Question about Black Magic


So I’ve been revisiting CoG games after a lengthy absence, probably because I was too lazy to restore apps on my new phone! I played the whole of The Prodigy today, and while falling in love with Black Magic all over again, I suddenly had a thought.

So we know Black Magic can do pretty much anything with his powers…and in the game, it’s clear that there is a chemistry between your character and Black Magic, if you choose to be with him. You spend ages talking and connecting, you have a bunch of stuff in common, and it’s all amazing.

But isn’t it possible that BM could have used his powers to “connect” with you and nothing was real? He’s capable of it, right? It’s clear in the story that we don’t know everything about Black Magic, and he wants to keep it that way. Like when you ask him a question and he’s suddenly evasive. When he reveals Prodigal sent him after you and he gets defensive straight away.

I know I’m probably thinking about this too much and seeing something that isn’t there, I just wondered if anyone has ever had this thought? Or what is your take on it all?


“BM” is an unfortunate abbreviation…


Eh, the MC falls pretty fast for Lucky too, and to an extent the other LIs. I always saw it as less mind control and more Black Magic trying really hard to get the MC to like them, and the MC being a sucker for a pretty face.


While I would say that Black Magic could do so if he/she felt like it, I think its really unlikely that Black Magic would under the circumstances. For one Black Magic can literally have anyone he/she wants, why expend energy on behalf of the MC? Sure there’s some sparks and chemistry but if Black Magic made that happen, then why would anyone actually bother doing so? The MC is not described as particularly good looking or famous. Black Magic is written as gorgeous and, more to the point, Black Magic actually resembles the MC’s dream guy/gal. Put some natural attraction into the mix and I guess you have the seeds for a romance.


I always had this theory. Because don’t you find it suspicious that she (gender based on your preferences) looks exactly like your celebrity crush? Her powers can twist and command reality itself, she might have created an illusion on herself to appear as what a person thinks is the most beautiful woman. You can even ask her about this and she will dodge the question.

She’s is can also read minds to an extent, maybe the things you have in common is because she can read it on you?

Magic is a dangerously insecure person, it’s hinted she had a terrible childhood (my prediction is orphaned, homeless and turn to prostitution working for crazy femme fatale woman before her powers flourished.) so I think the whole illusion is so she could be accepted and loved, but it made her arrogant and highly manipulative when she realised it was so easy, but she can’t directly control people’s attraction to her, only twist it to her favour and almost always works. MC is fully capable of resisting her charms on his own free will.

So in my opinion, Magic is under heavy illusion with her appearance and personality, she became what people wanted and hell, I’d be surprised if she even remembers who she originally is anymore. But I also think that she didn’t just trick MC without falling for them herself, after all you were the only one who could possibly talk her down from destroying Washington and she was eager to impress you just before her secret is revealed.


Well BlackMagic is a beautiful mess with much of his past remaining a mystery even when the game finished. @Nathan_Faxon pretty much got it covered, it is weird that he can look like your Ideal person and when you ask him about it he answers evasively or maybe Zachary Sergi just did this for immersive purposes and nothing more.
Does Zachary Sergi have an account here?, I think the one who can truly answer this is him.


I actually had to Google it to find out what BM could mean. :laughing:


I don’t think I 100% buy into that theory, but that’s probably more to do with the fact that I’ve always been more of a Black Magic fangirl! :smile: I love how there is more to Black Magic than meets the eye, he’s far more complex than you initially think, and you never know just what goes on inside that mind.

And we do know that Black Magic initially worked for Madame Vice, which gives weight to what you said as well about how Black Magic could easily have become a manipulative person. But I do ultimately feel that everything with the main character and Black Magic is real. I don’t want Black Magic to just be a beautiful lie!

I’ve always been majorly curious as to why Magic looks just like your biggest crush. I hope we get an official answer…I might ask on the FB page, actually.


BM looking like someone who you think is ultra hot in rl was intentionally done so you’d feel as if you have some agency in your initial crush. This way you don’t feel that you’re forced to crush on someone who doesn’t do it for you.

I expect that nearly every one of us has crushed on someone who was bad for us at one point or another in our lives, someone who likely caused us a great deal of heart-ache if we got involved with them, someone like BM.


Because we barely know anything about Magic’s past it’s very difficult to find solid evidence as to why they’re this person, it’s all speculation and theories. Personally I believe in the illusion theory the most because Magic sounds too good to be true, so her appearance is charmed to suit their everybody’s preferences, but once MC saved her life it changed her, she falls for them and is eager to impress in anyway possible.

