OUROBOROS (WIP) [Updated 12th June 2023] [NEW! discord + tumblr + patreon]

Is there anything you can say about this (if not spoilers)?:

I’ve been curious about it for a long time and Y is my favourite RO :sweat_smile:

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I can’t say much that won’t spoil, but I’ll share a part from one ask on the old tumblr:

It is going to get messy. It involves pacts and overthrowing a cult that stands for everything Y is against. It involves a show of power, a game of thrones, a decadent play of rules that leaves the court of Oakwerth trembling. And it will, if you play your choices carefully, have them kneeling at the feet of y&mc to grant them a mere smidge of mercy.

Hope that helps :sparkling_heart: And if it soothes, the A/Y/S romances really start to kick into gear by act 2, which we only have one update left until, and that update is only a few weeks away. :>


Sounds exciting :sparkles:


Just want to drop in and say I’ve loved following this and I’m tempted to join your discord for direct updates. I just rarely use it.

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:> you’re a treat.

I might not post early access on discord again, it was more of a one-off thing, so don’t sweat it! The discord is a wonderful space, the people in there make me laugh every day, but it is more a place of casual discussions and theories and ridiculously funny takes on the characters :joy:

So no need to worry about missing out on the demo updating! :heart:

@Cingulum_diaboli It will be. :smiling_imp:


I started playing this thinking that Leith would be my favourite and only RO…then Idren came along and caught my MC off guard :flushed: …also the decapitation scene was so expected I literally laughed out loud lol excited for more but obviously don’t rush! And take the time you need :slight_smile: :heart:


Just wanted to drop this here for Id(ren) fans.

Id(ren) Art

Thank you Lou for creating such a tasty tasty RO :heart:


damn :fire:


You are extremely talented, wow! :heart: :heart:


I finished the demo @honeylou you have something beautiful here, I wanted to say something after some time thinking about it. I’m excited to see the finish work! Also the blood borne references are chef kiss.

Out of all the love interests, Leith has my full attention, then comes Idren, Yor, and Auryn. The mystery surrounding what happened to Leith and what’s going on with the world around the main cast has me in a chokehold. I gotta know more!


hah! I am SO happy you enjoyed that. Thank you so much for telling me :>

@Radiantbliss I have already screamed about this art until I’m hoarse, but, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA it’s so gorgeous I cannot handle myself im goop im soup im slipping between the floorboards to haunt you forever. I am also a huge fan of the full body portrait of your healer Sage. I think you should share it, if you wish? :eyes: (everything from the composition (so thematic!!!) to the lighting to the way you draw fabric. I’m sorry i’m a little insane over it. It is very, very good.)

@SnowPhoniex I am so happy you think so!

:smiling_imp: I caught another one. (you have great taste. Thank you!)

ANYWAY! I’m here to give you the progress report, and some things you missed if you are not on tumblr/disc/patreon. :>

It’s been a month! it’s incredible how much my life has changed- while I’m still adjusting I’m just…still walking on clouds. it feels unreal. the patreon took off and I can almost make a living wage on it which is frankly fucking insane, and the discord is so vibrant it scared me for a moment (not anymore- shooting the shit with the people there is the favorite part of my day, even if I sometimes just leave a trail of emotes lskjdhajksdhkjasd.) I couldn’t have asked for a better community. YES I am crying about it. Thank you, so, so much. I am cradling your face in my hands.crying.

But as always, enough of my bleeding heart. Let’s get to it!

The first two weeks after posting the update, I took a sort of quasi vacation and only wrote a handful of story-words each day, and spent some time fooling around in the discord + brushed off my smut archive to refine for Patreon. There are already 4 stories up, and a new one coming tomorrow- though I haven’t decided yet whether it will be possessive/jealous L sfw short or one very nasty short where you come across a particularly insistent species of vines while trekking the forest. hehe. we’ll see. >:3

But, even though I had to rest not to combust after work, I am very pleased to say that the next chapter is coming along great, with the skeleton finished for its entirety, and about 45% and some change already written (it’s very hard to gauge because I jump around a lot when I write.) This is the final chapter before the forest, filled with action and the heart wrenching drama of offering tenderness to a certain someone, and deciding for your hunter when enough is truly enough. I have teared up writing certain scenes and I genuinely cannot wait for you to experience this next part yourselves.

