Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Pity about that. I’ve always had a soft spot for politically-savvy, manipulative types, but you’re right; I can’t think of any mythology including male Harpies.

If she’s not RO, then, will non-cubi be able to make friends with her somehow? Most of the monster options are some kind of apex predator, and it might be interesting to have access to the school’s largest monster-info conduit.


Oh, of course. But anyone who’s been in a college restroom knows that some people (I’m not gonna name names) do mark their territory in that way. :slight_smile:


Yes, Sandy has a “relationship bar” like other major characters, just no romance path. You can already get a little gossip from her in study hall as a non-demon.

Be friendly, praise her efforts, and she isn’t that hard to get to know. If I write in a chance to bring her food that’s also probably a good idea. Harpies love scraps of meat.


What kinds of meat? I wonder if Sandy could be the de facto disposal unit if let’s say, as a vampire, you drain someone dry and accidentally kill them?


Ran into this error trying to get into the under 21 goth club

day_2_afterschool line 278: Non-existent variable ‘vampire_fed’


I dunno about that…

__“Hi, Sandy,” you say to her. “Heard anything interesting lately?” _

__She sniffs at you. “Can’t you see I’m busy?” She rushes past you, heading in the direction of the vending machine. Chantal must be thirsty."

(Note: My character–in this case, a vampire–chose to find Chantal attractive rather than try to kill her. So unless Chantal being thirsty in a literal sense is the gossip in question, Sandy’s not being all that useful.)

Addendum: I replayed this as a werewolf who chose to merely be friendly with Chantal rather than find her attractive, and Sandy started delivering the goods. Seems a bit odd that finding Chantal attractive is grounds for hostility. Maybe Sandy wants her apex predator all to herself?


If it is Sandy being hostile, this isn’t that much of a surprise. Sandy would feel her position being threatened by someone else getting close to Chantal, someone who wasn’t ‘mortal’ and considered ‘food.’


i suspect chicken or turkey


It’s not about Chantal but your popularity. If you talk to her with 70% or more popularity she will talk normally. My vampire talked to her with 70% and she talked about gossip and stuff but with 65% she ignored me (I was flirty with Chantal on both of them)


@Sashira what happens to the clothes off the Werewolf when they transform? Do they have some sort of magic that prevents then to ripoff (like in Werewolf Apocalypse) or they are ripped?


They actually remove their clothes and place them down before they transform.


And my memory might be shot, but even Werewolf the Apocalypse would have the clothes get torn to shreds while changing. They sidestep this with a common Rite which makes the clothing disappear (for some reason, I’m thinking it appears a kind of tattoo)


Yeah, they had the rite to not destroy their clothes.

Werewolf Apocalypse was the best setting from the Darkness world (IMO). I loved my Ahroun Get of Fenris.


I don’t know if this have already been answered (I’ve looked around for a bit, and it doesn’t seem to have?), so sorry if it has, but I was just wondering whether or not we would get to fight other monsters? I know it was discussed about who was stronger, just not whether we actually got the chance to see it.


Well I mean considering we have options to say that some day we are gonna have to kill some of them I would guess the answer is yes.


I think GamerDude’s analysis is correct. You get the chance to consider killing Chantal/Caleb, nurse a grudge against Carl, bully Benny and Wendy, et cetera…so yeah, I’d say a monster fight will be in the works sometime soon. Of course, it’s @Sashira’s call to make in the end.

I, for one, particularly look forward to the chance to kill Chantal. Nobody else gets to victimize my humans.


Killing Chantal will be pretty fun! :smirk:


My Goblin is a lover, not a fighter… though I suppose if he has to defend himself without actually killing anyone, he’ll try to do so.


My goblin would kill if she had to, but she would find it so…wasteful. After all, Hunter would provide an exquisite…volunteer…to see how a brain takes to living in a jar.

And Artemis would be a perfect subject to test her mind transfer device.


But you can’t really kill her, she will just go back to the dream dimension and be back later.

There might be a Werewolf vs Wendigo fight:

And if you are a Werewolf, you can fight against others Werewolves to be the alpha of the pack.