Mythica: Legend of the Chronomancer [WIP] [144 k+ words] [Update 05 Oct 2023]


In a world where every myth is history, every folklore a reality, and urban legends are nightly occurrences, you are the linchpin. Gods squabble like petty mortals, immortals stalk the night, and monsters skulk in hidden corners—each a threat unto itself.

For millennia, the Arcane Conclave has stood as humanity’s bulwark against the dark, an organization steeped in mystery and power. Their ranks are filled with blademasters who can level forests, arcane gunslingers whose bullets snuff out monstrosities, pyromancers who command flames, aeromancers who harness the wind, and spectromancers who commune with spirits.

But you? You’re something else entirely. You bend time to your will, turning seconds into eternities and moments into epochs. In a labyrinth of secrets, where the fate of gods and mortals teeters on a precipice, your power could tip the scales. Your existence poses a paradox that even the oldest deities find unnerving; your abilities hold the key to unravelling a grand conspiracy that threatens to plunge the world into a twilight unlike any other.

But beware: not all monsters are evil incarnate, and not every defender dons the mantle of a hero. In the labyrinthine corridors of power and ancient prophecies, you find yourself at the very heart of a web spun from treachery and deceit. Allies become enemies; myths become menaces. With every tick of the clock, you’re drawing closer to an unimaginable cataclysm—one that not even the timeless Arcane Conclave has foreseen. The shadows lengthen and darken as you navigate through enigmatic puzzles, each more confounding than the last. The very elements—fire, wind, water and even spirit—are no longer reliable companions, manipulated by unseen hands for nefarious ends.

As you traverse different epochs—from ancient Sumer to Camelot—you realize your actions have cosmic consequences, affecting not just one era but the very fabric of time. Your moral compass spins as ethical lines blur; every decision could either save reality or doom it.

Brace yourself. The conspiracy unfolds, the gears of destiny grind ever closer, and the twilight of all existence hovers on the horizon. In this high-stakes game where gods gamble and mortals are pawns, your moves could herald a new dawn—or cast the world into everlasting night. Time’s ticking, and it waits for no one—but for you, it might just bend.



Isolde Thornwood

Age: 26

Background: Isolde hails from an old wealthy family, however, much of her past remains a mystery.

Appearance: Isolde stands with grace, her auburn hair flowing in wavy cascades, framing a face marked by sharp features and verdant green eyes. Her attire, practical for the skirmishes she often finds herself in, is a blend of dark leather tailored to her form. The jacket, bearing an array of mystic runes, is paired with sturdy boots, enabling swift movements in combat.

Personality: A quick thinker with an even quicker wit, Isolde’s remarks often carry a hint of humor, even in dire situations. Beneath her sharp retorts and clever comebacks, however, lies a dedication to her cause and a keen intelligence that few can match.

Hiroshi Nakamura

Age: 32

Background: Born amidst the serene shrines and temples of Kyoto, Hiroshi hails from a lineage deeply intertwined with Japan’s samurai legacy. His true essence lies in mastering the ancient art of the katana—a skill and secret passed down through generations in his family. Alongside this martial prowess, Hiroshi possesses the ethereal power of the blade, a mystic art revered by few.

Appearance: Tall and lithe, Hiroshi possesses an athletic physique, a testament to rigorous training sessions. His raven-black hair is straight and long like a river of night. Intense, almond-shaped eyes carry an enigmatic depth, reflecting a fusion of modernity and ancient wisdom. He usually dresses in suits or traditional Japanese attires.

Personality: Beneath the calm and almost meditative veneer, lies a stalwart warrior. Hiroshi embodies patience, always choosing his words and actions with care. His comrades often jest that he carries the “weight of centuries” in his demeanor. In the heat of battle, however, Hiroshi’s latent fierceness surfaces, testament to his samurai lineage.

Aditi Verma

Age: 22

Background: Born and raised in Mumbai, Aditi moved to New York City for her postgraduate studies. Although she came from a musical background, it wasn’t until her time in NYC that she discovered her audiomancy abilities.

Appearance: Aditi stands at a medium height with an athletic build. She has deep brown eyes that often betray her thoughts, even when she’s silent. Her chestnut hair falls freely, usually styled straight or tied into a simple ponytail. Aditi dresses in contemporary fashion, embracing both her Indian heritage and Western styles: jeans paired with casual tops, occasionally donning kurtas, and almost always wearing comfortable sneakers.

