated to make it nice and real. Anyhoo I will be watching this thread. :face_with_monocle::grinning:


Great! “I don’t believe you!” continues beating them with an alarm clock.

Also in the beginning it mentions Hazel reaching over us because of our short height. Could it be possible to not mention our height or let us choose it?

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@No_This_Is_Patrick Hehe :smiley: (I really love that alarm clock sequence there) though, using a chandelier would’ve been more effective.

I actually wanted to put an option for height there, but changed my mind last minute and apperantly forgot to remove that bit of text. You get the option to choose your own appearance and height in the next chapter :slight_smile:

@Chopper believe me, I have a couple of things in mind for romance :smiley: Thank you for the tip, though!

@caelestys thank you :smiley:


Thats an interesting plot here :0. I admire any authors ability to actually just get things written. Writing, time management, and dedication for these projects are usually the hardest obstacles to overcome. Most get stuck in the fantasy of planning haha. So congratulations!

On to the wip, I’m sure your grammatical errors wont be too much of a problem.
For some reason Hazel comes off as unintentionally manipulative. Acting all puppy eyes,whining and guilting us into listening to her mumbo jumbo. Im all out of sympathy for her aha. Was that perhaps your intention?

Absolutely interested in where this will go though!


@BoisterousBumblebee Hehe, thank you! I’m really awful at planning and time management, believe me. The main thing that gets me to write is dedication, truly!

Oh, they really left that impression on you? :‘D to be honest, I didn’t have a clear idea of their character when I started writing, but I already kinda planned out a small part of the story I want to give each character. So being overly puppy-eyed for Ha at the start is actually a plot- reason, but they are in general meant to be the mc’s hopeless little friend :’)

read this was great good luck on this

parallele universe…clones ? You know what that mean…Kill kill kill kill !


Seriously though , like the story…even if I’m not big on the whole ‘paralléle stuff’ . cose my clone is probably better looking then meh and everything…

forgot! also love that banner…very chic!


@E_RedMark Thank you!
I’m sorry, you won’t get to kill your clone from another universe :‘D (only if they are really really really evil and attractive) that would be a bit cliché :’)

@Takashi_Shin thank you!!

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lol just remind me of a mod where a paralléle you…jump from dimension to dimension to kill those who look like him…

It was a bummer to tell you the truth lol


Do I get to smash those idiots head though ? they tie down mah sister! Like seriously…drag them to mah basement and introduce them to ‘Dont mess with meh’