Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



I’m guessing that Wendigos with high Humanity would deviate from this kind of stereotype.

After all, if you have a high enough Humanity, you’ll resist the urge to devour Hunter/Artemis in the alleyway.


The reason I would consider this a weakness is that a Wendigo, whether they care about their humanity or not, would probably still like to retain control of their actions, so this awareness would be quite known to them…especially if they lost control in times past.

And being aware of it, even with a high humanity wendigo, would provide its own stress/anxiety. Remember, Wendy herself is very nervous around people in general.


You make a good point.

But I still think that the absence of a ‘society’ is an interesting weakness. I don’t know, I just feel like it’s something you can rely on in the worst case scenarios.

You’ve got the goblins with their advanced civilizations and even more advanced inventions.

You’ve got the werewolves with their tight knit pack.

You’ve got the vampires, who I’m sure have some sort of society.

Hell, even the cubis can rely on their lovers (and the occasional cubic can have a demon parent).

Then you have the Wendigo…they’re alone. No one to guide them, no one to have their back, no one to properly call ‘family’. In their cruel existence, it’s only them against the big, scary world.


And I’m not discounting it. If anything, being alone could certainly erode one’s humanity.

I was mostly looking at what might be considered a physical, or mental/spiritual weakness…not societal :slight_smile:


Maybe if you romance a monster, they’ll allow you to integrate yourself into their monster society? It’s fat fetched, but I’m sure a wendigo would provide numerous benefits for a society.


After all, she’s walking around an all you can eat buffet. So she always has to keep her hunger in check, and have strong will power.


Did I miss the memo or something? Because I could have sworn that taylor was a boy too and not just a girl.


I’m not sure because I always select that I’m attracted to girls, but it may change based on your orientation.


It was changed, now Taylor is always a girl.


From what i just read i suppose the realise date will be sometime next year around january?


You are eternally hungry and have to spend every living moment of your life knowing there is never going to be enough food to fill your stomach. Just staying human and not eating everything in your sight is a battle unto itself.

That’s good enough of a weakness for me.

That or I interpreted this universe’s wendigos wrong.


I think that the wait is worth. I personally could wait for the full version too…


I mean sometime next month late june or early july i hope for the next update. But i dont mind waiting 6-7 months till full release.


What other touches might anyone else like with this game?

One thing I really liked was the options to play as someone not interested in sex, but still could fall for someone.

I went aw, with this line with Chantal

You’d love to get closer to her… there’s something about her that makes you want to hold her hand.

Or like this line with Wendy:

You think even the most frightening monsters deserve love, and wish you could be the one to give it to her. She has a quiet charm.


Are all characters bisexual? So if my character is the same gender as the other they won’t mind? Just a random question ( i have only played as a straight male)


No, I don’ think so. I saw them talking about the options in another thread (before I joined… I’m a new to the forums too).


Same i didnt have a account until couple of days ago but i was just curious on the way characters react to your sexuality.


I apologize in advance for this. Just had some fun trying to think of variations on the whole “To err is human, to forgive is divine” phrase.

For a goblin:
To err is human, to solve it, design.

For a werewolf:
To err is human, to howl about it, lupine.

For a succubus:
To err is human; to woo, Valentine.

For a wendigo:
To err is human; to soothe, calomine.

For a vampire:
To err is human; to bleed, incarnadine.

Taylor’s mom
To err is human; to experiment, Frankenstein.


I personally like that the creator gave us that option. I’m not really into self-insert type of stories or something like this but I want to actually relate to any of the characters in the story, even if that means to create the character myself. And for the choices and actions we get to make, well, it’s like a video game for me. Like what are you going to do if you were in their place. I would still prefer to keep distance between me and Chantal even if I can get romantically attached to both boys and girls. And Wendy, well, I would like to get know to her but not to the point where I would like to persuade a relationship with her.


Im a bit curious are Werewolves the strongest and Wendigos the fastest? What are the vampires the best at? It just seems that vampires are rich people that are anti social. With slightly better abillites than a average human.