WW2 Armored Warfare - Demo Testing

Hello and welcome to another edition of ‘Allen Writes a Choicescript Game’. The chosen venue is World War 2. The subject is an American light tank, the ‘Stuart’, and the fight for North Africa.

This is a non-genderlocked game with a definitive role of a sergeant for the PC. The PC will be in command of three crewmen, and a great deal will be tracked concerning them and the tank as well.

The link is now here: https://dashingdon.com/play/allen-gies/ww2-armored-warfare/mygame/


Rommel better be watching his back


You’re quick on the draw there, Wallyworld. And yeah, the combat will eventually involve the DAK and other German forces. That is, once the rust is blown off my skills.

The link to the actual game: https://dashingdon.com/play/allen-gies/ww2-armored-warfare/mygame/

As always, constructive comments are welcome. Be specific when possible, or include a snippet of the text in question or otherwise it may be too difficult to locate. ‘The German officer turns toward you with his pistol in hand’ is better than ‘That scene, with the German’, etc.

Almost anything can be added or subtracted to the game right now, as this is just the beginning.


I am looking forward to diverting my night’s activities now… I will add feedback later.

Glad to see you back in the saddle @AllenGies. :slight_smile:

Got an indent error:

The choice set was Mendoza – and I chose his choice and not the general “This will be our first fight.”


Glad to have u back on another wip. IM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE😊


Thanks @Eiwynn and @Akm . It has been too long. :slight_smile:


As an avid fan of WW2 tanks, I nearly leapt out of my seat when I saw this thread. Conflicted feelings about the M3 Stuart though (the tank, not your writing. Chaffee better. Too early for Chaffee I guess), but the details are awesome. How much research went into this?

A wee bug here:

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Encountered this bug.

Besides that, it looks great so far.

P.S Tin star was the first CoG I bought. Loved it!


Thanks, @YHGS - Forgot to add something in. Working on it now.

Had been looking up first and last names according to the 1920 census and forgot to close things back up.

How exciting! Tin Star was the second ever choicescript game I played, and it’s definitely what made me a convert to the genre. Even after all the other games I’ve read, it still is near the top of my personal favourites.


Thanks, @SirCaius . Hopefully the quality, if not the length, of this one will match up.

@Fennik - Thanks for the bug report. Fixed that bug, and a few others that had somehow crept in like… bugs.

A lot of research went into this, but it was parallel to another project so some of the details got reused. As for the Chaffee, yeah, too early. This is the M3 Light Tank, one that had rivets instead of welds. Newer versions (A1, A2, etc… isn’t the army innovative) are out there, just not for the Player Character. :slight_smile:


I moved this to the WIP section, I hope that is okay? :flushed: (Do we still have that problem of not being able to create new WIP threads? :thinking: )

Anyway, I came across this one, I don’t think it’s been reported before:

Good luck with the game! :blush:

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Not much but already loving it.
Even though I got 2 of the crew wounded and supposedly a lot of dead, but that’s war I guess.

On the first page it says “From the skies over of Britain”
Shouldn’t it be From the skies over Britain?

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Interesting. Though if my memory serves right, the Stuart performed pretty poorly in North Africa, despite good combat specs. Not logistically suited for this kind of campaign, I think? I can already see it: half of the quest will be the main character complaining about the tank, and how better the people of the other side have it - only for the final reveal to be that the Germans and Italians were bsuy complaining just as much about their own issues.


“Hungary, Rumania, and Bulgaria aligned with the Axis. Yugoslavia would be invaded. The fighting in North Africa would be waged back and forth across the desert.”

Shouldn’t it be Romania?


@Myrtle - Thanks for moving it over. And yeah, I’ll take a look at the error. Quick test didn’t turn it up but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. :slight_smile:

@domthestar - Good catch on the first sentence typo. And funny you should mention Romania/Rumania. On different maps it was spelled either ways and my reflex is to spell it as first seen. However, the modern spelling is probably a better idea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romania

@Talyrion - Your memory serves you well. The Stuart, though a reliable vehicle, was a gas guzzler. Eventually they had to engineer a set of drop tanks so that it could increase the range of action. So, for short sprints, fine. For longer hauls… well, we’ll see about that. :wink:


Noticed somthing in the code.
#Drop down fully into the turret and use the scopes.
(Zeal very slightly decreased, Adaptation very slightly increased)
*set zeal +1
*set adaptation +1

Shouldnt it be *set zeal -1 not +1? It might just be the way you’ve coded it that i misses something but just thought i’d point it out.

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The story is good for me but there still no event thats pretty impactful that can make us question is we the good guy or not, so i can say for me it’s good but little bland on morality choice.


If you have not, I would recommend checking both Allen’s games of Marine Raider (in particular, this game since this WiP is pretty much shades of this) and Tin Star to see his approach to stories. Even then, I’d also recommend patience since this is very early version of the game and obviously, Allen has yet to get into some in depth stuff.

Beyond that, tried the game, please to see it’s the same approach as always @AllenGies . Love it is a WW2 story once again, although tanks in general are not my forté. Only spotted grammar mistakes, which I’d imagine you won’t need. But beyond that, excited to see how this game goes.