Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02



Losing control is their bad ending for using their ability, their claws and super speed.


You know that dodging is them using their super speed, right? Not having enough toughness just means they lose control of their murderous side from the pain and go on a killing spree. The wendigo can use their physical abilities just fine without becoming a murderous beast everytime.


I don’t think you understand, the scene where you dodge any monster can get, it is not specific of the Wendigo.
Every monster has a special scene where they use their power against Artemis, they are different for each monster.
The Wendigo has 2 scenes, the first they lose control and devour Artemis and it leads to a bad ending. The second they describe what will happen if Artemis continues to push them, they intimidate Artemis and she flee.


Is the same description for all monsters when dodging? In my wendigo playthrough it said that he moved faster than humanly possible, so i thought they just used their super speed.


Yes, you just need to pass the speed check. It is easier for a Wendigo character, because of their natural high speed.


Oh, too bad then that the only special scene for the wendigo so far ends in death. :sweat: I am going to eat someone to feel better! :grin:


Forget the wendigo AND the werewolf. The goblin’s special power is the coolest.



Hey hey, no below the belt! That’s unfair!

I really feel like the Wendigos are the easiest to make physically strong right now, since focusing on their speed also gives strength and toughness. Then again I don’t play werewolf much…


I don’t know who is the easiest to level their physical attributes, I think my Werewolf had 40 strength, 35 toughness and 20 speed.
I just like the Werewolf powers and storyline.


I’ll do it again to check in a bit.

I thought people who didn’t focus on dating got to exercise? And then for me as a male (haven’t tried other yet) the picture jumped to female


Here is my favorite scene in this game (Werewolves are badasses):


I like how you sometimes have a limited amount of time during the day and have to choose from a list of stuff to do. Makes you feel like your choices really matter.


Out of curiosity, @Sashira, is Sandy the harpy an RO? She’s sort of abrasive towards anyone not an incubus, but you listed her as a main character, so…


Sandy is not an RO. She already loves the 'cubus. Rather than being sexual or romantic, though, her attachment is more like idol worship - or, perhaps more appropriate for a bird-like species, imprinting.

Harpies are an entirely female species that reproduce asexually; like bees, their unfertilized eggs hatch into females. (I think that’s right? 3rd grade biology was awhile ago.)

Anyway, because there are no mates to pair-bond with, the closest equivalent is the attachment they feel to a superior predator whose leftovers they can scavenge. That’s sort of what’s going on here; the 'cubus mimicked the one harpy emotional mechanism that could be exploited.


The unfertilized eggs hatch into males, the fertilized eggs into female.


Thanks. :smile: Harpies are the opposite, then.


It is against the rules to ask for updates.


Oh ok, I’m really sorry.


I like the concept, cant wait to see what you’ll do with it


All’s fair in love and war. Especially when your potential love interest is cornering you in a dark alley and making threats.