Personality: Introspective and slightly reserved, Aditi has an innate ability to tune into the emotions of those around her, often offering a listening ear. While she might appear calm, there’s an intensity to her, especially when it comes to her music and her audiomancy.

Callum Ventus

Age: 37

Background: Dr. Callum Ventus, often simply called “Callum”, claims to hail from a lineage of scholars who have dedicated their lives to understanding the forces of nature and harnessing them. He specialized in atmospheric studies, discovering his innate ability to command the gusts and breezes.

Appearance: Callum is of medium height with a lean physique, shaped by years of exploring rugged terrains in his quests for knowledge. His skin, kissed by the sun, is a testament to his outdoor adventures. A mane of tousled sandy-brown hair is frequently seen dancing to the rhythm of the wind, matching his stormy gray eyes that hold an endless depth of curiosity. He wears a long, deep blue coat with swirling silver patterns resembling gusts of wind. Underneath, he dons a simple white tunic and dark trousers. Around his neck, a silver pendant shaped like a swirling tornado glints.

Personality: Callum is a calm and contemplative individual, much like the gentle breezes he often summons. However, his passion for knowledge can whip him into a fervor, echoing the tempests he can conjure. He believes in the balance of nature and often advocates for understanding and coexistence rather than dominance over the elements.


Age: Thousands of years old. One of the oldest gods of Earth

Background: Originating from ancient Sumerian mythology, Inanna was revered as the goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, justice, and political power. She was later known as Ishtar in Akkadian mythology. Her myths are among the earliest known literary narratives, with the “Descent of Inanna” being a particularly prominent tale.

Appearance: Inanna exudes an aura of both sensuality and strength. She has radiant skin that seems to glow like burnished gold. Her eyes, a kaleidoscope of desert hues, flicker with both passion and defiance. Her hair, a thick mane of ebony night, flows freely and is often adorned with golden ornaments reminiscent of the crescent moon and the morning star, both symbols associated with her.

She sometimes dons a robe of deep crimson, embroidered with golden thread that depicts the various tales and victories of her storied past. The robe is cinched at the waist with a belt of intertwined snakes, representing her connection to the cycles of life and rebirth. Her wrists are graced by golden bangles engraved with cuneiform inscriptions. Around her neck, she wears a necklace of lapis lazuli: the Melody of Eternal Starfall, the fabled pendant shaped like a somber falling star that carries the weight of the heavens.

Personality: As multifaceted as the domains she presides over, Inanna is passionate, assertive, and fiercely independent. She embodies both the nurturing nature of love and the unrestrained ferocity of war. While she can be compassionate and tender, she’s also known to be vengeful when wronged.


Age: 38 when you meet him

Background: Emerging from the sands of ancient Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh is one of the earliest known heroes of human literature. Ruling over the city of Uruk, his early years were marked by a ruthless pursuit of power and grandeur. However, the formation of an unlikely friendship with Enkidu and the subsequent loss of that friend sent Gilgamesh on an epic quest for immortality.

Appearance: Towering and chiseled, Gilgamesh stands as a monument to human potential. With sun-kissed bronze skin, his eyes are a piercing shade of hazel, filled with the weight of millennia. His hair, a thick mane of ebony, cascades down in waves, often tied in intricate braids befitting his royal status. Gilgamesh is often seen in finely woven garments of deep blues and radiant golds, representative of the richness of Mesopotamia. His armor, adorned with intricate Sumerian inscriptions, speaks of countless battles. Around his waist, a golden belt is studded with lapis lazuli, and on his wrist, he wears the emblem of the city of Uruk.

Personality: Once arrogant and impulsive, Gilgamesh’s journey transformed him into a wise and introspective ruler. His bond with Enkidu taught him the virtues of friendship and the inevitability of mortality, and his failed quest for eternal life humbled him. By the end of his tale, he’s recognized for his wisdom as much as his might.


Age: Thousands of years old, but not as old as Inanna

Background: A figure rooted in Celtic folklore, Clíodhna once ruled Tir Tairngire, a place of eternal youth and beauty. Once worshipped as a goddess of love, with time, her story has grown complex and darker. Now she is a queen among banshees, a powerful spirit capable of harnessing the life forces of the notable and unique.

