Calamity Control [WIP]

I’ve begun working on a side project in this… crazy time we live in…a little choice script game called for now Calamity Control.
The premise is Earth was “invaded” by magic and supernatural creatures, though it was not done willingly and came with dire consequences for them as well. You play as the leader of a small team that is set out to investigate various issues and learn why magic is acting up. You will be able to romance one of the team members, or not. I want to make it as inclusive as possible, and I’m always up for recommendations or a ‘heads-up’ when I get something wrong.
That being said, coding is a pain! :rofl: :sweat_smile:

I’m also planning to make it a bit dark, but right now I only have the general setting up. We’ll see were it ends up. Please do let me know if I get the tagging wrong.

To play the demo, go here, but beware, it’s largely unpolished and again, more just the setting for now:
Let me know what you think so far if you do decide to give it a go. :hugs:


Nice work.Keep it up and I can’t wait for the next update

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I don’t have any problems with it and it seems promising. Aside from one typo which is just the paked my bag rather than packed, I don’t think there’s any mistakes. I’m just asking though, is Taylor’s relationship stats starts really high or is it something that’s gonna change later on?

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The premise is really interesting. I like the implications that so much people died during the Calamity—not about people dying exactly, but uh yeah. When the places like castles and forests began showing up, then surely someone may have been hurt, right? Or worse, someone may have been buried under it. Lol, they switched places, but uh, it’s a possibility. It’s a dark thought, but a slight possibility nonetheless. And we’ll have to consider the power dynamics between human and supernatural. Surely vampires will need to feed, dragons may eat sheep and breathe fire, werewolves may lose control, and of course there are cruel people on both sides, which will result in a lot more turmoil. But it all depends on what “kind” of supernatural we’re talking about. There’s lots more, but what I’m saying is that this has a lot of potential.

And of course, I’m also intrigued as to what (or who) caused it? What happened on the other side? Will they be able to go back? Haha, I’m definitely intrigued. And I like the customizations on the MC.

Some suggestions

10 Years ago the veil between the human and supernatural world shattered.

You should start the sentence with the word “Ten”, like “Ten years ago, the veil between…”

They were a danger to themselves, but especially to humans, and I was going to put end t it, even it I had to shoot them one by one.

an end to it, even if

Good luck on this WIP!


Seems promising so far. The accidental invasion is a neat premise, and I like that I can play as a sort of peacebroker, at least initially. I’m curious how the story will unfold, and how my starting class might end up impacting things, and definitely looking forward to learning more about the situation and supernaturals.

One thing I want to mention is I feel like asking about whether I’m attracted to Taylor or not feels pretty abrupt. I understand the PC knows Taylor, but I the player do not, so I don’t really have an opinion on them yet. That’s just a personal hangup of mine though, so you don’t have to mess with that if you don’t want to. That said, I did feel like the “what is your orientation” was well-presented, and I appreciate that you didn’t tie orientation to PC’s feelings on one specific character. :slight_smile:



I’m assuming “lot” should be “lost” here.


This should probably either be “eyes are looking back at me” or “eyes look back at me” (also I didn’t highlight it but “my” should be “me”

All told, it looks like a decent start. I’m looking forward to what you have coming up next!


This seems really promising so far. Outside of the occasional typos, I couldn’t personally see anything else in need of work. If anything, it seemed really polished in terms of the writing itself.

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Hi there! I just read the demo and I really like it so far! It’s a neat idea and sounds really promising! Can’t wait to see more of it. And yeah, I don’t have much to add, since the others already commented about a few small typos :grin:

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Very interesting, I look forward for the next update


could make our a few banners and long strips of red fabric. The a looks weird.

but no one seem to know what the higher ups were planning. No one seemed

the supernaturals that were now left defensive without their magic. defenseless?

My brown eyes lookin back at my in contempt. Looking

Back skin and coilled hair. black

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Interesting world building so far, really cool start will definitely keep checking in on this.