It is so funny reading things I wrote for this chapter six months ago, or longer, because I knew exactly what emotions I wanted to bake in and couldn’t really nail it, but now it is coming together beautifully! Sure, it will still be wonky first draft writing, but the core is there and that is all that matters for now. I’m saying soon™ for the update for now, because I am allowing myself to adapt to writing full time- I didn’t quit my job to become my own nightmare boss, and I truly want to enjoy this process. I think, in the long run, it will result in a better story. Patience is my mantra. All in due time- I cannot force quality creative work. But by everything wretched and sinful, I cannot wait to share this next part with you!!! I’m frothing at the mouth!!!

In other news , y’all. I need to get organized. I get heartburn thinking about all the different variations of files and notes and notebooks and scraps of paper and variables and branches of plot and just generally, the things to keep track of is getting to the point of a dragon hoard of scary ‘oh no I forgot about that part’. I’m gritting my teeth through it until this chapter is out, but after it, I am going to spend some time to

  1. get my shit together in gorgeous, beautiful spreadsheets

  2. get serious about finding beta- and proofreaders. (me @ u: :pleading_face:)

But that’s it, my friends! I scrapped an entire progress report because I started sounded corporate and listing points which was just… sad. I really hope I evolve into writing these in a more fun way, which would make them more fun for you to read too! But for now, I think this will do. I hope you have a beautiful day/night, and if you would like to see more in depth dev-logs of my writing life, or random sneak peeks, I post those weekly on patreon!

This was all already posted on my tumblr, but here’s some goodies you might have missed as well:

Idren/Ida’s character sheet, with some frequently asked questions answered, as well as their surname reveal!

A new cover for OUROBOROS! This one is in ebook form, for the short stories I’m collecting for release. :smirk:

And a whole lot more, but im pspspspspsps’ing at you to come check out the tumblr or the discord or the patreon; not only because I am very appreciative of your support, but for the fun of it! :3

Until next time! x


I am a nerd who lives for praise. I get super squishy when praised. Let me tell you. I will reread any and all praise every day and keep it forever. I have reread your tags on tumblr an embarrassing amount. I fail at trying to be a cool and confidant artist :upside_down_face:

You do not ever have to ask me twice about sharing art. Ever. My MC under the tag in case people don’t want to see her. I even cropped it into a pfp because I am so in love with my character. Having fought trying to draw her so many times. So very many times. Stubborn af healer.

Sage Art

Maybe my next break I will try to do L. Wonder if L will be as easy to approach as Idren. Or if they will be like Sage and fight me every inch.:thinking: Or a trio. But that might be a bit ambitious. Or just do a pinup L/Id to showcase Sage has a type. I should stop having ideas and get back to work. :upside_down_face:


@honeylou finally had time to read the recent update (after like a couple months lol)! and OMG LEITHHHH :sob: can’t wait for mc and L reunion! also please tell me we can kill the vicar! and i just became a member of your patreon too! those spicy shorts are so good :hot_face::ok_hand:

some questions and feedback
  1. these set of choices when they were discussing the clergy’s offer in the mess hall, aren’t they supposed to be where we can loop back to ask the other questions?

• “What exactly is the situation in Oakwerth? How bad is the plague, and how many people have been affected?”

• “What do the Serpent clergy have to do with all of this? Why are they involved, and what is their role in this?”

• “Why is the Vicar reaching out to us for help?”

• “What are the potential risks and dangers that we might face if we agree to help the Vicar and the people of Oakwerth? Are we prepared to handle those risks?”

  1. if mc needs their phylactery to be free from the clergy but apparently they’re all gone according to lena, then how is she gonna help mc be free? maybe you can add that to the set of questions we can ask lena

  2. when Y said, “Your secret is safe with me, hunter.” what secret were they talking about? that mc couldn’t access their power/magic?

is it canon that mc holds resentment for id? i assumed not since we have the option to not be hostile towards them in chapter 1 and that’s why I’ve been playing an mc who’s extremely guilty about what happened to id and does not resent them at all even when they tried to murder her. she understands why they did that and wouldn’t think about getting revenge on them. all she wants is to help them heal. also she’s just Tired™

and so if it isn’t canon, can i suggest making the scene where mc gets revenge on id be optional? and for those who doesn’t want revenge, maybe make the other option be where mc ask id to train with them so they can test out their new weapon? or something like that. i understand if it is canon that mc resents them though, i can just make a new mc!

looking forward to the next update!


Am I crazy/mixing together other WiP or did this use to have a lot more content, like getting in and going through a forest and such?

Also I noticed on your Tumblr you mentioned you were swapping to Twine, I’m curious if you’ll still be updating this thread?

(Also could you mention the change in the OP? I would’ve been pretty depressed thinking this was abandoned without realizing it just changed venues lol)