Realms Unveiled: The Great Game Begins(Very early WIP)

So we can make space marine like super soldiers

Also sense they’res some future aspects like holograms, will their be guns added?

Well yes and no, all sorts of weapons exist, though the more advanced they are the less likely anyone will know how to repair maintain or even reload them and they are “special”, most lords and ladies have them instead of the advanced machines called phantasma and are very, very reluctant to use them.

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Ok I’ve been looking at the error it’s actually at the very end of the update, where it should have said “play again” this error triggered but since it isn’t interrupting any actual content I think it best to leave it until the update after next week.


I’ll keep my eye on this. I did notice that the stat screen lists things like your name and such twice instead of just once for some reason, and that incredible was misspelled as incredeble when you first select your power (along with mnt which I’m guessing was meant to be many?)

Yeah, a lot of things to iron out. The update should be out soon (like today or tommorrow soon) I plan to do a top down fix on a lot of stuff.