Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Dear mother of God, how did you get your stats so high?


I think as of right now the strongest Monsters are probably the Werewolf and maybeeee the Vampire (I’m still not sure how helpful the whole ‘army of servants’ thing will be,) and also the Wendigo.

Mid-game I’m guessing Artemis and Hunter will be slightly more powerful than us (just a feelin) but towards the end we’ll be stronger I’m thinking.

Also, (obviously depending on choices but lets say taking all the bestest choices,) towards the end game I’m guessing the Wendigo (if they eat their [soylent] Greens,) Goblin (because inventions) and perhaps the 'cubus will be the strongest.
But then again if you’re the leader of the pack and have tons of werewolf allies the Werewolf might be pretty strong too.
Urgh, it’s hard to decide, good thing I’m rooting for them Monster Hunters to kill us all halfway through! :smile:


I dont think artemis and hunter should be stronger then us at any point they are humans right? Idk if they are i might have missed something but if they are normal i think we should pummel them easily


Yeah but I assume they’ll get ‘monster hunter’ teaching, and I’m just guessing that they’ll get a [family monster hunting item, super secret monster book, amazing knowledge (etc.)] before we get our [Special secret power, training to become stronger that has a noticeable impact] and that stuff.

What I really mean is that I think they’ll get a ‘buff’ or an object or training before we do, or even if not will be stronger than us (without going Wendigo murderous) for at least a small part of the game.

It’d be pretty strange to have an enemy who’s always weaker than us, no?


I’d also like to see this writer’s take on the the Hunters leading a “monster hunting mob”, especially if you have made provoking “monster-pride” types of decisions.


I have a small idea of what they might do/ what might affect our chances of success (and the success of our allies too!) but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m not too sure what’ll happen if our relationship with them is ‘flirty’ or ‘friendly,’ but I assume it’ either be they refuse to fight us or kinda like the Red [person] in TLH


I don’t know, I just did. It seems that everything the werewolf do, raises their physical attributes.


I got this error when i decided to run on day 2 also there is another glitch where if you dont surf the internet as well as dont do anything except look at your self in the mirror


Don’t forget vampires having wealth and social power.


Found another moment I could have with Carl if he is my RO:


Im guessing the creator knows about these and i just missed a post about these but its good to make a reminder


Wait a second. CONFIDENCE is a stat?

Dude. No one told me this.

How do I max this dammit? I can’t have a supremely arrogant vampire without a maxed-out confidence stat.


got this.


There is alot of things that dont work yet but the creator of this works hard on this and will soon fix the attractive stats since they have been removed


Ive been wondering for a while it says goblins are hard to kill does that mean that a gun / stab wound wont kill them due to regenaration or tough skin?

I dont know alot about goblins.


If I remember correctly, they aren’t stated to have regeneration so I believe that it’s the latter - tough skin gives them high durability. Getting shot or stabbed won’t work on them, yes… in some cases getting blasted in the face won’t work too but I think that this can be ignored via magic. Their durability might depend from their age too.
Adult Goblins > Kid Goblins in terms of durability.


There is also the fact that what you see is not what you get with goblins since their appearance is actually a glamor hiding their true looks. An attacker might think they’re shooting at the heart when it’s actually just the shoulder or something. It would be much harder to hurt them if you can’t find the vulnerable points.


Do you think that this glamour can affect their whole body or just the face because if its a illusion then they will always be small people with high intelligence? Because if glamour works on the whole body then cant they make themselves 10 foot tall giants and be uneffected if they are attaked in a body part higher then there height so if they are hit in the face (when they are 10 foot tall) it wont affect them as it is a illusion.


Not sure how @Sashira interprets the glamor, but my understanding is that it’s a very low level illusion so that it can be maintained instinctively, like breathing. Therfore the effect is limited. Slightly prettier face or slightly slimmer physical appearance. Maybe add an inch or two of height but nothing extreme.


You’ve nailed it on the head; Glamour will work in whatever way @Sashira pictures it.

If one looks at the various stories of the Fae, Glamour can go from low level illusions like Goblins in Monsters does all the way to full sensory effects - changing tastes, hearing, smell, etc.

That said, it might be possible for a Goblin to even be able to tweak their glamour. Your example of someone making themselves more beautiful might be in the realms of possibility.

Of course, given how most Goblins aren’t concerned about appearance, someone spending time on that would probably be considered superficial by the rest of Goblin society.