Prodigal (HeroFall Spoilers)


I just want more Prodigal and Jenny interaction! Lol!


Yes! Its called Hero Rise. Please everyone go like the page. He will reveal more about the story and you can ask him questions as well.


He said on his hero rise Facebook page So no promises, but I’m is thinking of adding some bonus alternate endings and scenes to ‪#‎HeroFall‬ this year, if I can find the time. What would you Hero Risers want to read most? Who knows, maybe your idea will make it in!


Could anyone with a facebook account ask him if there’s another way to submit ideas? Or would someone be willing to post mine over there? Is he just thinking of adding things to HeroFall or will he give us a deluxe edition of the previous ones too?


What are your questions? FairyGodfather

And my ideas for a bonus ending will have the option for Prodigal to live and your character helps her re-build Assassin Academy. Continue your romantic relationship or friendship.


Wedding scene with Jenny


@FairyGodfeather It seems that someone posted your idea, referring to you as Fairygodmother (:P), at the Heroes Rise facebook page. You can actually visit it regardless of having a facebook account.

It wasn’t the way you written it, but it was the same concept. I liked it, although I would prefer something less software-ish, but I hope it gets in somehow.


Feather, like a pigeon. Like the Goodfeathers of Animaniacs. FairyGodfeather

I’d like to see different endings for Lucky and Black Magic. In general I’d just like to spend a bit more time with them. I’d like for Black Magic’s ending to tie right back to that part in the first game where you both say what it is you want. I also want to see BlackMagic in therapy.

I felt cheated that their ending interactions were essentially the same. I had absolutely no doubt of Lucky’s love for the main character, so the whole “I love you” statement didn’t seem that world-changing to me. Whereas for Black Magic to say it and mean it it felt more significant.

I’d like a tiny bit more time with Jury, just a chance to have a quick chat with him.

I want an ending with a hint of hope that Prodigal’s alive. Not actually having her show up, just a message from her like those in the Hero Project, or a piece of evidence she may have faked her death. Or even just plans to bring her back to life because no one in the superhero genre stays dead for any length of time. Maybe her body goes missing, maybe you receive a cryptic note, perhaps you hear of someone who can raise the dead, or decide to go beg Black Magic. The concept that I wrote on the other thread was just a fan-fiction idea, I wouldn’t actually like to see it implemented in the game since I think it would steal from Prodigal’s sacrifice. But I think it’s different leaving a hint. Like having your holographic picture of Prodigal move, or do something strange, something Prodigal either preprogrammed into it, or could indicate she’s still alive depending on your interpretation.


I like your ideas FairyGodfeather.

I would also like more time with Black Magic and more interacts with Lucky as well.

Not so much with Jury for me though lol


I agree for more downtime, more time with the characters but I would prefer an ending when you are with Prodigal alive.


Anyone know password for heinous infinite enemy I can’t get past that door without taking a hit when saving prodigal mother


That is an easy one, since its taken from the painting the game shows you earlier: Black Magic, Prodigal, Crash, the MC is also in the painting but when I put in my codename it didn’t work.


Thank you


I dont have the time to play this epic trilogy again so Can someone please tell me what happens at the end if you romance black magic or lucky. My hero was a whore and switched romances each game and i ended up being still in love with prodigy.


Nothing incredibly special, if memory serves the only real difference in their storylines is if they are your sweetie or not:

Magic goes on tour to promote infinity/muggle relations, and Lucky is either a member or leading your old team (if you don’t take that job yourself) whether you are romancing them or not, the only difference is that when they aren’t doing that they’re playing footsie with the MC in their off time.

Well unless you decide to achieve apotheosis with Magic that is…


She knows what you want. and thus as the final act of being evil takes it from you.


I would love a way to make her live. Even if you don’t romance her, she is an amazing character. I’d even be happy to buy more DLC to get that option. Romancing her was a great part of the third game, and I want my happy ending.


It seems that the majority of readers want to have Prodigal alive. I hope that the actor decides to act :smile:


Even if he doesn’t I like to imagine that the gun that neutralizes powers could be used to take aware or minimize hers, thus stoping the ‘Infini-cancer’ and letting her live XD

Least in my mind…


I think Prodigal should be resurrected somehow.


Its easy…what actually happened is prodigal used her crazy powers like her mother with a hard light decoy and you cured her and the reason you were with a picture not her is cos…she had to hide for a bit then pretend to be a new hero so you two could rekindle that particular flame? Spick as spam? Righty roo guys