Appearance: Clíodhna appears ethereally beautiful yet haunting, her appearance a mirror to her twisted soul. She has flowing silver hair that seems to move with a life of its own, shimmering like quicksilver. Her eyes are an iridescent green, flickering between different hues as her moods shift. Her form, semi-corporeal, radiates a silver mist that can solidify into deadly tendrils. She is said to have three brightly coloured birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree and whose sweet song heals the sick people. She’s often seen in a flowing robe that resembles a cascade of moonlight, adorned with intricate patterns that resemble skeletal wings when unfurled. She wears a silver circlet with a single dark gem at its center, said to capture the essence of those she has conquered.

Personality: Once a sorrowful lover, Clíodhna has evolved into an enigmatic, power-hungry being. While she retains traces of her former vulnerability, she is chiefly characterized by her insatiable desire for collecting unique souls. She is cunning, manipulative, and unpredictable, yet not without a tragic charm that makes her fascinating.

Vlad Dracul

Age: At least four hundred years old

Background: Vlad Dracul, also known as Dracula, is a being of profound complexity, marked by a history drenched in both darkness and nobility. Born into Transylvania’s noble House of Dracul, he initially thrived as a prince and a valiant warrior. However, his life took a tragic turn when he was transformed into a vampire centuries ago. Now, he grapples with a relentless inner conflict between his insatiable thirst for blood and a longing for the humanity he once cherished.

Appearance: Vlad possesses an ageless countenance, forever frozen in the prime of his existence. His features are striking, characterized by sharp, chiseled lines. Cascading like a dark waterfall, his hair contrasts dramatically with his almost porcelain-like, pallid complexion. His most arresting feature is a pair of piercing crimson eyes that seem to shimmer with an otherworldly hunger. He typically adorns himself in regal attire, often draping a deep crimson cape that billows dramatically behind him.

Personality: Beneath his veneer of aristocratic charm and charismatic allure, Vlad conceals a tumultuous and tormented soul. His centuries-long existence has bestowed upon him a profound sense of isolation and melancholy. He grapples with the duality of his nature, yearning for the lost warmth of humanity while succumbing to the predatory instincts that define his vampiric existence.

Athena (Asexual Romance)

Age: Thousands of years old but younger than the gods of Sumer.

Background: Born from the head of Zeus after he swallowed her pregnant mother, Metis, Athena is a revered goddess in ancient Greek mythology. As the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill, she is multifaceted and deeply revered by many, especially within the city of Athens, which was named in her honor.

Appearance: Athena is a statuesque figure, bearing an aura of serenity and authority. With olive skin characteristic of the Mediterranean, her eyes are a deep shade of grey, mirroring the storm clouds of a tempest yet to come. Her hair, a cascade of raven black, often falls neatly below her shoulders or is pulled back to accommodate her helmet. Draped in a flowing white chiton, Athena often adorns herself with armor, showcasing her role as a strategic warrior. Over her chest rests the aegis, a protective shield bearing the severed head of Medusa, a gift from her half-brother, Perseus. On her feet, she wears ornate sandals, and on her head, a golden helmet signifies her martial capabilities.

Personality: Reflecting her dominion over wisdom and strategy, Athena’s demeanor is always calm and calculated. While compassionate, she is not easily swayed by emotion and always thinks several steps ahead. As a patron of heroic endeavor, she values bravery, intellect, and foresight. Athena’s primary motivation is the promotion of wisdom, justice, and civilization. Whether guiding heroes or aiding in the development of cities, she constantly works towards the betterment of both gods and mortals, aiming for a harmonious coexistence.

Galahad (Asexual Romance)

Age: 22

Background: Galahad is a legendary figure in Arthurian mythology, known for his exceptional purity and virtue. He is often regarded as the most virtuous knight of the Round Table and is sought after for his pure heart to achieve the Holy Grail. Born from the union of Sir Lancelot and Lady Elaine, Galahad’s destiny is intertwined with the quest for the Holy Grail. His birth was prophesied, and he was raised in isolation by his mother, Lady Elaine, until he was of age to join the Round Table. His arrival was heralded as the fulfillment of a great destiny, one that would lead him on the quest to find the Holy Grail, a journey that would test his purity and virtue.

