Supernatural in New York (WIP) Announcement on post 1442

Hello guys! I’m Rebelgirl and I’m working on an urban fantasy game called Supernatural in New York.

So, this is the story: You play as a 22 year old young adult with the sixth-sense. Your power allows you to see the supernatural.
Your interview to enter a team of young people with the sixth-sense who solve mysteries and hunt rogue supernaturals. But one case the team can’t seem to find a resolution to is the nightmare plaguing New Yorkers’ dreams, biding their time to act on their nefarious plan, a web of intrigue and power in which the team is caught.


Dominic O’Byrne- the leader of the team. Tall and muscular, the redhead is a gentle, friendly man and a calm, responsible leader. Dom has green-blue eyes, a freckled face and short red hair. Despite his composed appearance, Dom is rather nervous, but likes being in control.

Megan O’Byrne- the coleader of the team and Dom’s little sister. She is both dainty and athletic. tall and toned. Meg is confident, playful and sociable, but can act childish. She is kind and doesn’t put up with rudeness. She has green-blue eyes, a freckled face and long red hair.

Greyson Fletcher- He is tall and lean, dark-haired and blue-eyed. Grey is broody, sarcastic, mysterious and cocky. His sometimes rude, sometimes cynical facade cracks to reveal a softer side.

Cameron Scott- She is pettite and slim, with shoulder-length blonde hair and pink peaks. Cam mixes magic and science, but talking to people and paying attention aren’t her specialties. She is enthusiastic but naive.

Evelyn Hayes- She is tall and slender like most elves are, and owns a magic shop in Soho. Layers of brown hair frame brown eyes. Eve appreciates honesty, a sense of humour and keeping your promises. Although not deceitful as fair folk usually are, she is playful and teasing.

Morgan Atwood- He is not very tall but carries himself straight and elegant. He has black hair that almost reaches his shoulders, grey eyes and the hint of an English accent. Morgan is a sorcerer and descendant of Morgana le Fay. He owns a charmed objects shop. He is friendly, kind and bashful.

Eva Steel- She is a mysterious supernatural creature. She is tall and curvy, has bronze skin, long ebony hair and grey eyes and a Spanish accent. Eva is strong-willed, fiercely loyal, ruthless sometimes but always merciful with the innocents. She’s a snarky, but not rude. She’s seductive. She isn’t afraid to admit her weaknesses.

Beelzebub- He is one of the seven princes of Hell, Gluttony. He is tall, slender, with long blonde hair and gold eyes. When he’s not scheming, he’s modelling. Bill is ambitious, calculated, cunning, seductive, sometimes rude. Likes attention but also showers people with attention when he likes them.

Vesper - the nightmare demon, the one you’re hired to catch. They have long, curly black hair and black eyes.

Non ROs
Leonard Wyatt- Your highschool friend and roommate. He is a vampire. He is easy-going but also lazy. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He’s dating a human boy, Jake.

Lucifer- He is prince of Hell, Pride. Rules over New York. Charming but intimidating.

Lamia- She is a half-serpent, half-woman demon. Lucifer’s lover.

Gabriel- She is an archangel, sent to look into the nightmare case.

-One big case which will be solved at the end of the game and many sub-cases involving different supernatural creatures
-Books/Movies/TV Shows/Anime references
-Hot demons
-Non-sparkling vampires
-Nine ROs with unique paths
-A MC with personality

Tumblr blog:

I’m open to suggestions. If you catch any grammar mistakes or
bugs, please tell me. If you have any questions, ask. I’ll answer any
question as long as it is not spoilery. I hope you like the game.

Update log

First 5 chapters complete
Part of chapter 6

Link to the nsfw thread:


@Rebelgirl Paragraphs. Please. For me this whole block of words is incredible difficult to read as it is, so I would appreciate it if you could edit it.

Story-wise it sounds very interesting, but be careful with adding such a large amount of characters in it. They tend to become very difficult to keep track of in the code (if you consider adding situations in which they might or might not die), and can make the story overly complicated. I’d suggest introducing them one by one instead of a whole bunch at the same time.


Your story sounds very interesting indeed. I look forward to when a playable demo is made. But will the MC only have the ability to see things in the supernatural world, or will they have some other special abilities?

And that is a large number of ROs! Could you tell a little bit more about them?


Sounds interesting, for group name…Night Watchers?


@Cecilia_Rosewood sorry i’ll edit it! Thanks i know i have to be careful with the coding…i’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

@XbamXitsXsidX Well the MC is kinda sensitive to supernatural, meaning they can sense the presence of it, they know when magic is involved and even when someone might try to mind control them, but
it doesn’t mean they’re immune to it, so the MC and the team know they could also fall victim to the nightmare they’re hunting. I haven’t thought of any other powers.

