Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I think that’s 7 years from now!

Yes, that’s it! Thanks!!

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I vaguely remember this game playing in PC. A bike game(orange bike or orange jacket I don’t remember correctly).You can ramp up into the buildings and crash through the floors to opposite sides.The game happens in night.After sometime helicopters chase you and drop grenades.Sometimes it would be raining.Sorry if my explanation is weird… Anyone know this game?

well I’m sure it’s not a cog game lol try searching on google, I’m sure you’ll find it

Hey! I’m looking for this WIP where you could travel through different dimensions using a gadget with your roommate and two people (that also came from different dimensions). I think they were trying to prevent something from happening to the dimensions (can’t remember what exactly), but I do remember is that they want to go home, and that the other person is so cranky and absolutely paranoid/stressed out while the other one is sweet and nice.

I think it’s Replica :slightly_smiling_face:

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Omg that’s it!!! Thank you so so much!

Gonna use this as the premise of RBU now. Thanks for checking the story out tho!

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Omggg I love ur game so much! (Sorry I forgot the title of your awesome WIP). Be safe author and take it easy! :smiley:

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Hey guys!
Does anyone remember a Hosted Game where you were the President of the United States? I can’t tell if I actually played through it, because I think it was one of those… ‘interesting’ games where you have dumb names like ‘Batman’ to choose from.

But I seem to have played it for a bit, so I’m guessing it held my interest. Problem is - Can’t remember the name of it!

Can anyone assist? Thanks!

Is it the Oval Office?


It is! Thanks so much! I actually discovered it shortly after posting, hehe.

Too bad it seems to be dead, eh.


There’s another game I remember reading recently (Like last week or so) but I forgot what the title is. I’m like 90% sure that it’s a WIP on this forum.

I believe it’s a fantasy story where the MC is to be born in a town to be the chosen one??? I know it’s vague but the things the remember the most is right in the beginning where MC is talking to this guy and tells them to climb a ladder. You have the option to keep trying to talk to him after he dismisses you, but he’ll get really angry the more you do. I chickened out last minute and climbed the ladder, and I think I met an angel halfway? He then tells me that he will give me a prize if I can guess correctly what time of they day I’ll be born. I guessed correctly but he said that there was no prize and if I try to prod him he’ll get annoyed too. After that I met another person who tells me to step into the light to ‘be born’. That’s really all I remember so far. I hope someone can help me bc i swear it’s here but it not in any of the recently updated forums…

Thanks in advance.

Was it Live a Life, Save a Soul?

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Yes that’s it! Thank you so much!

I remember playing a demo for a game about a magic city. There were multiple distinct races you could choose from like elf, human and iirc some type of big insect person, and each had dialogue/mechanical differences. I think you were a bodyguard escorting somebody for the first section, and then did some crimes for a gang like stealing from a library or something. Anyone recall the name? Thanks.

There was this game where you started going out with your boy/girl/best friend and then came someone to try and kill you and you could choose to run to a maze or to a mall but only the maze was ready and the friend died. Anyone know what became of it?

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That was the intro to Children of the Gods. The author, Rohie, killed the project back in February.


I’m not entirely sure, but maybe it could be… :thinking:

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uncannily similar to mine, but what they’re describing sounds as a whole pretty different tbh