Mythica: Legend of the Chronomancer [WIP] [144 k+ words] [Update 05 Oct 2023]

So exciting to see Athena added as a confirmed RO. I think that’ll be really interesting — can’t wait to encounter her in game. I understand why she’s marked as an asexual romance given her mythic portrayal — though I do wish there was an option to pursue things physically if you really connected.

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@Iello Thanks! Glad you like it. I am still trying to work out the details on the romances. But I think it will be interesting to see how their romances play out.

That was quite a bit of pressing next after reading 20 paragraphs. As well as a lot of narration telling me how I feel and what I’m doing.

I think you forgot the “interactive” part of “interactive fiction” I started just clicking through pages to see what the choices amounted to and it just felt like
*hey look some world building

And the MC is suspiciously accepting of everything
“Oh a banshee”
“Alright magic is real”
“I suppose I’m a wizard”
“Okay I guess I live here now, no questions or concern about my old life.”

It’s like a strange combination of blank slate MC and a too powerful narrator. Am I the player or is the narrator? Because I certainly don’t feel like I’m part of this story. Might as well just be a book.

Also this reminds me way too much of my 8th grade goth poetry phase

“Ethereal tableau” okay calm down Edgar Allen Poe

I stopped in chapter one when I went SEVEN scrolling pages of text between two “choices”


I have been getting this feedback and working on it.

This is another one that I have seen a lot of. Right, now I am incorporating choices that address this.

I guess I wouldn’t know since I never had an 8th grade goth poetry phase.

Thanks for giving it a try and the feedback.


I’m not trying to be a debbie downer and i realize this is new so updates are going to happen, but i think the updates are messing up my saves and its kinda irritating my soul and making me think i’m going crazy. And i’m saying this because it happened before while in the middle of playing this and i was like “I know i didnt misclick or i know i saved wayyyyy before this point” but for some reason it keeps sending me back to the point where you first see the warehouse. And because of the first time i made sure to double save at a point just to make sure it wasn’t me but it just did it again. Idk if its me it could be but i don’t think so. I just hate having to reclick through all that again…

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Yeah, that’s just one of those things, there’s not really anything you can do about it


@kb12 Hello! I understand the frustration, but since this is a WIP and I am constantly working on improving it according to the feedback this is a hazard of the situation. Right now, I am fixing the narrative by trying to reduce dictating the direction of the MCs monologue and adding more choices and more stoic options.


Hello, I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I believe I found a bug when I choose to dodge the shot. I select the balance option, but it seems like there are two scenes together.

Yes. It’s an error. Should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.

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This admittedly isn’t really a comment about the story itself, but more so the topic that was talked about. If you do end up implementing a trans option, please for the love of all the gods, don’t use the word transsexual. We much prefer being called transgender, because our identity has nothing at all to do with our sex nor our sexuality which the word transsexual heavily implies.

Transsexual is a legacy word used to describe trans people in the past, but keyword there being past. While the word isn’t inherently offensive, it’s still a relic from a time where sex and gender were considered heavily intertwined by most cis people, as they failed to understand the idea of a gender identity being separate from the sex of a person, and more akin to a spectrum.

Take non-binary people as an example. The word transsexual could never apply to them, because they just don’t consider themselves exclusively as the opposite gender in the way that binary trans people do (example being me, I’m a binary trans woman because I strictly identify as a woman and nothing else, which a non-binary person probably couldn’t relate to hence them identifying as non-binary). Transsexual implies that there’s men, women, men born in the body of a woman, or women born in the body of a man. That’s where the sex part of the word transsexual came into play, as they believed that there was inherently no other alternative to being a man or a woman.

Tldr: Use the word transgender, not transsexual if you ever plan to implement an option for the protagonist to be trans. Transsexual is an old and outdated term, so changing your terminology regardless of it’s an option in the game or not would probably be a good decision, assuming you want to avoid offending or upsetting someone.


@Lyle_Schiefer That’s a surprise. That error was fixed before I went to bed. I checked again and it is fixed. Btw, thanks for the report. Also, if you try again please let me know if it works or doesn’t.

@Cyphr Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind. I had no idea. Also, I apologize. Being from a part of the world that’s behind in gender rights, I often don’t realize these things until I am told about them.


Update Notes: 27 Sep 2023
1)Added the option to play as Nonbinary MC.
2)Death’s gender is selectable. Their romance experiences are different depending on the gender. You still have to die to progress their route.
3)Increased the frequency of choices.
4)Added the option to play as a stoic MC.
5)Decreased the amount of narration and internal monologue in the early chapters. Once the personality of the MC is set, the internal monologues will depend on it.

List of abilities

Of course you will not yell out the names or even use them very often. They are for identification purposes above all

Chrono Stride: Temporarily increases the user’s speed and reflexes by altering their personal time flow.

Chronoblast: Beams or balls of compressed time distortion that deal damage. However, these aren’t effective against ageless beings.

Chrono Shield: Creating a barrier that slows down or repels incoming projectiles and attacks.

Temporal Blink: Short, quick shifts in time that allow the Chronomancer to dodge attacks or minor obstacles.

Chrono Echoes: Manifesting faint images of past events, providing limited information about recent history.

Time Halt: Freezing time for a few seconds within a small radius, creating a window to strategize or escape.

Temporal Projection: Sending short messages or simple objects a short distance through time.

Retrocognition: Viewing events from the distant past to gather information and learn from historical knowledge.

Time Loop: Reverting a short time period to redo actions or make different choices.

Temporal Rift: Opening a small portal to a different time, allowing for quick escapes or access to resources.

Chrono Enchantment: Imbuing objects with slowed or accelerated time properties, affecting their interaction with the world.

Temporal Distortion: Manipulating time within a defined area to cause localized temporal anomalies.

Aeon’s Embrace: Surrounding the Chronomancer with a protective aura that slows incoming attacks and enhances their actions.

Time Convergence: Temporarily merging alternate versions of the Chronomancer from different time points, creating a powerful combined entity.

Eternal Paradox: Generating a field that inverts time within its boundaries, causing foes to age or regress rapidly.

Temporal Dominion: Exerting control over an extended area, manipulating time on a large scale, altering events and outcomes.


It’s absolutely fine! :heart: The context in which you used the word showed that there was no malice or intentional bigotry behind it so I wasn’t upset or anything, but I figured I’d let you know in case you did want to implement it it in game, so it was done in a way where trans people would really enjoy the implementation


Started fresh, and still getting an error

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Something really weird was happening. The game wasn’t picking up the new uploads until I played once from the dashboard. It should work now. Pls share your stat screen if you reach the end. Thanks!


Awesommeee I thank u for your openmindedness :heart_hands:


@Cyphr Yeah. That’s precisely it.

@SpanishBrEaD No worries. That’s the purpose of a demo after all.

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This looks good. I would certainly keep an eye on it

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@Tunde Thanks!