Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives—What Stares Back"

So, who’s been waiting for a complete guide to Parliament of Knives, along with the What Stares Back content? :sunglasses:



Oh man, that is so helpful! I was wondering how to get to unlock some of those achievements. And the routes guide is plenty great. :smile:


i love the two additional clans! haven’t played as a lasombra yet since there’s so much content in the malk play through that i’ve yet to discover, but i was wondering if you’re at least able to use your true gift at the end if you choose to unlock it? i kind of want to see how it works but i’m also attached to my companion and don’t want to see them gone :pleading_face:

also i am absolutely in love with the malkavian companion. haven’t stopped playing as one for a few days now bc i keep getting charmed everytime. i’m sure the lasombra playthrough would be equally amazing as well and i’m super excited to find out! thank you for this wonderful game and this wonderful dlc <3


OMG i loved the V:TM game, this looks amazing and im so excited to play!!

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So, after seven playthroughs, I’d have to say I have a pretty good grasp on what this game involv -

skims this guide

Uh, nevermind, I’m a newb.


Oh that’s awesome! I was looking for something like that online since I got my hands at this game! Thank you very very much mr Dean!


That’s exactly my feelings right now LMAO


Yea, gonna be combing this guide a bit for all the tidbits I missed.

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So far, I only have one real problem with this DLC.

I should have done the achievement for diablerizing Lucca before doing her romance path, because now I don’t know if I can bring myself to do it.


Love the new sidequest with Lucca. Always fun to play a classic Ventrue vs Lasombra fight.

Achivrment Too oblivious is not triggle.what I’m wrong T T. From guide, I think I pass all stat check

To Oblivion? When you confronted Javier, were you doing the version with Lucca and Jordan, or were you only there with Qui?

Can you remember anything else about the fight that might help me track down why the achievement didn’t trigger?

Ahhh I play as Malkavian. go with Qui . I have gun and shoot Lasombra (with my stat dex = 67 and resolve > 49 but wit = 40 ) :face_with_spiral_eyes: :face_with_spiral_eyes: that all I remembed .

I’m sorry , My language is not good (English is not my native language) .I hope it can help you

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Looking at the code:

*label javier_battle_success
*achieve to_oblivion
*label hole_in_one

Assuming I understood correctly: if you use disciplines successfully, you jump to javier_battle_success and the achievement is triggered. But if you shoot him, you jump to hole_in_one which skips over giving you the achievement.

Unrelated to this: I loved the expansion - is there any chance of another DLC? :slight_smile:

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Quick question: is Lucca’s friend path mutually incompatible with romancing someone else? Cuz I want to learn oblivion but I want to bump uglies with Qui.

Hi, Sarinya, it looks like there is a missing achievement trigger specifically for when you successfully shoot Javier (the Lasombra.) I have fixed this and submitted a patch to my editor. Thank you for pointing this out and sorry for the inconvenience.

@eostre Thanks for looking in the code on that one! Helped me track it down a bit faster. At this time I don’t know of any other DLC opportunities, but you can never be sure! Glad you’ve enjoyed What Stares Back!

The Lucca alliance and Qui alliance events happen at the same time, so unfortunately it is impossible to romance Qui and learn Oblivion in the same play through.


Thanks! Although, doesn’t Jordan’s romance also trigger at the same time? If so, is the only way to learn oblivion to romance/befriend Lucca?

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That is correct. The only way to meet Father Moretti is through Lucca’s new storyline, and he’s the one who can teach you Oblivion. He is a new character specifically created for Lucca’s story.


So do we have to keep the father alive? Cause we staked him in my play through? Also I love the new content also played different and had so unexpected truths found out. I didn’t do qui storyline this time.

You have to let him get away.

Tell Lucca that you’ll deal with him yourself, then listen to what he has to say once Lucca leaves. Agree with Moretti that you’ll let him teach you. After that, in chapter 6, you’ll have an opportunity to go to his hotel room for a talk. That’s where you can learn Oblivion.