Hangman's Noose

@slyfox259 and myself are currently working on Western Murder Mystery. While he is working on the story I have been working on the puzzle code. What I need is somefeed back on the puzzle. There is only the opening text then the puzzle. There are three puzzles in all, the code for each are rather large and I did not want to add the rest until I was sure it is stable. It is a *rand call for the puzzles so may have to try a few times to get a different puzzle. Any feesback would be helpful thanks.


Notes on the game
10 lives
Good clue

6 lives
Simple clue

4 lives
No clues

@lordirishdas I get this: line 116: Non-existent variable ‘ture’. It appeared only on easy so far and does not appear always.

Edit: appears on other difficulties too. My guess is it has to do with one of the puzzles.

It is puzzle 3 trying fix from phone. Thanks for pointing it out.

*unfortunately, I will have to wait until I can get on my laptop. Sorry for the bug.

Solved one of the puzzles was told my answer was wrong. Chose more letters to finish the puzzle and it said it was right when they were the same answer.

so what I need to do is set up a choice buttons to pick the puzzles you are testimg, so as I can figure out where the problem maybe. So was it picking letters, or on the solve button that you encountered the error? What was the answer I should be able to track which one it was. Thanks.

@lordirishdas: I like your concept. The puzzle solving is my favorite. Love puzzles! Can’t wait for more! =D>

@Miki :smiley:

I am working on two other types of puzzles as well, not sure if I can pull it off in cs. I will be adding a few more hangmans tonight to further test the code.

More then likely a @CJW question, but I’ll but it up here any way.
Here is the code I use in all 5 puzzles.

 *if ((easy) and (e_clue)) #Clue
  *comment they get the full clue
  In 1877 William Shakespeare Hays wrote this song
  *set e_clue false
  *set u_clue true
  *goto top
 *if ((medium) and (m_clue)) #Clue
  *comment they get only part of a clue
  1877 song
  *set m_clue false
  *set u_clue true
  *goto top
 #Pick a letter
  What letter?
  *temp ans
  *input_text ans
  *comment convert input to lowercase for easier matching:
  *script temps.ans = temps.ans.toLowerCase();
  *goto l_1
  Your Guess?
  *temp solv
  *input_text solv
  *comment convert input to lowercase for easier matching:
  *script temps.solv = temps.solv.toLowerCase();
  *goto solve

Works fine in the first two puzzles, but the last three it fails to work. I have all five puzzles on line now. What am I doing wrong please. :frowning: Thanks

*edit the error is:
object (what ever the input) has no method ‘tolowerCase’

I so have not a clue why the code failed in the last three. But simce the code works in the first two will reset the original code from them. :frowning: alot more coding to be done. So I am done for the night and will try this again tomorrow.

This has me puzzled, but not complaining. I managed to fix the last three puzzles by simply copying back in the same code. There is something I am missing, at least I know how to fix it, just not sure why I had to fix it.

Regardless, give them awhirl and see if you find any bugs thanks :slight_smile:

All right, I have fixed several bugs and gaps I was missing. So I have the 5 hangman’s puzzles up and running. I also added a simple win death counter in the stats. Let me know if you have any bugs, thanks.

I am going to spend the next few hours working on a new puzzle type. Then will be spending the rest of the weekend trying to finish out the first section in my Ghost game. Cheers. :slight_smile:

error text 1 non exist variable life

@MaraJade which puzzle were you doing please. Thanks

Test 1 it was in line 900 something

@MaraJade Thanks looking into it right now.

@MaraJade I have fixed the bug, I also added you can track the wins by type in the stats. Thanks for the bug find. :slight_smile:

When i opened stats error line 4 dont exist variable e-winners

@MaraJade I have fixed the bug, Thanks again

Took some work but I now have a new puzzle type, unscramble the word. So let me know if you hit any bugs. Won’t be doing any more puzzles this week. Thanks all.


Can’t get over the name it’s just so “cheery”

@darkstar2101 lol I really never thought about it that much >:)