Appearance: Galahad is a striking figure, possessing the noble bearing and chivalric charm befitting a knight of his stature. His features are finely chiseled, with eyes that radiate unwavering determination. He wears his chestnut hair in a classic and long knightly fashion.
Clad in shining armor of polished steel, Galahad’s armor bears no ostentatious embellishments but exudes an aura of pure, radiant nobility. The crest of the Grail is emblazoned on his chestplate, a symbol of his sacred quest. His white cloak, symbolizing his purity, flows gracefully behind him as he rides into battle.

Personality: Galahad’s character is marked by an unwavering dedication to righteousness and chivalry. He is stoic, calm under pressure, and possesses a deep sense of duty. His inner strength lies in his unshakable faith, both in his quest for the Holy Grail and in the principles of chivalry. His primary motivation is to seek the Holy Grail, the most sacred relic in Christian mythology. His quest is driven by a deep sense of duty, honor, and the desire to achieve spiritual enlightenment through his unwavering faith.

Death (female)

Age: As old as Creation itself

Appearance: Death takes on a casual and cheerful form, embodying an approachable and relatable presence. Her attire reflects a down-to-earth style, with comfortable and colorful clothing that exudes a sense of laid-back charm. She wears a loose-fitting sweater in a shade of muted lavender, paired with faded jeans that boast a well-worn look. Around her neck, a pendant hangs, its simple design reminiscent of a blooming sunflower. Her silvery-white hair cascades in loose waves, mirroring the playfulness of her demeanor. Death’s eyes hold a twinkle of curiosity and warmth, inviting connection and conversation.

Personality: Casual and friendly, Death engages with a lightheartedness that defies her cosmic role. Her down-to-earth nature makes her easy to approach, and she treats each soul’s journey with empathy and understanding. Death’s words are accompanied by genuine smiles, and her laughter resonates through the air like a comforting melody. She fosters connections and eases the transition with her cheerful disposition.

Death (male)

Age: As old as Creation itself

Appearance: Death presents himself with an air of quiet authority and a touch of mystique. His attire consists of a long, flowing dark overcoat that billows gracefully as he moves, lending an aura of timeless elegance. Tall and lean, he possesses a commanding presence. Death’s hair, as dark as the abyss, frames his chiseled features, and his eyes are pools of inky darkness that hold the secrets of countless souls. He carries an air of dignified simplicity, with no need for extravagant adornments or accessories.

Personality: Death is the embodiment of solemnity and enigmatic wisdom. He approaches his role with a deep sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to the natural order. Death’s words, though sparingly spoken, carry a weight of profound significance. He treats each soul’s journey with the gravity it deserves, guiding them with a sense of responsibility and honor.

Potential ROs
  • Characters in the series who are potential ROs.
  • Brynhild
  • Isis
  • Nictocris
  • Thor
  • Apollo
  • Aphrodite
  • Lancelot
  • Guinevere
  • Achilles
  • Penthesilea
  • Athena

Word Count without codes: 144,187
Average Word Count per Playthrough : 80,337

List of abilities

Of course you will not yell out the names or even use them very often. They are for identification purposes above all

Chrono Stride: Temporarily increases the user’s speed and reflexes by altering their personal time flow.

Chronoblast: Beams or balls of compressed time distortion that deal damage. However, these aren’t effective against ageless beings.

Chrono Shield: Creating a barrier that slows down or repels incoming projectiles and attacks.

Temporal Blink: Short, quick shifts in time that allow the Chronomancer to dodge attacks or minor obstacles.

Chrono Echoes: Manifesting faint images of past events, providing limited information about recent history.

Time Halt: Freezing time for a few seconds within a small radius, creating a window to strategize or escape.

Temporal Projection: Sending short messages or simple objects a short distance through time.

Retrocognition: Viewing events from the distant past to gather information and learn from historical knowledge.

Time Loop: Reverting a short time period to redo actions or make different choices.

Temporal Rift: Opening a small portal to a different time, allowing for quick escapes or access to resources.

Chrono Enchantment: Imbuing objects with slowed or accelerated time properties, affecting their interaction with the world.

Temporal Distortion: Manipulating time within a defined area to cause localized temporal anomalies.

Aeon’s Embrace: Surrounding the Chronomancer with a protective aura that slows incoming attacks and enhances their actions.

Time Convergence: Temporarily merging alternate versions of the Chronomancer from different time points, creating a powerful combined entity.

