Choice of Games and Hosted Games Recommendations -- Consolidated Thread

Hello people!
I’m looking for a historical, non fantasy romance with gender choice. So far I’ve only played Creme de la creme that fits this.

Maybe check out Tally Ho! and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale. They aren’t exactly romances, but there are plenty of opportunities to interact with the ROs in various wacky situations and they all have their own personalities and quirks. It’s the only historical, non fantasy game with a decent amount of RO interaction I could think of. There aren’t really many games that fit your criteria perfectly, unfortunately.

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I’m fine with the main focus being drama or political themes in that case, just no or minimum action, haha.

And I see, I’ll check those suggestions out! Although last I remember, Jolly good had multiple parts, so can you tell me where to start? Or am I misremembering it?

“Tally Ho!” is the first (released) game in that universe. “Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale” is a kind of indirect sequel to “Tally Ho!” set in the same world, though really it’s a standalone story with some of the characters from the first game cameo-ing–it doesn’t have a direct narrative connection, so I believe you could play them in any order.

“Jolly Good: Tea and Scones” (WIP only at the moment) will be a direct sequel to “Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale”!


Ahh I see I see
Thanks a lot!

Hello Could someone recommend me a game of choice or hosted that has several routes and freedom of choice and creation of its own story? something wide open even more in the style of, for example, the game: “Choice of magics”?

Choice of Robots was written by the same author so that’s probably something you’d like.

Tin Star has a crazy amount of freedom of choice and creation of story. It’s essentially a series of things that happens to the MC and then how your MC reacts to that. There are many different ways to go about things.

Both Tally Ho! and Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale have a lot of choices that impact the story. Especially Jolly Good, which has entire sections of the story that are different based on one choice you make. They’re less high stakes than Choice of Magics, but still incredibly charming.


I will always recommend Tin Star. It’s by far my favorite of all CoG and HoG. Tons of replayability and branching.


Hmm I’d like to ask for “kind of” the opposite?

Do you have suggestions of games (I prefer finished ones in this case, though “only X books” of a series is fine - but if there are great WIPs that’s okay too) where the MC is a pretty defined character, where the player refines their personality, but doesn’t alter the core. Think things like Samurai of Hyuga.
I don’t really mind about how much branching the general story has, as I only play in one way usually, so one way or another is cool for that.

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Fallen Hero fits that for sure. The MC can be led in a variety of different directions, but they’re always kind of going to be a mess.

I, The Forgotten One is a WiP, but also fits under that category. The MC can have a few different problems and ways of dealing with them, but their main issue is always going to be their trauma.

This ones a bit iffy, but I feel like the MC from UnNatural fits this too. You can decide what they focus on/what they’re good at and what they do, but they’re generally going to have a pretty set personality.


Hmm I guess it’s true? :thinking:
For some reason, I have a hard time seeing it as such? I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m going against their natural tendencies?

I know I, The Forgotten One, yeah! It’s a cool one! I mostly ask about finished games because chances are I already know it, if it’s a WIP, while I do not know all released games, especially the older ones.

It’s the second time someone suggests me UnNatural, for a different reason. I really ought to check it out.

Still, thanks!


Thanks for the good recommendations, I had already played choice of robots and I liked it a lot but tin stars hadn’t played it yet, I have to say from all the games I played in this style this is perfect, my favorite, and I just finished it, thank you even by the recommendation, a pity not to have 2 yet or a game as sepetacular as how much, does anyone have any news about probable projects by the author of tin tsars?

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The author of Tin Star also wrote Marine Raider and The Shadow Horror. Marine Raider is rather short but packed with content and stats checks. It’s very different from Tin Star, though. I haven’t played the Shadow Horror, but it seems to be a fairly long game, so if you’re really interested maybe check that out.

He’s also working on a WWII game where you play as an American tank commander. It’s not really like Tin Star because there isn’t much story or character interaction, but there are a lot of ways to react to situations. I’d definitely recommend this one if you have any interest in World War 2.

Lastly, he is working on a non choice script game called Burden of Command. You once again play as the captain of a group of soldiers in World War 2. It isn’t out yet, and there isn’t any release date, but it seems to be aiming to accurately explore the tolls of the war on the soldiers who were fighting in it.


Hey guys I’m new to this kind of thing but so far I’m enjoying it idk where to put this on category, but i was wondering guys if you could give me something to read, like about wolfs supernatural things

List of games where you can play as a werewolf/wolf adjacent type thing:

  1. Werewolves: Haven Rising
  2. Werewolves 2: Pack Mentality
  3. Welcome to Moreytown (wolf adjacent- doesn’t focus too much on the wolf part, but you can be a wolf adjacent creature in the game)
  4. Avatar of the Wolf (wolf adjacent- you play as the avatar of the wolf god)
  5. Congresswolf (wolf adjacent- a political management game where werewolves are oppressed and you can chose how to deal with that politically. There is also the opportunity to become a werewolf yourself
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