Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



I apologize in advance for this. Just had some fun trying to think of variations on the whole “To err is human, to forgive is divine” phrase.

For a goblin:
To err is human, to solve it, design.

For a werewolf:
To err is human, to howl about it, lupine.

For a succubus:
To err is human; to woo, Valentine.

For a wendigo:
To err is human; to soothe, calomine.

For a vampire:
To err is human; to bleed, incarnadine.

Taylor’s mom
To err is human; to experiment, Frankenstein.


I personally like that the creator gave us that option. I’m not really into self-insert type of stories or something like this but I want to actually relate to any of the characters in the story, even if that means to create the character myself. And for the choices and actions we get to make, well, it’s like a video game for me. Like what are you going to do if you were in their place. I would still prefer to keep distance between me and Chantal even if I can get romantically attached to both boys and girls. And Wendy, well, I would like to get know to her but not to the point where I would like to persuade a relationship with her.


Im a bit curious are Werewolves the strongest and Wendigos the fastest? What are the vampires the best at? It just seems that vampires are rich people that are anti social. With slightly better abillites than a average human.


The Werewolf and the Wendigo are the best monster for physical stats.
The Vampire has others advantages like being immortal, rich, not going berserk like the Wendigo, etc. Their strength is not physical attributes.


Vampires are not immortal only the succubi is but i can understand that the vampire might have better vision and senses as well as maybe smarter or more cunning than all other species.


No, they are.

The Wendigos are also immortal.


How they aren’t immortal? They don’t die of old age.


The vampire mother in game died… literally she died of a disorder so she isnt immortal


Of a rare vampiric disease, they don’t die of old age.


From a mutation, some vampires can’t turn others without dying. Wendigo’s and vampires can only be killed most of the time. Wendy’s already centuries old. Most people consider not dying of natural causes immortal.


Immortal meaning not being able to be hurt not just ageing as if someone had a disorder and was immortal it wouldnt matter because they would live through it


They are immortal, not invincible.


Exactly i was saying as immortal to the point being to not be hurt or killed by a creature


There are 2 defenitions of immortal i was refrencing the 2nd one where they are almost god like. Im not saying they are not able to live forever i was just saying that if it came to a point where a vampire had to fight i would say they arent immortal i would say that they are susceptible to damage (like a disorder) just not to ageing


The Succubus isn’t godlike, because they can feel pain and they can be defeated by the Wendigo, Vampire or the Werewolf.



Vampires, being mostly immortal, have had the unique opportunity to watch centuries or more of human history

This is literally the first sentence you get if you pick the vampire.

Vampires are immortal.


Nope it literally says Mostly and yes i agree they are immortal as in they dont age but what i mean by immortal is unsusceptibile to damage or death


You’re right on that i must have misread that somewhere down the line sorry for that mistake


They’re immortal nonetheless.

That’s called omnipotence.


Omnipotence is unlimited power. Im just saying that a vampire can be killed