Western Murder Mystery

This is just a side project I am working so no demo at this time. What I am hoping is for a co-writer. As I have never read a western so know very little on the style. The story does not need to be overly complex as this will not be a normal CoG. This will be the game of hangman with a storyline. I am currently writing the code for the 1200 puzzles and can handle coding the story as well.


Hang-Man Western? Are you planning to sell it or host it on CoG?

So is this a cliche Western with someone about to be hanged at high noon and you must play Hang-Man in order to save them? Or did you have something else in mind?

It is still only a rough idea story wise. you are framed for murder. You must stay one step in front of the posse that wants to string you up at the nearest oak tree. Will have to find who dunit to clear your name

Yes you will have to solve each puzzle to progress the story. cliche Western , I would leave that up to my co-writer. Story should have a few paths but that can be worked out in pm.

It depends on feedback once game is in testing. If players like the game over all then yes would like to sell the game. At this point it is a concept project that needs to be develop further before its fate is decide.

Considering the amount of coding I need to do for each puzzle. I think I will try and put up 10 or so puzzles to get feedback before committing to programing the whole thing.

I wish I knew anything about Westerns, and wasn’t already juggling a pile of projects. Westerns are definitely not my forte. It’s a pity @Apillis hasn’t logged in for a while. Her Western story was good. I hope you find someone to work with you. Good luck!

Its good, but thanks. Worse comes to worse I’ll hack away at it I am sure the readers will let me know what I am doing wrong. Lol

Well just finish the first puzzle. Not as bad as I thought, only 535 lines of code. Still have to put in all the var in the setup before I can test. Not sure how many puzzles I can do, but will put something up this weekend.

A western style whodunit mystery? I can hit the mystery aspect well western not so much but have seen enough movies to drive the western theme. I’m working on my own project so forgive me if I’m not always available. If you can’t find anyone else I will be glad to help.

You could probably get an idea of a typical western story by looking up a few older ones on IMDB & seeing what they have in common.

Hangman? where you guess letters and stuff?

That would be great, but let me get the demo up and working first before working out any details. This a side project so not to worried about constant contact, as you get the story done I can add. Plus to program 1200 puzzles is going to take a good Chuck of time.

Thanks for the idea.

Yes that’s the aim of this game.

Time for a happy dance. :smiley: The first puzzle works like it should. Only took an hour of debugging. So now to work on the other puzzles.

I have a total of 4 puzzles coded, 4 more written out. For the demo I have 12 category and planning 2 puzzles each. So still have always to go but making a dent. Will be back on my other story next week.

@lordirishdas From what I understand Tin Star is nearly finished. (That’s just a sort of because I’m sure there will be bugs and grammar mistakes and so on to take care of.) But maybe you could ask @AllenGies for help. I’m guessing he will know a bit about westerns at least.

I don’t want to bother other writers with this as I know how busy it can be between RL and writing. I figured if one of them had an interest they would post. But thank you for the idea.

Anyways not sure how this will go over as a game. That is why I am waiting to finish the demo and get feedback from readers as to the style before getting serious. It may not go over well, then it will be back to the drawning boards.

Never a failure, just a lesson in what does not work. :slight_smile:

@lordirishdas Good luck and keep going! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement

Ok This is maybe the smallest demo I have ever put out. But it should give you an idea how how it will play. The story can be disregarded as it is only a place filler. So give it a test drive and let me know what you think. I really do not want to put to much work into it if no one really likes it. So ideas and thoughts?


*Edit it really does not matter if you pick easy or hard. Only 8 puzzles coded.

I wanted to try and guess the whole word at once. It does seem like a good little puzzle though. You should say above the text box to just guess a single letter though. Good work.

@FairyGodfeather The thought had cross my mind and do not think it would be that hard to add to the code if you try guessing the whole thing. Will add that to the wish list. Thanks for the feedback.

I feel rather foolish for asking this; but how do you post a demo link onto this forum? Do you just use HTML?