Eternal Paradox: Generating a field that inverts time within its boundaries, causing foes to age or regress rapidly.

Temporal Dominion: Exerting control over an extended area, manipulating time on a large scale, altering events and outcomes.

Road Map:
  • Prologue: Beginnings (Published)
  • Chapter 1: The Arcane Conclave (Published)
  • Chapter 2: Whispers of New England (Published)
  • Chapter 3: Mists of Tir Tairngire (32000 words published)
  • Chapter 4: Shadows over Transylvania
  • Chapter 5: Ride of the Valkyrie
  • Chapter 6: Arrows of the Sun
  • Chapter 7: Gaze of the Evil Eye
  • Chapter 8: Lines on the Sand
  • Chapter 9: The Lament of Sumer
  • End of Book One
    In addition, there are optional side quests for the ROs which consists of multiple chapters. But not all of them can be completed in one playthrough.

Important: While there is a cheat menu, I suggest playing the game normally so as not to miss out on some storylines. Specifically Death’s route.

Final Notes:
There won’t be any polyamory. But you will have the opportunity to get know all the ROs.

Please share your final stats as it will help with balancing. Also, let me know if you met Death and if yes, how many times. Also, tell me who you think Mr. Eclipse really is. He is a known figure from myth and folklores.


  • Minor Update:
  • Nonbinary option added.
  • Two New romances. Athena and Galahad. Available to Male, Female and Nonbinary MCs. Both are asexual romances.
  • Death is now gender selectable.
Past Updates

Update Notes: 27 Sep 2023
1)Added the option to play as Nonbinary MC.
2)Death’s gender is selectable. Their romance experiences are different depending on the gender. You still have to die to progress their route.
3)Increased the frequency of choices.
4)Added the option to play as a stoic MC.
5)Decreased the amount of narration and internal monologue in the early chapters. Once the personality of the MC is set, the internal monologues will depend on it.

Update Notes: 04 Oct 2023
The first half of Chapter 3 is out. (32000 word count). Total Word Count: 140,000 +
Since I have most of the main body of the story written, my aim is to update every 15 days. Hopefully I can keep up the pace with the edits and the bugs while incorporating feedbacks.

Update Notes: 04 Oct 2023
Added a scene with Aditi I had missed earlier. That brings the word count to 144,000.

Also, anyone who can guess the identity of Lydia Constantine and Callum gets a prize. The prize is my eternal respect. X


this is your 3rd wip now? crazy! idk how you got the time writing 3 wip which is quite the feat. anyway the wip demo looks solid so far. good luck! hope you will succeed in completing this and reminiscence


Oh wait Its you!! You are back!!!. And damn, you certainly have put effort for this one. My hope is that this one doesnt suffer the same as your previous two. I was so excited for them and was sad after you stopped work on them, but now you are back!. Excited to read this one. Already notice you have planned a lot more for this than the others


The mc is too casual with people they just met and don’t know anything about you’d think they were friends for years lol the game is still good though unique plot and great lore


Oh man, time powers are awesome but still I’m hella jealous of Adti’s audiomancy.


oh, man you are back? With a new WIP to boot? Niiice.


Haven’t played yet, but following.

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i see magicky things and 100k words i click. Definitely going in my list to read.


Hi. Will there be character customization?

Also, I noticed some things while playing the demo.


First, when I was first introduced to Callum in Arcane Coven, he asked “Is it him?” even though I played as a female. Second, I tried the cheats but they didn’t work until I tried again in chapter 2. Third, there was an error when I wanted to choose pistols after fighting with blades in the forest.


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@Den Thanks. Still working on Reminiscence, but I don’t want it to be my first work. Lest I screw it up. You know, since first works are usually for experience. It is kind of my pet project.

@Big_fan1231 Thanks! I’m still working on RMOE. As for KoE, what can I say, it’s not something I don’t ever plan to work on. At best, I’ll probably reuse the characters some day. Perhaps, I’ll make a post about the complete reason one day. But I am glad and thankful you liked it.

@Xoromin Don’t worry, you’ll be able to do some neat things with your power. I am considering posting the list of abilities, but then it might be fun to discover them yourself.

@Kxng Lmao!

@ilovecoins Thanks!

@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel Thanks!

@kb12 Thanks!

