Nanowrimo support group

ah, heck, it’s november. guess it’s writin’ time.



I’m thinking about posting videos from my favorite AuthorTube creators throughout the month. Let me know if you’d like me to do this, or if you think it’s a bad idea! I think this is a good video to start out the month


It is a great idea!


I think I will try that, thanks for the advice! (Even though it wasn’t directed at me :sweat_smile:)

I second this being a great idea! The video you posted was very informative, thank you!


Thanks for the video, @Anna_B; I was familiar with most of the information from other sources, but some of the explanations had more ‘why’ to them, which was really nice!

Day Three:

I wrote: 2,000 words
Progress to date: 6000 words

Still chugging along. Got to do some pretty dramatic stuff today, which was fun and challenging. I honestly have no idea how this chapter is going to be when it’s all done, but hopefully it’ll read well!


Day 2 EOD Report
Wrote: 2294/1667
MTD: 3999/3334


Nov 2: 1,835

MtD: 3,757

. :revolving_hearts:


I’m not officially participating (as in, I haven’t registered anywhere nor set a goal aywhere else than in my head), and I started a day early… and now I’m two days’ worth of writing behind my goal. A good start. A very good start indeed.

On the plus side, I have managed to get a few hundred words in each day.

My fav snippet so far:

The teleportation system whirrs and screeches, the noise increasing in intensity the more the system warms up, cutting through your skull and making your teeth ache.

“I hate teleporters,” Kozlov mutters.

“You hate everything, Sarge.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”


Somewhere in fine print: “I hate you acknowledging I hate everything.”

I love banter like this. It’s just so simple and fun.

I can’t say anything different to what others have told you but… When I get lost in those kinds of thoughts, I try to tell myself others have fumbled or dropped the bag, too. Like, there are writers who may have an entire saga but no confidence to write, a voice they haven’t found, and it probably hurts them not being able to share it with others. Or I think about authors who may now be professionals and published, who can find their stories in book stores, that were rejected time and time again.

Misery loves company, right?
If it’s any consolation, I’ve failed pretty hard, too! Despite everything I have failed at though, writing failures cut the deepest. Even more than art, and I take that pretty hard!


Faliure in what one crave love and desire cuts deep that any other situation. I ended my college have my own house and a decent job that gives me time to write. Objectively speaking, I shouldnt feel a failure. But writing is really important for me since kid and not being able of doing something decent after more than a decade here makes me feel like the worst failure ever.

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A decade? Keeping us in suspense, eh?
Joking aside, I understand. I got into writing kind of… randomly. I don’t why and I don’t quite remember when besides it being around the same time I started learning to draw anime. It’s always just been something fun, something simply to do.
But there were still times it hurt me to do. Like I have a project that will probably never see the light of day because I wrote it at a particularly difficult time and associate the project with that time. But the failure comes in with the fact I never finished it, never fleshed out the world or characters. It sometimes makes me feel like I let the person down for whom was the “reason” that moment in time was so difficult. Heck, right now especially I feel like a huge fail. You’re definitely not alone, especially when the silly voice in me says “Hmmm, you aren’t published yet? You still haven’t finished anything? Well, you’ve just wasted years of progress and time, you big idiot :relieved:.”


Which would, of course, be untrue. I mean, the thing I’m working on now is based on something I originally wrote… what, twenty years ago?


Wow. That’s honestly really cool! I think if I tried to adapt my old writing into anything new, I’d pass away from cringe. I was so bad oh my god. Amazon wouldn’t even want me self publishing back then I bet.

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A while ago I showed a friend of mine something I wrote maybe 15 years or so ago. I thought it was super cringy, awkward and full of cliches, but my friend looked at it and said, “I can see where you wanted to go with this. It’s not so bad.”. Maybe she was just being nice, but I think it is so easy to see the bad things in the stuff we make because, for the person who made it, it is not just the finished product we see but also the person we were when we made it and the process of making it.

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:joy: Maybe if I one day have the courage, I’ll type exactly what was written and post it. I remember it quite well, but I think it’s because it was kind of my first… mystery, supernatural short story.


Came down with a minor flu the past week or so, but I think I’m finally on the mend. (Been bogged down by so many niggling flu bugs in the past couple of months!)

Finally got down to chipping away at my nanowrimo goal!

Day One:

Wrote: 2,701 words for CT:OS (includes code though)

Excited to hammer more scenes out this weekend!


You just need to salvage the salvageable parts and combine them with something new(er).


I managed to get 4707 words despite my lack of sleep last night. :cry: I think I’m on chapter 3? To be perfectly honest, I don’t remember.