Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Oh, but it is! See, I’m still chuckling :grinning:


At least it is still better than what I was thinking of before:

Hunter: I’m going to stomp you flat, dog.

Carl: You’re calling me a dog? That makes me hot…

Hunter: Under the collar?

Carl: I’m going to relish this fight.

Hunter: Great, I’m now fighting a hot dog with relish.


I am slightly amused, and profoundly disappointed.


That is a joke worthy of praise. I salute you.


And then they start kissing? :thinking:


So far, so good. My favourite path is the Werewolf
one. I’m trying to be in good terms with almost everyone with exception of the twins and the harpy. For the demon, I will probably need, minimun, continental distance. Don’t get me wrong, I find them interesting in terms of lore and all but still … If Chantal/Caleb aren’t in my way then I won’t bother to be in their way too… But knowing my luck, that probably won’t be the case.
I can’t wait for the next update. I will come to this thread to see what is happening with the game.


I personally like the WW and Vampire more currently but later on in the future release i would prefer to be wendigo because of its uniqueness and intresting story.


I’m new so I don’t really know how to work this site yet, but am I the only one who loves the story from just reading the description of the monsters? I literally imagined the monsters talking in front of a camera like a interview explaining what they are.


No, you are not. I personally enjoy reading stuff about Mythology (I have my own reasons why tho) in general.


Do you know how to get to the fight part? I’ve been reading on the forum about the fight that we have with the twins but I can’t seem to get to it.


During the study/free period, you need to go to the alleyway (it mentions smoking, I think, in the choice description) and from there act aggressive towards whichever twin’s there to fight them, or you can alternatively kiss them. If you do the latter, there’s a confrontation the next day before school with their twin regarding your intentions, although it doesn’t turn violent.


Hope you don’t mind a comment suggestion.

If your popularity is high enough, and approach Chantal’s table during lunch, she’ll say:
Chantal laughs. “Hey, forgive them. I think they’re having visions of our forces uniting like two noble houses.”

One of the options is this:
Don’t think she’s joking, and don’t like being used. You’re going to sit at your usual table

Which gives this as a response:
“Never mind,” you say. “My mistake.” You hear Chantal sniff indignantly as you turn around and walk off.

This is a fine response, but since one popular person just snubbed another, you might include an extra bit for the typical needless high school drama. Maybe something about “As you move away, you hear low tone snippets about ‘fight’ and ‘drama queen/king’.”

Nothing further to really track, but just as one could snub Artemis/Hunter, but an additional line or two could give some flavor.


Just a small vignette going through my head. Nothing really official, and may be boring to most. But just felt like writing something between my female werewolf and Artemis. I promise not to clog up this thread with more stuff like this.

[spoiler]Vivian the werewolf ducked out the door and into the alleyway where Artemis was sneaking a smoke. She leaned back against the wall, reading the various graffiti on the wall. Vivian had to stifle a giggle as she read a rather inappropriate limerick about Mr. Addams.

Artemis took one final drag before flicking the cigarette down, and stomping it out. “You know,” she said, “my brother would be pissed if he saw you here with me.”

“I think I can live with his resentment,” Vivian said, “The more important question is what do you think?”

“I…I don’t know,” Artemis said, crossing her arms in her uncertainty, “I…I don’t know if I can trust you. When all is said and done, you’re still a monster.”

Vivian nodded, “That decision is ultimately yours to make. However, there is something to consider…”

“Yes?” asked Artemis.

“You called me…those like me monsters,” Vivian said, “But the same could be said of humanity in general. The atrocities, the genocides? Those were made by humans, not those like me. Oh, I won’t deny that some ‘monsters’ as you would term didn’t profit from it, been involved with it, but those were human led, human run. The mess in North Korea? Human-made. Like humans, ‘monsters’ can be saint or sinner, with most somewhere in between.”

Artemis chuckled, “That sounds a little deep. Why do I think you didn’t come up with it?”

