Question about Black Magic

She doesn’t live Diva. It seems she agreed to do sexual favors with Did so she could join the most elite team of super heroes.

Diva and BM’s relationship is not of love, as of MC if you look at it from book 1 and 2 it may seems BM don’t love MC but they love MC like all the ROs do, they even underwent massive changes in Hero project, MC just needed to be patient with them, they had a very hard life and after MC who love them their life changed to better, personally I love all the Character development and as of ROs and MC, MC is the Love of the life of BM, Jenny, Lucky and quite possibly Prodigal. I wanted to say all ROs but considering how Jury acts I had to mention all ROs individually sans Jury


Can you have sex with Black Magic more than once or is that just on the first game?

You can have sex in the third game and there is a spicy scene in the second one.

And is it true that Black Magic becomes omnipotent by the end of the third book? Cause having a girlfriend like that would be awesome. Or I should say fiancee.

I really wish wife though. Cause I hate that they cut off the wedding part.

Only if you blast her in the final battle. She absorbs your blast and use it to reshape reality and creates a new world with your at her side.

Additionally, I believe you can also end with them de-powered and its possible their views on their power changes based on your lawfulness or unleash stats. Black magic is no.1 babe.

Did Black Magic ever cheat on the MC or does she actually love him not to do that?

Black magic never cheated on MC and a MC that supported them they actually love that MC who is arguably the only person they loved romantically in their entire life, hence they even changed their ways and become Bright Magic in Hero project series due to positive influence of mc and the love MC gave them.

I’m at the part on book one where you can have sex with Black Magic. Is it better for you to take the lead or her during the sex scene with the MC?

It doesn’t matter man

Is the MC Black Magic’s main love interest?

Idk what you mean but except Jury MC is every RO’s only love intrest.


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Can you sleep with Black Magic?