About the ROs:
Dominic- late 20s, he’s the leader of the team, charismatic, protective, acting like the big brother of the group; he’s tall, got green eyes and auburn-redish hair
Megan-middle 20s, Dominic’s little sister, she is the heart of the team, lighthearted and a good fighter; like her brother, she has green eyes and red hair

Greyson-late 20s-early 30s, he is confident, a master of disguise, lying and throwing knives, he is known for doing some illigal things in the supernatural society; dark-haired and blue eyed

Cameron-early 20s, very smart, loves to mix magic with tech and most of the time works on some mechanism or weapon, she’s absent-minded and distracted but she’s loyal to her friends

Lenny- the same age as the MC, the MC’s roommate; they’ve been friends since highschool and the MC helped Lenny when he was turned into a vampire in Senior Year; he is stubborn and a troublemaker; he’s got brown hair and chocolate eyes

Hadley- middle 20s, trainee doctor, i’m still thinking whether she should be supernatural or have the same ability as the MC; she is ambitious and confident, passionated about both human and supernaturals anatomy; she has dark brown eyes and dark hair

Seth-late 20s, he wants to make justice and help people, and doesn’t know about supernatural though he suspects it exists; he is eager and sometimes short-tempered

I’ll try to see how things go and if i can manage so many ROs :))

@Dark_Stalker Thanks! :slight_smile: Night Watchers sounds cool


For Ro’s either Hadley or Cameron, so far most likely Cameron…


I love the sound of the Ro’s, I would probably go for Greyson or Dominic

@Rebelgirl is there any Ro’s you think you might get rid of? if so which ones?

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Sorry for the delayed answer!
Well, i was thinking to keep Hadley and Seth just as allies, Lenny just as best friend and keep as ROs Dominic, Greyson, Cameron and Megan. Maybe you could only flirt with Hadley and Seth, kind of just a tease with the two of them, nothing serious…

Also, I’m planning to have scenes where you get to spend time with each of the characters while trying to solve the case and get to know your teammates at the same time (i’ve already planned some scenes i.e. pretending to be reporters with Greyson, helping Cameron with one of her strange inventions)


Sounds like a really great idea I can’t wait to see how it turns out

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Hi guys! So, I haven’t had time to code anything yet, but i want some suggestions about what stats should i include.

I was thinking about persuasion, athletics, intellect, stealth, but on second thought, i’m wondering if i should simply put intellect, physical and maybe another one…also, i’m thinking of adding relashionship stats for Dominic, Megan, Cameron, Greyson and Lenny (meaning the team members and roommate).

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And another one? I recommend Dexterity since it covers everything else.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
so i guess i’ll go with intelligence, physical and dexterity.

sounds fun. I would love to play it. Also will there be other small subplots.

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So sorry for the delayed reply but it’s near first semester end, vacation is only one week away and teachers remembered we don’t have enough marks! They had an entire semester to mark us but nope they had to wait till now :smile:

Anyway, i plan to start working on the demo once school is over, so i hope to post a small demo soon. And now to answer your question @eqs189 :

  • the vampire coven conflict is one of the subplots

But instead of just naming subplots, i’ll tell you the layout of the plot; i call them parts, then later i’ll break them into chapters. so what should happen in the game:

-After being admitted in the Night Watchers team, you will have your first case which involves a fae con artist who also tips you off about the nightmare;

-The team goes to a bar opened for supernaturals by a fallen angel- it’s the best place to gather information and hear gossip;

-You will have the chance to pretend to be a reporter yay! (with Greyson the master of fake identities)

-You will meet a half witch half human trainee doctor Hadley (friend of Dominic and Megan) who can be an ally; she treats supernaturals and smuggles blood for vamps;

-You will get arrested. oh yeah. but the police officer who arrested and interrogates you, Seth, seems willing to let you go only if you answer his question: does supernatural really exists?; you can make him an ally depending on how you treat him;

-Help Cameron find pieces for her latest invention, which may actually help the team in the nightmare case;

-Learn more about Grey’s secrets and motivations: why is he a hunter, why does he have a bad reputation…;

-And the confrontation between the nightmare and your team! The climax! Still thinking how to write it- should you be awake, asleep or maybe switch between these states? lol like in A Nightmare On Elm Street :smiling_imp:

So anyway these are basically the main parts of the plot, adding some investigation and character interaction.

Also, for those going for romance in the game, there will be a scene before the battle with the nightmare, where you can choose if you want to continue a serious relationship with a RO you’ve been flirting with- meaning Greyson, Dominic, Cameron or Megan- and there will be a different date for each of them.

i’ve already figured out the plot, just some gaps to fill, i only need to start coding :grinning:


So we aren’t people who relentlessly hunt down even the good monsters :smile:

Not really :slight_smile: though you can choose the thrill of hunting as your motivation for taking the job, and you can either be mean or nice when interacting with supernaturals

The Night Watchers Team are either hired or when a supernatural creature really creates problems they have to react; like some sort of Ghostbusters

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kinda like telltales the Wolf among us or unnatural? xDD
sound interesting :smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: i haven’t made a demo yet but i’m still working on the project

I haven’t played wolf among us but i really love unnatural :slight_smile:

Your story sounds interesting! I was wondering if a pet system can be included. Like the MC somehow got a pet while on a mission? However, different choices lead the MC to different pets (or even none at all). And these pets have varying abilities or can be trained (according to the player’s liking) to complement the player’s combat style (especially during the confrontation with Nightmare). The pets that I mentioned are not those typical cats and dogs but supernatural beings like Will-o’-wisp, amarok and asena. It’s just a suggestion though.


This game sounds great and really interesting. :smile: