Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Freddy Krueger might just become her puppet since she is probably thousands of years old and has way more skill and experience in controlling dreams.


It’s not insulting, questions about why I designed things certain ways are welcome. :slight_smile:

I decided it was too one-sided to be an opposed stat - unlike, say, Popular/Loner, I couldn’t find a clear benefit to being Repulsive. I also thought it didn’t fit as well with the others, which are all personality-related. The added opposed stat Trusting/Wary, on the other hand, is going to serve an important role in whether you’re playing a social, relaxed monster, or a defensive, edgy monster who might notice more details.

I originally put Attractive/Repulsive with the main stats to reflect the importance and pressure of that perception in high school. Though it’s now a minor skill (“Appearance”) other characters will still gossip about how you look.


The only one I can think is for bigger intimidation/scarring people factor. (I’m pretty sure a face made in Mordor will be more effective for this than someone looking like Hollywood’s newest sexbomb.)
But that benefit will apply only to certain type of MC so I think you did well by tweaking the stats.


ponders first world monster problems

Chantal: Putting on a new body isn’t like grabbing a shirt off the rack. It takes time and finesse to get it to fit just right–to use it as it was meant to be used.


@Sashira, Hi, I wanted to say I loved your game! There is one problem however, after the scene with Hunter/Artimis, I stumbled on a path where BOTH twins confronted you right before school. For some reason, I am unable to find it again. Could somebody perhaps know a way? Many thanks!


Make fun of them in English class and beat them up in the alleyway.

It worked countless times for me.


@AAO One or the other should also work.

@Spyder You’ll get different scenes outside of school for flirting with/kissing the main twin, getting into a minor fight, or hurting them badly.

@Lys You’re killing me with these deleted posts. :smiley: Now I’m going to have to start the next round of #firstworldmonsterproblems.
Benny: “I am the greatest mind this town has ever known, but I can’t reach the top shelves at the grocery store.”

@everyone - It’s likely I won’t get to any updates until next month. I’ve been busy with moving, and now CSComp. I will be looking for beta testers for my entry soon, though. If anyone wants to help with that while waiting for more MONHH, please PM me.


I played this and as soon I i finished I drew my MC because that’s how much I love it. (Also Hunter is hot, but I’m scared that he’ll hate my MC if she kisses him)


Sorry about that. Certain posts, like the one I made, I’m unsure if someone would take offense.

Heh, and maybe it is more junior highish, but I admit, I wonder how Artemis would take it if she receive an anonymous love note from the MC in her locker…on the second day (where you could normally do homework, or check yourself out in the mirror)

Dear Artemis,
It is difficult to know what moment love begins; it is less difficult to know it has begun.


I fail to see how someone would take offense to that post.

Seriously, it’s just a funny joke. Keep em’ coming.


Gonna have to agree with Shady :slight_smile:


Hey, I experienced a glitch while playing. At the beginning, I say I am absolutely a girl and have never questioned it, but in the locker room scene it says the none of the locker rooms fit my gender but I got put in the female locker room anyway.


I reported this a little while back as well. I figure @Sashira will correct this during the next big batch.


Oh, ok! I didn’t see it.


Nothing wrong mentioning bugs; sometimes things get lost in the shuffle as well :slight_smile:


Be sure to include appropriate individualization - such as a kiss of blood if your a vampire leaving the note, a little toy mech attached to the note if you’re a golem, etc…

Since my main MC is a vampire, the kiss of blood is her calling card left with any love note :wink:


What about the werewolf? Should we give her a note pinned to a deer’s head?


Naw, you wrap the note around a bird you caught for her (at least if my dog bringing me birds as presents is an indicator) … lol.:wink: It has to fit in the school locker after all.


Now i can’t stop thinking about the presents that each MC would give :joy:


What would the in/succubus give?