Nanowrimo support group

First, I really like it! I definitely want to check out a demo when it’s available.

So. I’m not sure if this character is meant to be speaking formally/old-timey, or more casually/modernly. With the “we are” instead of “we’re,” it feels more formal. But the “damn” makes it more modern. I would pick one of them, if I were you. (Also, I love that they’re in Nebraska of all places :joy:)

I think this should be “don’t shh me!” or even “don’t shush me!”

It should be “I haven’t” or “it’s zero”

You use both a contraction (when you use an ‘ to combine words) and the two words separately. Most people would use one or the other

If the phone interrupted the sentence, you should use “…” to show that. If that isn’t what happened, then you should finish that thought. Until the master what?

I’m actually not sure what you’re trying to say.

Should be (Immobile, you can only try to remember “Who am I?”


Thanks a lot for the edition. And That say you like it It is a weird intro and <i was afraid people weren’t interested in the scene


I am 942 words in and I hope to finish that tonight. Yesterday I did all of my cooking for the whole week so I am not taking time to make dinner nightly, I can focus more on writing.

@poison_mara I think that is a solid start. Remember for NaNoWriMo it is not about editing yourself. It really isn’t even about good writing. Just write, try to not let your doubts slow you. :slight_smile:


I am done for today and have written 967 words of interactive cat petting :joy:

I hope everyone had a good start today!


1222 but includes code so it is not as much as it sounds. Still, I am happy


Nano’s Goal: 1667
My goal: 2000
Actually wrote: 1730


Day Two:

I wrote: 2000 words
Progress to date: 4000 words.

Was definitely a bit of a grind to get them today, but I managed. :slight_smile:


I just got my 1700 in. Lets see if we can press on and get more done. I know there will be day that I’ll get far under that in this month, so I need to plan to get extra words in now for the hit I know IIII will be getting later.


Day 2

Nano’s Goal: 1667
My Goal: 1900
Actually Wrote: 1106

If I write I again today, I will edit this to reflect the change.
EDIT: Over all word count is now 3272!


Yesterday I didn’t write anything for my projects, but I did get far on a paper for school. Hopefully today I’ll finish and I can actually start NaNoWriMo tomorrow. I can’t wait for gen ed classes to be over…


I am 500 words in but the impostor syndrome is attacking me at full force. I doubt I will be able to reach 1k today.


Even if you don’t, you still wrote 500 words! That’s still great!

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I supose so. This month will be horrible and full on ansiety for me. Due I still in shock with my massive failure last year in the vampire jam. The fear of failing again rest heavy in my soul; as I feel my failure will repeat itself like some wicked force of nature.

Here I go again to fall under same rock. As always a failure


You are not a failure.

I get that you are feeling down because you didn’t write as much as you wanted to today, but that also isn’t a failure. You still wrote something. The month is just starting and you still have time to reach your goal, and even if you don’t reach your goal this month you still wrote something and that is great. You are doing great!


I wish think like that but after being here for more than a decade and still unpublished and as bad or even worse that my first day here, I can’t deny the hard facts that I am a failure, pure and simple.

My only strong point is that I still trying each time I fail. But due I always fail; It has no value keep trying.


The only way to fail is to give up. You can worry about how good it is, or if people will like it later. When you’re ready feedback.
And if it helps, the little bit you posted earlier was really interesting. And the problems in it were simple things that can easily be fixed with Grammarly and some good people playing the game. Even super famous authors have editors and beta readers


Being supportive of other people is one of your strong suits. This whole thread was your idea to cheer people on while they try Nanowrimo. The Halloween jam was your idea to get people to try to make an entire game in one month so that they see that they can do it. Let other people also cheer you on while you write.


My only goal is that others don’t suffer the failures I did.

I wrote exactly 0 words today because I had an emotionally taxing day. That is fine, I will try again tomorrow. You wrote 500 words today and that is great! That is not a failure, because:

Even if you didn’t reach your goal today you can still try tomorrow!


It is not about good writing. It is about dedication. :slight_smile: My writing is atrocious, but I can not let that stop me. How about you make smaller goals throughout the day? Don’t forcus on the story, editing and revision is for another time. Focus on small goals. 250 more words is X amount of time. After that time give yourself a single small reward: piece of chocolate/candy, a ten minute break, sip of wine, whatever. Then set another goal: 250 more words.

Or do the same thing but with time. say “I will write non-stop for an hour, doesn’t matter if it is good or bad, I will write.” Then reward yourself afterwards. Wait a few minutes and jump back in. Don’t think about if it is good, think about the goal and reward. This works for a friend of mine.