Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Naw, you wrap the note around a bird you caught for her (at least if my dog bringing me birds as presents is an indicator) … lol.:wink: It has to fit in the school locker after all.


Now i can’t stop thinking about the presents that each MC would give :joy:


What would the in/succubus give?


A Valentine’s Day themed collage complete with inappropriate edibles attached? :blush:


Um, yeah, my mind went for edible underwear first blushes

So your main MC is a vampire? Interesting.

I know mine is a nerdy demoness (yes, she does love learning…among other things)…and she wouldn’t mind find those special 4 or 5 understanding people to share her life with :wink:


Whatns with Lys’ long trail of deleted posts? Is there some Split shit going on where Lys hs about seventeen different personalities?


They’re specially coded messages to the mods that tell them the recipes from last night’s food network shows.


In seriousness…some of it is that I may be unsure, especially when I mean something humorous, if it would be well received or elicit complaints.

Other times I delete stuff, I worry whether I am staying on topic. A little wandering is to be expected, but I know I can sometimes go off-topic.

On top of that, if it is a response to a question, unless it is something specifically stated in a game, I don’t want to seem like I’m putting words in the creator’s mouth.

Finally, I know I can sometimes ramble, and I don’t want to take up space with my replies.


I’m pretty sure the werewolf would have the note stuffed in the mouth of a decapitated rabbit head that’s pinned to her locker. But that’s just me.


Maybe the Wendigo would have the note shoved inside a kidney they recently stole from someone.


Only a kidney? :unamused: For Hunter, I’d give up the whole liver… :blush:


Now I’m picturing Hunter waking up in a bathtub full of ice…


May I request us male werewolves get a short hair option? It really breaks the immersion for me, not being able to look like a person I can relate with.


Hm? I never really saw the hair options for werewolves as being inherently long. :thinking: All I really got from the choices was the texture of the hair. I play my male werewolf as having short, unruly brown hair all the time. I think it’s only the wendigo that lets you explicitly pick your hair length. The rest are mostly up to your interpretation, I think.


fabulous wendigo swishes unnaturally long hair


I seriously love your ramblings, they offer some very keen insight and information from a great perspective.




Wendy (Wendigo): Who knew that “Open Mike Night” referred to a comedy set and not an autopsy?


ponders #firstworldmonsterproblems

Carl (werewolf): What other student has to include rabies shots with their yearly vaccinations? And who else gets detention for cleaning themselves? Everyone is just jealous of my flexibility, that’s got to be it.


It looks very interesting so far, and please let me know if I can do anything to help you out with the development! I’m fairly ok with the Choicescript language, so if you would like a free editor…



Why you gotta delete the funny comment, mane?

Come on, just let it be. It’s not offensive in any way whatsoever.