Vivian laughed as well, “You’d be right, I’m not that smart. But I’m willing to listen to those who are smarter than I am.”

Quiet filled the alley for a few more quiet moments when Artemis asked, “You seem to like me, even if I don’t…if I’m unsure…well, what I mean is why?”

“What is there to say? I think you’re cute, you’re strong, you smell nice…when you don’t smoke…” Vivian replied.

Artemis interrupted, “And I see your a master of back-handed compliments.”

Vivian blushed, “Yeah, I need to work on that. But getting back to you…I like your name.”

“My name?” blinked Artemis in surprise.

“Is it any surprise?” said Vivian, “Artemis…the goddess of the hunt…”

The young monster huntress nodded in agreement.

“And the moon…” continued Vivian, “Some might take that as a portent.”

A redness krept up Artemis’ cheeks, and Vivian had to resist the urge from moving closer.

“That still doesn’t change what you are,” whispered Artemis.

Vivian sighed, “No. But that doesn’t make us enemies. My people…some of our oldest stories…they tell why we were created. In the distant past, the world was a much more dangerous place, especially at night, than it is now. That was a time for true monsters. After all, if you wanted to hunt humans, which is easier? Hunting during the day when everyone can see you, or at night when the shadows cover your presence?”

“The things that go bump in the night,” murmured Artemis.

“Exactly. And our Goddess couldn’t be everywhere. So she made the first werewolves, to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves in the recesses of the night,” Vivian said.

“Sounds like wish fulfillment, a need for your people to sound better than they really are,” said Artemis thoughtfully.

Vivian shrugged, “You could be right. Still, if you doubt my intentions…well, I don’t know what else I can say other than that wherever you wish to lead, to hunt…I would gladly follow.”[/spoiler]


Um… Do you still get that dream at the end of day 1 even if you go in the alley? The alley, the science lab and the library are the only places I haven’t visited yet in the free period. Or does it matter (it will be important later in the story)?


Yep, the dream is pretty much a planned/scripted event/foreshadowing for the story.


@Lys Speaking of comment suggestions, I have one as well.

In the Stats screen for the monsters, almost all of them have 2 weaknesses.

Vampires are weak to sunlight and must feed on blood.

Werewolves are weak to silver and must change into a wolf every full moon.

Succubi lack empathy and are physically weaker than other monsters.

Goblins are short and are physically weaker than other monsters.

Wendigos…need to eat flesh to survive. That’s it.

Given how every monster has two weaknesses, it seems a tad unfair that Wendigos only have one.

There are sources saying that a Wendigo is weak to fire, so maybe you could put that as a weakness.

Alternatively, the fact that the Wendigo doesn’t have a ‘society’ to fall back on could also be seen as a weakness.


I would actually consider the Wendigo’s anger/prone to berserk as a weakness. After all, no matter how much Hunter/Artemis piss you off, a vampire/werewolf/succubus doesn’t lose control to the point they kill them in the Alleyway, not like the wendigo does.


I can actually give more weaknesses and maybe advantages that are lore-wise.

They are also said that transforming costs them a lot of energy/stamina. Meaning that they need to eat a lot of food. They have insane metabolism due to their healing factor too. Healing factor is mostly considered an advantage in a fight.

Lore-wise, they are magical beings so they should have large among of magic reserves that they gain from feeding. If they don’t feed very often, they will loose their magic, in some cases, could die too. The only problem is that that can make them very OP. Having abilities such as possesion, mind control, paralysis inducment, shapeshifting, ect.

I don’t know a lot for Windigos but from the sound of it, they are rare. Mostly alone. Even if they are OP compared to, let’s say, a single Werewolf, I doubt that they can take out an entire pack of WWs on their own unless if they are well-fed.

Anyway, these are just my thoughts.


But they aren’t, the Werewolf and the Wendigo are on par of power levels. With the Wendigo being faster while the Werewolf being physically stronger and more resilient.


Well, if we are talking about speed stats, I think that they are around the same level but I could be wrong.