(this is a perspective from my play through and what I got from Magic through it, which kind of helped me develop her backstory with this theory.)
Of course Magic secures the relationship with MC and her arrogance is shown more clearly, believing that since the relationship is official MC will never leave her because she relies so heavily on her charmed appearance. MC denied her request and she became enraged because nobody should resist the illusion, indicating the first glimpse of her insanity (I call it Infini Madness). Skip ahead to Herofall, Magic was ruined, no reputation and no fans, she couldn’t handle this type of rejection that she felt in her childhood and would make everyone who caused it pay, which includes all of America for casting her aside and succumbing to the Madness. She nearly destroys everyone in the Millennial Tower if it wasn’t for MC, teleporting them both to Washington she threatens to kill them and destroy the state right there and then, MC talks her down and reminds her they think they can still be the same person they were when they first met and willing to give them another chance, whether it was her believing the charm still works or thinking MC wanting her for who she is that snapped her out of it I couldn’t work out, but she helped in the end, worked towards an honest goal and was reunited with her love again.

As you can tell, I’m quite the fan of Black Magic myself. A beautiful train wreck of a romance which is rather nice if you see through it until the end :smile:


I sometimes wonder if it was a deliberate choice by the author :wink:


Now I’m glad I dropped Blackie and started dating Lucky!!!

In my mental movie, Black Magic is played by David Tennant, and Lucky is played by 80s Kevin Bacon. I have no idea what it says about me.


Meh. Only LI that matters is Prodigal, chickens.


Thankfully the psycho bitch is dead and done.


I think the two of us might be the only people that think that. For some reason, Prodigal has a huge host of fans, and I can’t understand why. She tried to kill you and your loved ones, and she’s completely ax-crazy. But to each their own, I guess?

As for Black Magic, I stuck with him because I started with him. I couldn’t switch to Lucky, even though I was tempted to. I really wanted to see how the course played itself out, and tbh I’m glad I did. There’s still a lot to Black Magic’s character that I think needs to be explained more, but hopefully we’ll get that at some point in the future?


…Am I the only one that happily jumped at the romance with Jury?


Nope, but it took me a while (about four playthroughs and reading a lot of posts) to find out he was romance-able in the first place. After that, definitely. (What’s a better romance than with a former ***hole trying to redeem himself?)


And it was a very good way to piss of his dad. What for me is a pretty big perk of the romance with him.


I always liked the BM romance, they were a bit clingy but I didn’t mind it. I don’t think BM changed their appareance just to be more appealing to you (although I don’t deny the possibily of them wearing some kind of glamour spell). At the beginning of the story the MC has the option of looking at a poster of their favorite hearthrob, which means you already know what BM looks like before they’ve met you. Also, later on it’s said that the telepathy spell takes a lot of energy to use and is painful for the ones involved. As such it’s hard, maybe impossible, to sneakily use this ability and spy on you.

I don’t believe BM means you any harm but they are very insecure and have a troubled past. They may or may not wear a glamour spell to look more appealing to the public and in turn to the MC. I think that deep down they mean well but they have trouble trusting other people and as such tend to choose themselve over others, unless you follow the romance route and succesfully presuade them to help you in your fight against the Victons.
Also, I hate Jury and I will never romance him. Prodigal is messed up and I only picked her to see where it would lead, IRL I would’ve given her a wide berth. Lucky is nice in the ‘childhood friend/friend next door’ kind of way. It is totally acceptable but I prefer the RI to have a bit more ‘oomph’.

P.S. what is the ‘unforunate aabbreviation’ that you speak of? The things I could find were ‘black mage’ and a company that sells car parts xD


I will never forgive her or forget what she did. On my first playtrhough she killed Sonja (luckly later I discovered that I can save her and Tarana), blackmailed a 15 year old girl, saying she would kill parents, to help her destroy my character (that really did hurt since I like Tarana a lot), tried to kill Jenny and Granma, manipulated Black Magic, tried to destroy my character reputation and almost killed him several times. The only bad thing about her dying, is that my character couldnt kill her himself.

@Claymore Black Magic didnt use any kind of spell to change her appearence, you can see her memories when she worked for Madame Vice, she had the same appearence and didnt discover her reality altering powers.

And I hate Jury too, how he always tried to destroy my character career and later he almost killed Jenny. Hopefully he will answer for his crime in jail.