Realms Unveiled: The Great Game Begins(Very early WIP)

The end of the first age arrived with terrifying abruptness, as a colossal fissure rent the very sky, disgorging horrors beyond imagination into our world. In that distant era, we wielded formidable living technologies, advanced sciences, and mastery over the stars. Yet, the fate of our former brethren still lost to the stars remains shrouded in mystery.

Now, another epoch has come to pass—the demise of a world-spanning empire, a reign of unparalleled decadence and hubris. You rule now as one of the 10 kings of an empire now shattered your path studded with sharp knives in the night, fiery revolts and war.

If you like what you see… there’s the demo.

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More info on the characters, well the ones anyone cares about cough cough ROs is to come on the 15th, character art will be introduced as you meet them in game with each update following that one.

It’ll be here end of the week at latest though artwork will be out 14 days after we put it up on patreon, which in turn will be on the 15th, with our updates…

Looking forward to the feedback


Well, not much to say about this game because i caught an error right at the ability page ( all 3 choices have bugs )

But it has potential ( you are a fan of GOT, aren’t you :grinning::grinning:)

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Really? Give me like 9 minutes…


Guilty as charged especially before season five… As basic as that may sound :sweat_smile:


So what does feudal eastern mean like Eastern Europe or Asia?

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Note: The error is fixed, but some key scenes have gone looney there’ll be an update in the next 3 hours for the other half of the current demo.

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Much more to the Asian side.

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so far what i see i like already, just a save system would be cool so you can do more runs without to start always from new by each update


Yes There’s a save system now.


The plot description is a bit… chaotic. I wasn’t sure what it was about actually and who MC was.
But I like the demo so far.

Looks really interesting, will definitely be checking this one out after I’m done with my work.
All the best to you :+1:t4: :+1:t4: :heart: :heart:
Also, if this is a WIP, maybe you should mention it as one rather than ‘Alpha’, it may look confusing to a few (me i.e.). Though a creative idea indeed


All of these choices

Have the same errors

House Targaryen goes brrrr.
Btw will you add character customization?

So sense the power of create let’s me create what ever I imagine, can I make like super soldiers and stuff? Like fucking 40k space marines and custodes

Yup, As well as fleshing out a lot more of the ideas, like choosing your phantasmal beast, customizing your palace etc

Exactly, stat checks will exist to see you operate your power on different scales. Though there’ll be a cheat mode where you’ll get to have everything from the jump. I intended it as game plus content but I think I’ll just make it available in one go, for example for any stat things can go bad, okay, good or ridiculous. Swing a sword with the destruction ability and you may go from just chinking your enemy’s Armour or destroy them and their dog a province over.


I’ll check it out, it will be sorted within the hour.

Ah, my bad will do.

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All the best for your endeavor