Question about Black Magic

@Claymore BM stands for bowel movement.


I actually had to look that up as well, for I’m not a native speaker and I didn’t know what bowel meant. In hindsight it’s kind of awkward, but thank you for answering all the same.xD

@Cecilia_Rosewood Huh. I’ve only played it once, but Jury was constantly hitting on my char throughout the second and third installment. I could have dated him if he wasn’t such a weasel. It might be because I set my char as a straight cis-female.

My character was too, so I guess I was just being dense :sweat_smile: (as usual).
And besides, to actually get Jury to date the MC the MC has to take some pretty drastic measures, which fit neither my personality nor my MC’s.

That are the benefits of playing a character whose reaction to the hero project was literally: Enough is enough and screw them. All of them.

Why is Prodigal so popular?

Everything you just listed as a negative? Make it a positive. Obviously, if this was the real world, Prodigal would be a monster, but this isn’t the real world, and most people love a good psychopath. I know I enjoy writing them.


I know this is old, but do you think that Black Magic suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Although a true Narcissist would never admit to being selfish. As Black Magic actually does so during the devoid war. But the traits that he has, emotionally fragile, selfish and manipulative are traits of NPD, also it’s fiction. And he becomes enraged by the fact that you have a crush on another person and with the underdogs, which means he risks loosing his Narcissistic supply. And goes into a Narcissistic rage because he loses his fame, his hero status and you. He only calms down because of you. His Narcissistic supply. And he changes his name to Bright Magic because he wants his reputation, his “mask of perfection” (false self) to be fully restored. He connects to you during prodigy and gives you gifts as a way of controlling you. He avoids the important questions that would reveal who he is inside. He’s probably honest about the fact that you saved him, and in his eyes as a result. Sees the hero in you that he wants to be. Not that he actually loves you. I hope I’m wrong though…

Black Magic is certainly psychologically a bit broken, but I’m not certain I’d go so far as to classify them as an NPD. Not everyone with a thirst for affirmation, and a tendancy towards manipulation to get what they want is a narcissist. Is BM any worse than say Kim Kardashian who has parleyed very careful cultivation of her image and reality tv to become fabulously wealthy? I’m not a clinical psychologist however, just mindful of the fact that many people who don’t have diagnosable pyschological conditions can still check off a few of the symptoms of many disorders. Furthermore many people can go into a temper when someone they thought would help them ends up hurting them. Meanwhile naked ambition can cause people to prostitute their values or even “leak” porn videos in the name of that ambition.


Never was a fan of Black Magic myself, as is well known by now and how heavy-handed the games were in making it the “official” romance to the point where not only most characters but the game’s narrative itself acts incredulous if the mc chooses their sweet old, childhood friend Lucky over Black Magic. The difference is further highlighted by how poorly developed Lucky is in comparison to just about any other romance, not just Black Magic, who gets the most romance content by far, but also Jury and Jenny.

I am therefore inclined to disagree here and I do in fact think that Black Magic would fit with the narcissistic personality disorder, whether or not they also suffer from PTSD from a horrendously bad childhood. Now I’ll grant this may not have been the author’s intent but this series is notorious for making several very poor and hamhanded decisions when it came to handling characters and events. So, intentionally or no, for me Black Magic definitely comes across as a narcissist.


There’s also the issue that BM’s personality kept changing between games. Their personality in game 3 felt quite a bit different than in games 1 and 2.

While I believe the author has talent I agree that his writing has a tendency of railroading the MC and forcing them down rabbit holes that end up hurting his franchises. I washed my hands of this series well before it ended.


Black Magic also fears vulnerability, the game may not have explained why. But I think that according to them, in order to be a hero. You shouldn’t show weakness. Unless it’s to play the victim card when you find out their secret in order to gain sympathy. They probably hated Madame Vice because she humiliated them in the memory. Honestly, I think when they said that they wanted “True Love” did not really knew what that really meant. Which is why I mentioned Narcissistic Supply. They never even mentioned that you protected their secret from the public in the sequel. So they were willing to leave you in the dust during the first season. Oh and when you come back to them at the end of HeroFall, the abusive cycle continues. So yeah I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes this and I wished I have sooner tbh. But this might actually teach us how to spot real Narcissists. Even if this was intentional or not. It’s a good lesson to learn that you shouldn’t trust a pretty face. Especially one that hides so much of their past.

@Lyberious – Your interpretation is way different from mine.

An on point example – the hate of Madam Vice… abuse and forced servitude and not just the humiliation was a factor in how BM felt towards MV.

This series is retconned as much as Blizzard and Bethesda retconn their IPs … which is why I dislike the stories in all three series more and more as time marches forward.


This all sounds much closer to Borderline Personality Disorder, which I… happen to know about first hand. :sweat_smile:

Grows attached quickly, sees things as either black or white, puts up a front but incredibly fragile, extreme mood shifts, fear of abandonment, etc.

Black Magic lures you in, keeping you impressed and interested. But once you start seeing her vulnerable sides, she gets clingy and desperate to keep you, no matter what.
(Yikes, it’s starting to sound like my past, oof)

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Can you get Black Magic pregnant if you choose to have sex with her?


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So does Black Magic just use you throughout the game to get what she wants? Or does she actually care about you?

Basically it’s this
First game: MC is someTHING they fancy, they’re manipulative, abusive and whiny.
second game: in response to the players being unhappy BM gets written worse than before, and Lucky is introduced as the OneTrueLove™ but is just as bad a partner.
third game: BM gets even worse, but then gets totally submissive etc if the mc kicks their but via deus ex machina.

In short: nope, they don’t care about the MC, even if the text claims so.

Can you sleep with Black Magic or not?

You must sleep with BM. Or at least it was like that when I played, I don’t know if they change it

There is one question that asks if you want a relationship with BM. Click on ‘no’ and the chapter is cut short as you MC will leave.

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