Question about Black Magic

IIRC it depends on what you do in HR2 then? There’s still a love-triangle thing going regardless of how the first game went, I think.

If you pick any other answer than a strict ‘no’ when the game asks you if you want a relationship with BM, the game gives you no choice but to at least make out with them in their apartment, even if you say ‘no’ then.


I don’t think Bob Marley was a wizard. I think the wizard was Barely Motivated.

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You can get engaged with her, but the sequel doesn’t say anything if she married or not the MC.

Yes, there wasn’t a marriage.

It was mentioned that Hero rise MC and their chosen ROs (Bright magic, Lucky, Jenny) was about to get married in wedding of the century but the MC was abducted for Versus 3. I really hated how that basically ruined the ending of not only hero project MC but also Hero rise MC

Because it is made very clear from the writing the writer had no interest in really developing what could have been a sweet, wholesome romance with a childhood friend because he’s just introduced to be a cheap temporary foil for the only love interest the mc is really supposed to go for: Black Magic, even if they don’t really care about the mc either. It’s all about having that hot trophy spouse and putting up a front for the media and the world I guess.

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Actually it isn’t Black Magic, it is Jenny, but you can only romance her with a female MC.

If you like her is a good thing. The author change her a lot in the second game, so she does become unlikable, but in the third game she is fine.

Birth control is a thing and I very much see any young hero not wanting a child to interupt their career with kids using it. Ntm BM could feasibly use her powers to ensure she doesn’t get pregnant.

That’s true. At least you still have a chance to romance her though.

Well, actually when Black Magic mentions Prodigal she claims she thought she was a friend of the MC. If I recall she didn’t get defensive, but confused. Cause she didn’t understand the cause of the concern.

And the odds of Black Magic being able to hold 100% sway over the MC is unlikely. It was shown a few times that if they fought the MC would be able to handle her. And to be completely honest, the game itself didn’t even touch 5% of what the MC’s powers are capable of.

The ability to simulate fission and fusion, by nudging atoms. What is everything in the world made out of? Atoms. So, the MC has the capabilities of controlling what everything is made of.

Know what that means? Water, Ice, Air, Earth, Metal, Wood, lightning and so much more are under his control. MC could make water freeze without lowering the temperature, walls of air. In theory, the MC could essentially inflict extreme radiation symptoms. Could lock something or someone in place, allowing nothing to move through the atoms surrounding it.

Wanna get really freaky? H2O. You could REMOVE atoms from elements. You could make water STOP BEING WATER. The periodic table will become the MC’s toy box.

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Can you make Black Magic look like someone else instead of Angelina Jolie, Beyonce or Natalie Portman.

Yes, just choose to type the name of the person

When you choose to sleep with Black Magic which one should you choose to be able to sleep with her. Should you take the lead or her?

Cause everytime I tried something nothing works.

And the other thing is does Black Magic love Diva or you? Because whenever I tried to ask her about Diva she keeps avoiding the question. But she seems to care a lot about the MC character.

So I’m confused.

For me, I thought I was in love with Black Magic in book 1 and part of book 2. I had a real hard time ( after a few play throughs) staying in a relationship with her. Simply because in book two she gave me an ultimatum. Vote for one of the unpopular contestant to be voted out or this relationship is over. If you voted for the popular hero to be voted out, she in fact ended the relationship. That told me right there she truly did not care for my mc. On another note I had no idea that you could Romance Jury.

I also missed or don’t remember the mc getting transported to verses. If that however is the case, Why did the author not include the hero rise hero in the Verses trilogy?