Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

Indeedly doo it is indeed.

The author hath spoken! Therefore it is the truth!


Is my chicken named Nugget a possibility!?


If I were thrown into the world of Monsters of New Haven High I’d probably end up as a goblin, or possibly a werewolf.

The overall mindset of a goblin fits me more than the others, which is primarily why the goblin is the race of my main character in this game. Though I am not short; the short life-span is a shame; and while I don’t enjoy the idea of being paired with a compatible partner, I can appreciate the pragmatics nature of the union. The short life span isn’t too much a big deal, if I am able to achieve great things in a short time, that beats living a long time of doing nothing.

Alternatively, while I don’t necessarily exercise as much as I could, I could see myself being a werewolf. Mainly because I was a boy scout when I was younger and I have a fine appreciation for nature and wolves. I enjoy the communal nature of the family, and I am fine with modest living. I’d probably feel held back by as I grow older, though.

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More in terms of this work as a whole, I had a few things I wished to talk about.

I guess since everyone else is doing it, I might as well let everyone know what my character is going to try to do in the story. I’m a goblin who is trying to basically befriend most everyone and get on their good side to partake in jolly cooperation. Got to make that Breakfast Club started somehow. Of course, I am taking all the chances to raise my academia stat. Though I might run into a few issues with my parents latter on due to my fairly high ‘humanity’ stat indicating that my character prefers human customs to that of my own species, which would go against my also high ‘conforming’ stat. I might try to keep things civil and even enjoyable with the goblin girl I get hitched with, but I think I am going to try and get Artemis to open up personally.

A bit of a lore questions for the goblins, how are they still alive as a species? In most settings, goblins tend to be the breed fast, die fast kind of species. Here they don’t live long, there are constant issues involving the fertility of their species, not to mention they don’t seem to have large litters; as far as I remember, I am an only child. Even with other monsters being talked out of eating/killing them, it still seems like simple natural disasters or epidemics could easily do them in.

Finally in terms of the game itself. This is probably one of the most enjoyable hosted/WIP games I’ve played so far. Good setting, good writing, and good choices. The variety between races is also very impressive and the breakdown of each day lends a lot towards different variations from the main overall plot.

I was kind of worried about one thing you mentioned a little while back: the idea of shortening the time span of the story. While it does have its oddities, having most of the world and character interactions taking place in one week is fine with some suspension of disbelief. However, the shorter the timespan the game takes place in, the harder it is to justify some things: like Artemis/Hunter having it out for you for 3 years (assuming you all met in highschool), then suddenly being best buds in a day; hardly talking to Wendy for 3+ years and then going out with her to prom; or having terrible academia for your entire school career and turning that around and getting a 4.0 in less than a day. Like I said, a week may feel odd, but can slide if for nothing else than you are cramming each day with tons of things to do. I can understand the feeling that there is so much to do if you have to do an entire week with the same fullness of day 1, but I’d personally prefer a longer time in the oven to a quick 4 day romp. (plus the conclusion day could easily be a lot shorter than the rest)

Seven days also seems like a pretty good overall breakdown for the story as well.

  • Monday is the introduction to everyone and the feel of the school
  • Tuesday introduces the main conflict in the story
  • Wednesday-friday/saturday is dealing with said conflict
  • Saturday is classic, ‘the prom is tomorrow’, personal issue
  • Saturday/Sunday is probably going to be the climax and or a possible plot twist if the conflict is supposedly dealt with on friday/saturday
  • And then next monday, or even half of monday is the resolution + epilogue.

Either way, apologies for the wall of text. I prefer to lurk, but when I post something its usually all at once. Again, I appreciate your work and look forward to future updates.


Presumably that’s why they’re so desperate to have their children get together with opposite-sex goblins.

Shhh… Don’t wreck my chances with him!


Not really, it didn’t strike me as odd that Artemis would be a bitch to me and really have feelings, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time that a girl tormented me because she couldn’t deal with her orientation :disappointed:


Out of curiosity (and hopefully I’m wording this question well enough), do each of the monster races behave in the unique way when it comes to showing affection to their partners or desire different things from their partners? Like, are werewolves the most physically affectionate and do vampires have more a preferance to being more verbal about their affection? Or does it mostly come down to the love interests’ personalities?

