Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02




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The game returns a "non existent variable “attractive” " message when I run the repeat of day 2. Otherwise, I think it’s really cool!


Is wendigo can still summon storm when eat enough flesh? I think I read those sentence (or similar) before. Did the wendigo description/lore change?


This information is revealed when you play some other monster, and meet Wendy for the first time:

Wendigos live on human flesh, and if they eat enough of it legends say they can become almost like gods - able to walk through walls, call storms, and devour entire towns.


I was going to make a joke about her being really skinny and the walking through walls bit of the description but then I realized it wasn’t funny and didn’t make sense…



Up until now, I didn’t really think of Carl as good RO material.

Then I realized that if I dated him, we could possibly have one of these moments:


I know I would squee a little if there was an option later on to say run your finger through his hair near his ears, or something…and Carl’s leg started to thump on the ground.


This is how I want to get the trust of Carl’s pack.

Just pet every single one of them until they gain your trust.


And if they bite you, Bite back show them you understand the game, Then try to pet them again.


And if they lick you, you lick them right the fuck back.


Yep yep defiantly Do that :smiley:


How would they react to you marking your territory?


They’d probably start thinking of you as one of them.

Now that I think about it…if you get a human RO (let’s say Taylor in this case) and got the pack to be accepting towards her, could you possibly turn her into a werewolf as well?

Can you even turn other people into werewolves, though?


In the world of Monsters of New Haven High, werewolves are born, not made.


Hello i am very intrested in this game and i realise there is alot to be done but do you have a idea of how much it will cost at release?


These games typically cost around $3, rarely anything more than that.


Thanks i was willing to pay 13$ equivalent to £10 here in the uk. Im really excited for this game


ponders firstworldmonsterhunterproblems

Artemis: Carving our initials into a tree is the most romantic way to remind you that I carry a wicked knife.


Omg @Lys, stop deleting all your comments, they are hilarious :joy: Why do you hide those from the world?


Mostly because I didn’t think this one was that amusing in retrospect.