On Foxtrot Hill - (WIP)

An artist on a ranch sabbatical lands in the midst of a murder mystery…

Welcome to Foxtrot Hill Guest and Cattle Ranch!

This week we’ll have a wild ride in a 100K+ word interactive western mystery set in the lovely hills of the Texas Panhandle. With comedy and humanity on display, relationships and the bonds made during this adventure might just save your life! On this picturesque ranch, deadly intent and intrigue lie behind friendly smiles and campfires. Murder on the range-just who out of this friendly bunch would do that anyhow?!

With twelve principle cast members to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find someone to talk to! Make friends and maybe even enemies as the days progress. Discover harrowing secrets together as you learn to rope and ride just like in the songs! Watch love blossom as hearts grow closer in grim shadows. Will your relationships withstand this storm, or will you say goodbye at the end of the week?

In fifteen chapters, your character can choose from fourteen unique ending states, six romantic partners, three genders, and multiple represented orientations, sexualities, and ethnicities. We hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Here’s the play-test link:

Here’s the (working) soundtrack:
On Foxtrot Hill - (WIP)?


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On Foxtrot Hill - (WIP)

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On Foxtrot Hill - (WIP)

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On Foxtrot Hill - (WIP)

I’m writing this game with my co-author, @thumper!
If you have suggestions for things the MC should do during the week, definitely tell us and it’ll probably end up in the game!

If you’d like to talk about the game on a different platform, try out our Discord channel here:


Sounds like fun, and really interesting

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Has potential. Will watch the development.

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I changed the title to WIP since most games on this forum eventually hope to become Hosted Games.

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Oops. . . Thank-you for changing it!

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Working on a choice right now…
Any ideas on more questions?

Mr. Nells stops walking and says, "So, this is the dining room. All of our guests and cowboys and 'gals will dine here together during the week. 
I'm handing out a general list of activities that you might try during your stay. This [i]is[/i] a working ranch, so each of you is expected to 
pull your weight with chores. But don't worry about that today, we can talk more about the details tomorrow morning. By the way, wake-up time is at 
5:30 sharp, so set your alarm!" He finished with a good-natured smile, "Now, does anyone have a question yet?"
Well, do I have a question?
			He looks at me and says, "Well, what was your question then?"
				#Where is the bathroom? Please tell me it isn't an outhouse!
				#When do we get to ride? I brought my spurs and everything!
				#What kind of chores are we supposed to do?
				#When do we get to eat? I'm starving!

Question: Am I getting paid?

You didn’t say on whether the MC was getting paid or if this is just some volunteer thing we do because we want help out.


when i first saw the title i was thinking this was a war game either way i am quite interested


Actually, the MC is some sort of artist, so this is a business trip for them to find inspiration for their next album/sculpture/etc. Since this is a working ranch, the MC is required to help with various chores; however, once that part of the day is over, they can choose what to do for fun: trail ride, go to town and catch a movie, etc. I guess there could be an option to stay as a ranch hand for one of the endings…


Hmm, I might have to include some kind of war element now…
Thanks for the interest!
Sorry, there won’t be a war element…I need to focus on making it cohesive…

The name is actually based on the idea that the first couple to own the ranch brought Missouri Foxtrotting horses when they moved there. So it’s become the ranch’s tradition to breed Quarter horses and Missouri Foxtrotters ever since.

I finished making the brand logo for the game… Still not sure if it looks too pink…


Oh! I smell a little Cannonfire Concerto and Tin Star mix and I like it. I enjoy games that have to do with crime regardless of who the MC is. The idea definitely has potential as Westerns are pretty great, even if fantasy is my preferred.

Also I saw romance. God, having a sexy rancher bf with the western gentlemen charm. Count me in. All I can think about now is Mccree! As for your choices, I wouldn’t worry so much about setting up the whole game yet. It’s much easier to write it out like half a chapter or one at a time( I do mine in updates of 2 per month if I can manage it). Worrying about the code and choices first will just frustrate you in the long run.

The person who said it made them think of war is spot on! I agree with @CultOfCthulhu (praise be to our good lord Cthulhu) I did think of a military type setting at first, but since the game is in its infancy, you can do a lot with the name, war based or no. The foxtrotting horses is an interesting thing though! I wish you luck.


Yeah, thanks! Definitely going for the romance thing, I already have a chara called Adrian that really does the handsome cowboy thing. But, all things being equal, there will be an equal number of boys/girls plus no gender-locking on the romance.

Oooh, alright. Maybe one of the activities could be a gun range?

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Hmm…Good idea! Maybe Adrian could do that too…

Actually, I think I’ll make Sei the gun expert because she’s just been sitting on the porch so far…

Sounds fun and interesting but let say if someone can’t do a puzzle will there be any help let say

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Yeah, I’m trying to go with this idea for any major plot points/puzzles, etc.: the MC has either enough charm, intelligence, deception, or leadership to figure it out. If it’s high leadership/\charm, then one of the guests will help make suggestions; if it’s high intelligence/deception, then the MC will solve it him-/her-/hirself.

Deciding on throw-away/murder victims…How involved/invested should I make the MC to them?
I was thinking maybe some of the ranch hands that were assigned to the other guests, for instance…