Hey, what's that game? -- A thread for identifying ChoiceScript games

I could be wrong but I think you are talking about superlatives Shattered world. I think I remember fighting an evil you in that game but I could be wrong.

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Ok so, I know I said it wasn’t superlatives but, I played it again after so much time since my last playthrough and… You were totally right @hild ! I can’t believe I totally forgot about that part in the book! Thnks for your help!

I should have found this earlier. :sweat_smile:
Anyway, I’m looking for a wip that I played where you are a creature fighting “heroes” who eventually defeat you by sealing you in a sword. Years later your awakened by a servant of yours and a cat lady, who makes a shell body for you. Any info about it, or confirmation of it being deleted or something is appreciated.

@Donavin_Hagen Maybe this…
HCF- Redux WiP


It is, thank you!

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@Flinx Maybe it’s this one? What you’re saying rings a bell, but I can’t seem to remeber any more WIPs like that (and I don’t know if it has an epilogue yet).

I was literally just reading one a couple of hours ago but accidentally clicked off and have not found it since.
It was one where you choose your background, I chose a criminal background, your mother and father take you to rob a house and they get arrested and you go into care and then get like beat up and taken in by an organised crime group.
Characters I remember are:
The boss

Hope someone can help

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Is this one?


YES! Thankyou!! I’ll carry on reading this awesome demo now :slight_smile:

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@Lycoris Thank you for answering! And I’m sorry for my late reply haha (university makes me work, suffer and cry almost every day lol) Unfortunately, is not that WIP either, but I’m so thankful you tried to guess.
I think I’ve posted a real challenge here. I guess that game/WIP will be lost forever lol

I once played a WIP about a kid (who the supernaturals are hunting down because she has a critical role to play someday but we don’t know what) who suddenly showed up at our MC’s house one night after her mother was murdered and then that same night there were vampire bad guys breaking in to the MC’s house trying to kidnap that kid back from us but then we were saved just in the nick of time by the vampire good guys who are also looking for the kid so they could protect her. (honestly, i also forgot if those supernaturals are vampires or angels or something else :confused: )

I completely forgot what that WIP was called even though i’ve already bookmarked that post but now i’m really curious as to what the progress is now on that WIP. So if anyone remembers what it was called, i would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

I think that is “keepers of Fairport” its on hiatus I think.

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Oh yeah! you’re right! Thanks a lot! Somehow this WIP suddenly just comes to my mind and i was wondering how it was going. And it looks like the Author is really taking their sweet time with the updates :’)

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Hi, I remember playing a game here I really enjoyed. It was set in a sort of feudal China and the MC was the emperors child. You could choose your mother’s nationality from quite a substantial list. At some point the MC is attacked by a tiger and you have a choice of killing it , releasing it or taking it into captivity. Any help is much appreciated.

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@iirish I’m not sure but is it this one? (26/03/18 Update!) [WIP] 神龍之土 Land of the Dragon

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YES brilliant. Thanks.

wish I had found this a long time ago! lol I read this wip in which we were some sort of, hm, bloody mermaids? you could be a guy too I think, we hunt and kill men in the sea and can’t stay out of water for too long, and there’s someone called Charlotte if I remember it right, that’s probably not the best description but that’s all I can remember lol, thanks.

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:ocean: Abysm’s Veil :ocean:


that’s it! thank you so much :blush::sob:

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I’m looking for a wip in which the mc own a cemetery business also the mc go to college
The mc major is something to do with business

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