I imagine that my pack is going to be very unhappy when they learn about his desire to court Victoria. But how about the vampire society themselves? How would they react to the idea of one of their own being more than willing to let a young wolf make the moves on them?

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When is this being updated again

It’s against forum rules to ask for when updates are, as it can put unneeded pressure on the author.


Hi everyone, sorting out some of the last edits. I found that demons have fewer basic relationship options when you first meet them than other classmates.

You can already choose to be flirtatious, friendly, uneasy, or hate Chantal/Caleb when you first meet them in gym. Which of these describes the attitude towards them you’d most like to see added? (Note: your impressions can change throughout the game.)

  • Ally (you want to strategically work together)
  • Annoying (they irritate you)
  • Neutral (you don’t think much about them)
  • Something else

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Uneasy and hate already work quite well for my wendigo and wolf respectively…

Having a perpetually disinterested, apathetic and on numerous instances insulting and abrasive vampire, a demon that feeds on sexuality would likely be a source of derision for her; also given that she’s asexual, she finds winding her up a faint source of amusement. She’d likely find her entire modus operandi quite pathetic. Which I doubt the demon would take too kindly to, but my vampire has a bit of a superiority complex.

For obvious reasons.

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[quote=“Okami-Nora, post:2679, topic:7014, full:true”]
Out of curiosity (and hopefully I’m wording this question well enough), do each of the monster races behave in the unique way when it comes to showing affection to their partners or desire different things from their partners?[/quote]
Yes, species affects how relationships manifest. For MCs, you’ll have more options about whether to go along with or fight against your instincts and cultural conditioning. For other characters, it will inform their responses to you and the relationships you form. The most common relationship style of each species, in three words or less:
Werewolves - Cuddly pair bonding.
Goblins - Rational affectionate cooperation.
Succubi/Incubi/'Cubi - Sex with benefits.
Vampires - Theatrical escapism.
Wendigo - Sample size insufficient.

They don’t really care. Even with turning humans into progeny, others don’t interfere unless someone makes poor decisions in regards to basic morality or overpopulation. Vampires live long, accumulate power quickly, and infighting amongst them is dangerously unsustainable. Their policy is to tolerate any number of differences, as long as discretion in hiding from humans and balance of power is maintained.


Where did you get the code or how?

If you go to you will see the first file, which is mostly a list of variables. At the bottom of that page is a list of scenes. Replace “startup” in the above link with the name of any of those scenes (remember to include .txt after the scene name) and you will get the link to that scene. For example,

See also How To See Other Games' Code (current info posted in OP and Post 146 on 6/18/19)


Awwww :heart: I wasn’t really sold on the idea of playing werewolf at first because of the whole sports thing (I can’t stand sports myself) but I decided to give it a shot, outside of the above mentioned sports and the part time job in a garage (eeewww!) I really thought it was cute :slight_smile: Just the potential romance with my character and Katie is going to be worth seeing that one though :heart_eyes:


Replacing Katie with Loren, that basically echoes my own feelings. You aren’t my long-lost gender-flipped twin by any chance, are you?

So Sashira, I was just wondering, given the transgender options during character creation, what sort of options are the monster characters going to have for transition?

'Cubi, I presume, can do it on their own. I’d guess wendigoes are different enough they’d have to avoid doctors? Same with vampires? But if they’re able to get hormones, would that have the normal effect at least? Are there monster doctors they could go to? With goblins, they have enough science skills you’d think at least some amount of transitioning is in their repertoire, but are there cultural obstacles there considering their reproductive focus? Then with werewolves, I guess the main issue is having two forms? Would the transition carry over between forms?


Well my comic loving Goblin wants to try to befriend Caleb, both as a sociological experiment and to have a cute friend to take to comic-cons and such. :wink:

My demon himself wouldn’t object to trying to be “friends” with someone either, except he probably wouldn’t really know how to do that.

Wow neck and neck at the vote between ally and neutral at 91 votes
Edit: and by the time I finished this 1 more vote for neutral came in

Elaboration needed.