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Then succubi aren’t immortal, just starve them for a while.


The succubi was my mistake but the vampire part i still stand by and in the quote you mention i was speaking about the vampire


Yes, because living forever totally means you’re mortal right? Right. :unamused:


Actually there are different types of immortalities. i’m coming from a place where people are debating fiction all the time and I can also say that they debate this too.

"Types of immortality:
1: Longevity: Characters gifted with this type of immortality cannot die from natural causes, such as old age or conventional illness, but can be killed by unnatural causes.

2: Immortality without regeneration: Characters with this degree of immortality can survive a high degree of physical damage, though they cannot regenerate from it either.

3: Immortality via regeneration: Characters with this type of immortality can simply regenerate damage, though the usefulness of this type depends on the degree of regeneration.

4: Immortality via godhood, or protection from a deity: A character that was either granted immortality by a god, or is immortal because of its hierarchical position due to godhood, so that its divine immortality is less a power, and more treated as a consequence of its state of being as a deity.

5: Perfect Immortality: Complete and utter inability to ever die. This is typically reserved for questionable omnipotents.

6: Parasitic: The person attains a sort of immortality by bodyhopping, transferring their soul to another body.

7: Undead: Self explanatory. The undead generally double up with other types of immortality, often being impossible to kill through conventional means"

There 3 more types of imortalies but I don’t think that I need to mention them.

So yeah. The Vampire, Demon and Windigo are technically immortals (Type 1) since they are actually stated to live for centuries before hand (hence they are the most expierienced races in the game). Demons and Vampires have bonus points because they retain their youth.
I don’t think that Victoria’s mother was a Vampire. I mean, when I tried the Vampire path, they never stated that. In fact, they stated that they were turned into a vampire so it is possible for their mother to be still human.


Demons don’t “die” completely, when their body dies, they go back to the dream realm and feed of lustful dreams until they have enough power to make a new body and go back to the real world.
Victoria’s mother was a vampire, Victoria (or the vampire MC) was adopted by her and transformed when they turned 18 yo. She died because she had a rare disease that kills a vampire when they try to transform someone.


Still falls to Type 1 of Immortality, IMO.


Isn’t it more of a type 3? They will regenerate eventually.


It really depends on their level of regenation tho, not to mention that Demons and Vampires are depended from whatever or not they have fed.
If what you are saying about the demons is true (I have never played the Demon path… I have only read the info about them in the Monster Codex), they are actually pretty close to being “fully immortals” in the game. There only 2 ways of killing such demons - destroy the soul or/and destroy the concept they embody (that’s a much more extreme option) and in Succubus/Incubus’ case, that’s the concept of lust.
Embodying a current concept is a type of immortality too.


I’d say the Wendigo will be the strongest Monster towards the later game (or the Goblin/ smart one) if you eat tons of humans and all that jazz, meaning you’ll sacrifice humanity (and probably most of your human friendships) in order to gain strength and power.

Also I was going to ask about the history/ mythology about the monsters.
For example, is the Wendigo a roughly “14.8 feet” in height monster disguised as a human, a soldier who made a deal with “the devil” to give him strength and power to save his tribe but then was exiled upon the war ending, Or something completely else entirely? Since all of these, and which one will be used here is pretty important to determine how strong all the peeps are.


I was thinking until dawn wendigo so not let huge just a strong average height or slightly taller human


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Am I the only one who has his WW MC speed stats to be higher than the Windigo’s? My Werewolf is a soccer player with 25 speed (the end of Day 1), compared to Windigo’s stats at the beginning of the game (I saw that they had 20 speed).
Regardless, I do think that Windigo will be stronger than the Werewolf if they are properly fed. But those stats confuse me.


If you’re going to compare stats, be fair.

You judged the Wendigo’s stats at the beginning of the game, right? Then compare it to the Werewolves stats at the beginning of the game.

Of course you’re going to have a higher stat if you use your build at the end of Day 1, becuase you had time to improve your stats.

The Werewolf’s speed at the beginning of the game is 5. The Wendigo’s is 20. So the Wendigo is faster.

The Wendigo’s strength at the beginning of the game is 15. The Werewolf’s is 20. So the Werewolf is stronger.


Do you know the stats fit the Wendigo at the end of the demo?
My werewolf has this:

[details=Summary]Name: Warren Wolf
Gender: male
Species: werewolf
Powers: Enhanced strength, senses, reflexes, influence over animals, shapeshifting
Disadvantages: Must turn into a wolf at full moon, allergic to silver

Popular: 100% Loner: 0%
Conforming: 60% Rebellious: 40%
Trusting: 45% Guarded: 55%
Humanity: 15% Monstrosity: 85%
Legendary: 5% Mythical: 95%

Artemis: 0%
Victoria: 30%
Chantal: 35%
Benny: 20%
Taylor: 40%
Wendy: 5%
Sandy: 10%


Confidence: 10
Serenity: 15

Persuasion: 15

Cunning: 40

Strength: 40

Grace: 25

Speed: 30

Toughness: 30

Wilderness Lore: 25

Other Resources:

Wealth: 5

Magic Reserves: 10[/details]


Oh ok. But that’s not what I was asking.
What I was wondering is does the stats change depending on what sport your chose? I mean, different sport require different skills so to speak. It can’t be the same for everyone. IMO, football player has a lot more strenght compared to soccer player. I hope you understand what trying to say.
Keep in mind that the Werewolf MC is a athele, not a regual one.
I went back and replayed the game. I tried to tone down the training as much as I could and still hitted 25 speed at the end of Day 1.
Also I don’t know why the choice of swimsuit still affects your speed stat even tho I didn’t use it.


Oh ok. That anwsers my question.


The different sports doesn’t change your stats.


Impressive stats! So far I’ve only played as a Goblin and his stats are less than impressive :grin: Oh well, I guess it makes it more exciting. I imagine them being targeted as prey more easily than other monsters or humans. Since I am pretty sure those twins are planning something bad for my character :neutral_face:

Would Goblins be the weakest? What do you guys think?


They might be the weakest physically, but they are the most intelligent monster. Sashira said if they made their robot with military tech, then they might be the most powerful monster, matching the power of the entire pack of werewolf.


Physically speaking, goblins are the weakest I think. They focus on the mind rather than the body like the others. The only other monster I think that’s weakest physically is the demon because they mostly use charm and illusions to handle situations but they could have some strength just in case.