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A short start, but it is intriguing story with lots of possiblity. Will have to wait and see how the world turns out… Would like to see the supernatural incorporated into the society…

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This looks really interesting! The premise is very eye-catching and the world-building very compelling. Also, I’m already in love with Taylor and I barely interacted with him. I hope you continue with this and keep up the good work! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey girl! I love this premise, and I’m super excited to see your next updates. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart: Really like it so far! This world has so many possibilities, it’s super cool. You can do this, keep it up!

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Thank you all so much for all the kind feedback! :two_hearts: I think I corrected the typos, at least I hope I did :blush:

@Xyrin Taylor’s relationship will start higher with the potential of course to lower, but it will not be that high :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll change that next update.

@Jayffel I see where you’re coming from and I think you’re actually right. I was a bit unsure on how to split the genders of the ROs so I kinda mashed all the options in there :rofl: Thanks for pointing this out.
I’ll split the options for Taylor’s gender from the romance in the next update (in a day or two). I got some of it written down, but I want to maybe post the entire chapter when it’s done so you’ll get to know more about Taylor and the story and meet most of the other ROs. Or at lest a bigger chunk of the chapter.

As a side note, I’m thinking of actually never locking in the romance. I mean, give the option but not make it mandatory at any point. Maybe explore the options out there, break some hearts, who knows. But I’ll have to see how hard it will be to actually code from a certain point :rofl:

At the end of the day, I kind of want this to be focused on the team and how they’ll influence each other (life or death scenarios?). Seeing as I have less than half a chapter written… we shall see #mysterious

I’m casually dropping the link to the tumblr I’ve just made for the game:
It’s probably gonna be empty for a bit longer though, at least until I finish more of the chapter^^ but I thought it should be somewhere higher in the posts, since I think I can not edit it in the original post :rofl:

Thank you all for taking your time to comment and give advice :hugs: :two_hearts:It helps a lot :kissing_heart: Take care! :revolving_hearts:


Sounds interesting going to give it a go


I’m so sorry, I said I’d update in a few days and I think it’s been weeks. Life is just a bit weird right now. :no_mouth:
So I will still go back on this and polish some of the choice ‘names’ and I have to add some paragraphs here and there… also the end part was rushed, cause it’s 5:30 in the morning here and I don’t even know if I should even still go to bed or just go ahead and turn on my work laptop :))
But yeah, let me know if you find any errors or misspellings. I think I’m severely dyslexic in English… I don’t think… I know I am :crazy_face:
I’ll try to fix everything up to this point this weekend and write up the first mission and finally have the complete team. :partying_face:


The update was nice :+1:
There are quiet a few spelling mistakes I will read it again tomorrow and post them for u but I am just to tired tonight (sry)
I am happy we got to meet the cast. Very interesting. I look forward to the team dynamic on the mission. This could be very fun :wink:

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Supernaturals??? Sign me up!
I really like the demo so far, will be lookinv forward to more definitely

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Going to be weird for the MC if your MC hates supernaturals cause i don’t trust them it is going to be hard to lead a team of them. If you don’t like them.

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Hmm I wasn’t going necessarily towards hate, but maybe more like blaming the entire situation on them. They were the invaders and they were the loose cannons, humans were saints.
I though it might be fun to start the story super Pro human and progressively change the MCs perspective, by the situations they’ll encounter, questionable on both sides. Some of the ROs are also not entirely Pro Supernaturals either, one of them actually kinda hates them… Another hates the humans (i wonder who… :joy:)
So the MCs view (in my head at least at the moment :)) ) will potentially sway the team one way or the other. Not entirely, but enforce or tone down some of their beliefs.
Most of all I thought it might be a fun replay, with a meaner MC :joy:
But anyway, nothing is set in stone, so the choices don’t lock in anything, yet. MC will be able to judge each situation, like you can go with the human opinion in the beginning and still spare the kitsune, or the other way around.

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Well i am always going to be a pro human. lol but it is nice to know you can change your view point will you be able to not support any side.

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