Favourite Male ROs

Good question. I know some others here say the males get talked about more, but I see more talk about female ROs than males. Maybe I look in the wrong place? :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorites:

  1. Ares from The Voice of Silverking (WIP, and you just have to wait to see why or check out @AliciaWolf2488’s Tumblr page.

  2. Mason from Wayhaven. The other three are good, but Mason is, by far, my favorite.

  3. Morkai and Straasa from TSSW. Morkai has a slight edge, but Straasa is all kinds of awesome. The MC with both of these guys (single or together) feels more like an adult relationship than a lot of other IFs.

  4. Grey and Bill from Supernatural in New York. Grey got my MC from the first time she laid eyes on him and I was convinced she would never look at anyone else–then Bill came along…

  5. Damon and Calderon from Andromeda Six. Not a CoG game, but definitely worth mentioning. You might like June and Bash, too–they are more… cream puffy? Damon and Calderon are kinda like Mason and Adam from Wayhaven.

  6. Asher from Replica: Between Universes. I love the whole concept of that IF and Asher is just… well, awesome.

  7. Milon from I, The Forgotten One. Okay, so this IF is dark and the MC is seriously damaged. If you can take that (it will pull at your heart strings), then it’s worth checking out. Romance is not the focus, but the developing feelings between the MC and Milon (if you want it) are perfect.

  8. Azuridian and Rhylo from The Shadow Society. The IF has gotten a lot of flak, a lot from fans of another IF who accused the author (unfairly) of “stealing” from their favorite IF. But it’s original, and the four ROs are different from what I’ve seen elsewhere. I’m a huge Az fan, but you may like some of the others, including the mute who wears a gimp mask…

As for the rest on your list, I liked Black Magic, too, but I thought his romance kinda got the shaft. There basically wasn’t enough interaction to call it a relationship or to get to know him that well, you know? And, like you, I liked Toshio… but as soon as he walked away from a frigging enslaved MC and got all mopey about it, I was done with that spineless ass. And SOH altogether.

I have some suggestions for other VNs with pretty awesome male ROs, if you want them. It’s often a tossup with VNs–I find more duds then gems, but the gems I find are doozies.