@Mei_Hiroshi Yes, there will be character customization. I had forgotten to add the option to choose the detailed customization route. Thanks for the reports. Most should be fixed. As for the cheat thing, I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong.


Yo I’ve yet to see such descriptive summary of a WIP and RO’s too. It’s really awesome. Usually people hate info dumps but I’m the kind that really likes info dump


This is gonna sound really, really greedy but I wanna romance Athena. Like, a lot. The one Greek God who is impossible to romance, I wanna romance! But seriously, this looks interesting.


Can I suggest not to describe the surroundings so much. While I understand that some readers are into it. I just can’t read a whole page about how a floor is so rustic.


Thanks! I appreciate it, but I might have gone a little overboard with it.

Athena is one of my favorite Greek Gods too. She has a meaty role in the story, but regarding her romance, the problem is her vow of eternal maidenhood. And I am not confident about writing an asexual romance. For now, I am trying to see if I can make it something intellectual, along the lines of her relationship with someone like Odysseus or Diomedes perhaps.

Lmao! This made me laugh out loud. I’ll keep your advice in mind.


Always got this error


I found an error


@Jonard_Conejar @Sarzata_Lance_Kirby Thanks for the report. It’s fixed.


I’m going to check this out! On first blush though… I believe this was just released? Dropping a 100k demo is insanely impressive! I hope you are proud of that, if nothing else, I’m curious what the future will hold!

As a Queer Reader…

On another note, it would be nice if there would be some interesting gay mythological characters since you have quite a few straight and bisexual ones. I just think it kinda hurts to have hard locked straight characters but then there isn’t any gay locked characters :flushed: .

Also, as a nonbinary reader, I feel a little uncomfortable with being forced to pick between binary options and not having the choice to be trans. I do understand though that the demo is just released and nothing is finalized, considering our character is from the modern era it would be nice to have a bit more option in terms of variation in our presentation. [If the Chronomancer was, for example, from 1840s England or something, I could kind of see them being locked into a binary, but since they are from a modern[ish] setting it doesn’t really make sense to me.]

I know it can be kind of annoying to deal with the variables, but it can be a real downer when you can’t pick the choice you are comfortable with as a reader regarding gender [even with pronouns]. At the very least, even if keeping singular pronouns, having a way to manually input custom variables would be valuable [even if you don’t want to code in plural support].


@Phenrex Hello! Thanks for the input. First, I would like to talk about including the option to play as a nonbinary character. I am open to it. As for a transgender character, I will have to read up on how the coding for that would work and see if it can be done by me without a lot of extra complications.

Coming to the orientation of the characters, I kind of followed their lores for the most part. As a warning, the following has what can be construed as spoilers.

Except for Hiroshi and Aditi, the rest of the ROs aren’t original characters. So I have tried to follow their lores. Here are bits of what I have considered.

As far as I know, there aren’t any documentations of Inanna having had female lovers, however, it’s not a stretch to imagine that as a goddess of love she would be open to all forms of love. Ditto for Clíodhna.

Now, coming to why Gilgamesh is bisexual despite not being described as such in The Epic of Gilgamesh. I must say I took some of the scholarly interpretations that posit his relationship with Enkidu as romantic and ran with it. Same with Vlad Dracul.

Finally, Isolde and Callum’s orientations are what they are because of how their stories have been told. I can’t get into it in detail without spoiling massive plot points.

As for Death, I suppose making her gender selectable would have been the sensible thing to do, but I am trying to avoid gender selectable ROs as they are a nightmare to keep track of. Plus, she is heavily “inspired” by my one of my favorite characters: Neil Gaiman’s Death.

All that being said, the list of ROs isn’t final, and my search continues for more diverse characters. If I can find non straight locked characters, I will be happy to include them. The thing is, exclusively gay characters are rare in mythology. At least in the popular mythologies that I am familiar with. There is Ganymede, but I don’t have anything interesting to do with him plotwise. Regardless,I will keep looking as I love to read up on various mythologies. For this game, I learned a lot about Celtic Mythology and it was fun.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions. Ever bit helps.


I would suggest this too. Its not really a game breaking issue but it is a chore to read through all the extensive descriptions. Sometimes i just wanna get to the next scene and not be explained in detail about the air, forest and what not. While more details certainly help to visualise better, they get a bit much in long scenes and break the flow of story