Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives—What Stares Back"

Thank so much, it super-useful! But I think this guide doesn’t mention joining Sabbat.That’s The Sword of Cain and Vaulderie achievments, I guess. Any hints about that? :zipper_mouth_face:

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Follow the ‘Trevor Alliance’ section of the guide.


Huh, so Trevor Haidt is with Sabbat? What was unexpected :thinking: Quess I’ll have to do it to learn all details!

One question I think guide does not cover: what do you need to do to get officially accepted in Ottawa as Lasombra? I supported Arundel, but he said “now is not the time”, etc. Should I go with Lasombra Corliss for this?

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You’ll be approached by Basaras at the exhibition (I think Lucca romance blocks this scene, though) and he’ll give you a quest. Do the quest successfully and Arundel will decide it is the time (maybe it works in Corliss ending too, I’m not sure).

Does anyone knows why the Malkavian are called the Clan of the moon ???

Sorry if it’s unrelated but I was just curious.

I assumed it was because of their proclivity for madness. Historically, madness was thought to be influenced by the phases of the moon - luna, in Latin - which is where we get the term “lunacy.” To refer to the Malkavian clan as “Lunatics” is literally to suggest they’re all “touched” by the moon’s maddening influence.


What happens to Ophelia after she help us uncover our true gift from Malkav ? There’s nothing about her at all unless it’s a bug or something . The story just continues whether l save the prince or destroy him .

I’ve played ‘What Stares Back’ several times now, to soak in the new content, which I’m grateful for - but it seems a shame that Lasombra Lucca can’t take direct revenge on Corliss, when Lucca takes in that she’s been lied to about her heritage. Or is there a way that I’ve not discovered yet?

Message to Mr Dean: I’m vaguely tempted to write a (not for profit) fanfiction on this aspect. Do I have your permission to do so? The problem for me is trying to find time to write out fanfiction for other topics, as well!

Absolutely! I’d love to read it! Just make sure to mark it as fanfiction and not official, because Paradox (owners of Vampire the Masquerade) are the owners of the IP, not me or even CoG.


No problem, Mr Dean. The story will be put on the fanfiction dot com website. Also, I put a disclaimer at the start of my stories, giving due credit to the original creators of the franchise behind whatever story I’m sharing online. So you and Paradox will be credited. This story will come with a Spoilers warning, too, as some secrets will be touched upon, in order to tell the story I’m aiming for.

I have nearly finished the first draft. Hope to have it all online during this January!

Thank you for your given permission. I hope my work will live up to expectations!

:woman_vampire: :angry: :woman_vampire: (Translation: What Lucca thinks of Corliss, when she realises the truth)


Is Corliss your sire (or so MC believes) regardless of what clan you pick?

Yes. And Lucca is always your “sister.”

I’ve just placed my not-for-profit fanfiction story on the fanfiction dot com website! It should be available soon to anyone who is interested. :tada: Please read and review (be nice)! :grinning:

Here’s the link, if that’s allowed:

A thank you to Mr Dean, for giving his permission.