Nanowrimo support group

Day 3 EOD Report
Wrote: 2103/1667
MTD: 6102/5000

I’d keep writing if I could keep my eyes open.

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One of my major characters, Yuriko is a Yurei who died via drowning. She begins as an emotionless shell, resigned to her fate. I didn’t base her on any particular character but she’s giving me Melaxu (from Pon Para) vibes. Maybe I might have had Melaxu in mind while creating Yuriko? They both have blue skin, but that’s where the similarities end. I dunno… maybe I’m paranoid about criticism.

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People nowadays is obsessed with being original to an obsessive degree. There is no issue if a character from a game is similar to other. Most Shakespeare works are based on classics and medieval legends.

Shakespeare give them a new life that still resonates today. So instead of be afraid to make a similar character, focus to bring Yuriko to live and feel like a real individual.


Nov 03: 1636

MtD: 5,363

Worrying trend – each day’s total is smaller than the day before.

. :revolving_hearts:


So, last night I wrote ~1.2k words (and they were Finnish words, so it would probably bere somewhere around 2k-2.5k in English) but they weren’t new words (instead I was writing some old texts from random notes into a combined file), so I don’t think it counts.

Too bad I can’t translate trochaic tetrameter. I’m really proud of that one.

But, I also wrote 1.5k new words on the project, which is good. Still behind though.


You guys are making such great progress… It’s kind of motivating! It makes me want to push myself harder just to keep up.

In regards to “originality” fears… Yeah, don’t worry. My mother has hammered this into me since I started writing. There will always be a story or character that reminds you of another. And that’s perfectly fine! What makes them interesting are their smaller differences. Sure John and Sam are both chosen one orphans, but whereas John eagerly accepts the prophecy, Sam wants nothing to do with it.

Just have fun!


Reorganising writing ideas, again…
Tried to wrote something here, it got out of hands, too much and too confused.
Still two projects: fantasy and superheroes, thinking about writing more series of stories without following the pre established continuity.
Thinking about Patreon, but I’m illiterate regarding technology and payment… and, more important I can’t promise constancy.

PS yes, it’s the same comment I wrote in Nov. Writing support. Maybe I’ll found different people and help here


2000 words today. that makes a total of 4023. Not really a good start


2000 is really good! I need to finish some school work before I can really get started. I think this weekend I’ll be able to really get started


4023 words ahead of me :slight_smile:

i’m still outlining. oops!


5612 words. 3 Chapters done.


Day 4 EOD Report
Wrote: 2495/1667
MTD: 8597/6667


I missed one yesterday, but I did write!

Days Four and Five

I wrote: 2000 + 3500 = 5500
Progress to date: 11,500

Staying ahead of the curve, which is good because otherwise I kinda start stressing more than I do already.


Nov 04: 1,118

MtD: 6,511

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Day Two:

Wrote: 3,310 words today
Progress-to-date: 5,011 words for CT:OS

Wishing everyone a productive writing day tomorrow :slight_smile:


(You can probably tell who my favorite AuthorTuber is…)

A lot of IF has ROs, so I figured someone here could use some advice

And if you want help with characters in general, try this one

Some of her advice might not work for IF, but I still think it’s worth listening to


Total 5,023 words. So 1k today


Day 5 EOD Report
Wrote: 1756/1667
MTD: 10353/8333


Nov 05: 2,363

MtD: 8,874

Yesterday, I wanted to write the extra words needed to make up for Friday’s word total. I hope to keep my momentum going forward.

. :revolving_hearts:


Days Six and Seven

I wrote: 1500 + 3000 = 4500
Progress to date: 16,000

Pretty good news this time. In fairness, I’ve had a few sections that very much resemble other sections with minor variance, which has helped speed things up immensely. Certainly doesn’t happen every day, but I’ll take the little boosts where I can get them.