Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

The author of Tin Star also wrote Marine Raider and The Shadow Horror. Marine Raider is rather short but packed with content and stats checks. It’s very different from Tin Star, though. I haven’t played the Shadow Horror, but it seems to be a fairly long game, so if you’re really interested maybe check that out.

He’s also working on a WWII game where you play as an American tank commander. It’s not really like Tin Star because there isn’t much story or character interaction, but there are a lot of ways to react to situations. I’d definitely recommend this one if you have any interest in World War 2.

Lastly, he is working on a non choice script game called Burden of Command. You once again play as the captain of a group of soldiers in World War 2. It isn’t out yet, and there isn’t any release date, but it seems to be aiming to accurately explore the tolls of the war on the soldiers who were fighting in it.


Hey guys I’m new to this kind of thing but so far I’m enjoying it idk where to put this on category, but i was wondering guys if you could give me something to read, like about wolfs supernatural things

List of games where you can play as a werewolf/wolf adjacent type thing:

  1. Werewolves: Haven Rising
  2. Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality
  3. Welcome to Moreytown (wolf adjacent- doesn’t focus too much on the wolf part, but you can be a wolf adjacent creature in the game)
  4. Avatar of the Wolf (wolf adjacent- you play as the avatar of the wolf god)
  5. Congresswolf (wolf adjacent- a political management game where werewolves are oppressed and you can chose how to deal with that politically. There is also the opportunity to become a werewolf yourself

A couple of others - Moonrise is a femme werewolf romance game from Hosted Games; Never Date Werewolves is a Hearts Choice werewolf game about being a parent of werewolves and finding love.


Can people suggest Choice of / Hosted games where you can romance a villain? Preferably in a superhero type of setting. I have a specific itch atm :smiley:

Hi, I’m not sure but maybe these fall into the category :grimacing:
Supernatural in New York
The Soul Stone War
OFNA: Birds of a Feather
I tried :cold_sweat:


@Windnaria It wasn’t how I had originally started the game, but in the end in the Hero or Villain series you can romance a number of the villains…


I actually downloaded that a couple of days ago but haven’t started it yet! I’ll definitely put it high on my list :smiley: Thank you!

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Thank you so much! That will definitely get me started :smiley:

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You might like Vampire the Masquerade: Night Road. Everyone in or peripheral to the vampire community becomes something of a villain. Not purely villain though. There’s a tight rope to walk: feeding the monster to survive, but preserving your humanity so you don’t degenerate into a mindless animal.

The current ROs are a pawn-shop clerk (black-market dealer), a blood-addicted vampire’s research assistant, a vampire hunter, a vampire Prince (local leader), and a vampire driver slash enforcer. While I wouldn’t say romance is the focus of the game, it features in everything vampiric since Dracula since, despite those who bash Twilight and True Blood, Dracula is a gothic romance. Cheers! @Windnaria


Fallen Hero: Rebirth may fit your requirement, as it has a superhero setting and one of the RO is a supervillain.

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Any yakuza games, where the main character can be the boss, a high ranking member or at the very least just afilliated?

Hi guys! This is my first post on here and I recently finished Choice of Robots and was in absolute tears over my path;
I named my robot Daneel and he was my little sock-puppet muppet child, and seeing him grow and thrive in the different situations got me incredibly emotional.
I’m a little bit of a crybaby, so shame on me if I was the only one for sobbing at the end, but have there been other games that have caused tearjerkers that you guys recommend? :slight_smile:


Definitely check out The Grim and I if you want a tear jerker. I’m not normally someone who cries at books/movies, but I’ll admit, that game had me on the verge of sobbing.

It’s not a Yakuza game, but Life of a Mobster lets you rise as high as you want in the New Daria (basically a fictional NYC from my understanding) mob hierarchy.


The games that most make me tear up are WIPs.
Number one as far as tears go is clearly “A Mage Reborn”. “Bastard of Camelot” has it’s moments too.
As far as finished games go (well, in a sense, since it’s an ongoing series, but some books are already done), then it would be “Samurai of Hyuga”.

But then again, we don’t seem to have the same tastes as far as tearjerkers go, since I don’t really like “Choice of Robots” and I didn’t really feel anything while playing it - it’s simply not my style nor the kind of narration that touches me. But well, it’s up to you!


Thank youu so much!!

Thank you so much! To be honest, I really only cried at the end because I got so attached to the little robot as if they were a child to me, and I have the WORST soft spot for children, so I was like “oh goshh nooo Daneel ;__;” but thank you for your recommendations!! I’ll read them as soon as I can :smiley: !

So, this is my first ever post and I’m not sure what tags I am supposed to put or where this would go. I’ve seen several different topics on being able to turn into a zombie or a choice to become one. Is that still a think or has none been made yet? Zombie Exodus had a perfect chance to do that with the little girl and all and giving the mc a chance to decide but from what I have seen, they cannot go down a path like that. So is there anything (game) that has been made on it?

I believe that there’s a brief zombie path in Choice of Zombies.

Definiteily recommending life of a mobster. It’s frustratingly linear at points but it definitely captures the feel of what you’re looking for.

Also, it’s really good! One of my all-time CoG/HG favorites.