Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

I’d make a bad goblin.

Very bad.


Well, I think that decides me that I’d rather be a werewolf than a goblin. Though, don’t get me wrong, the cultural detail is fascinating.

And a nonromantic parenting partnership wouldn’t be so bad, really, and could even be quite nice. (Especially if there’s opportunity for a guy on the side :wink: ) I’d imagine even some heterosexual goblins might go for such a relationship if there isn’t a romantic partner they’d want to get together with.

Well, here’s one for the worldbuilding questions. Biologically speaking, how human are werewolves in human form, and how wolf are they in wolf form? E.g. does DNA shift along with the rest of them? How big is the psychological difference between forms? Do their ^attractions^ shift when their bodies do? What about scent… for animals and beings with heightened smell, like the werewolves themselves, will they notice that the different forms smell different as well, or are the humans notably wolfy or vice versa? For that matter, can a werewolf generally recognize another werewolf’s other form after having only met one of them, or do they need separate introductions?
Werewolves eating lots of meat… is that more of a preference that carries through, or do they have wolflike dietary requirements? Would a vegetarian werewolf be able to survive?

Also, sorry I got carried away earlier. Just think of it as a glimpse of some MonsterNet discussions :wink:


In summary, “would a werewolf in wolf form suddenly be attracted to actual wolves?”


…um, well, I was rather curious about the other aspects of the transformation in general, not just that one specifically O_O
The general mental state, I was wondering how much carries over.


The better question is

Are they not the same thing? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Batman-approved superpower right here.


all they need to do is hire a few goblins and werewolves as house guards
Buy a Large land estate with woods for the werewolves to roam around in at night to appease them
Set aside a Area for a workshop and fill it with expensive hard to acquire equipment to make goblins giddy
they could even appease the succubus/incubus with a Parlor for Group entertainment for humans with the resident demon
and even make it a place to meet new servants and other food sources.
Purchase a Funeral parlor across town Operated by the were wolf and Vamp community to facilitate any unfortunate accidents and Provide a way to curb the Wendigo from making to much noise aggravating the hunters in the area

My perfect rich Vamp solves problems maintains peaceful control of the big players and perspective protects them from issues and solves the peace within the community at a house meeting. we are Superior are we not don’t answer.


Thanks! Guess my poor Goblin’s parents won’t be overly keen that their smart boy is flirting with the Vampire Girl and the Wendigo Girl, since I assume neither are the sharing type…


Please tell me how long it took for you to come up with that :joy:

A werewolf in wolf form is a very intelligent canine, with a vague grasp of concepts as advanced as “doors”, “music”, etc. It’s almost impossible for them to ignore their instincts, but they will recognize friends and maintain some civilized habits. In human-form, they’re slightly doggy people who are in touch with their instincts and smell things a lot.

Thankfully for everyone involved, werewolves don’t go into heat. They have similar preferences in both forms, e.g. orientation. They can be attracted to any species of similar intellect and appearance, but interspecies relationships are seen as taboo and perverted.

Yes. They smell similar in both forms; this is the primary way werewolves recognize each other. Other creatures with an excellent sense of smell will know that werewolves aren’t human, and may be able to distinguish individuals.

In wolf form, they invariably eat meat. In human form, they have to balance their diet (the werewolf MC takes vitamins.) They need more calories and protein than humans to fuel their overactive metabolism, so vegetarianism in human form is problematic but not impossible.


As far as cross-species romances go, exactly how much is it discouraged for each group?
Are we in the “burn the heretic” camp or the “weird, but do it away from me and we’ll be fine” camp?

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For werewolves, reactions might range from “disgusting and you must be disowned” to “I don’t understand but I’ll tolerate it because I love you.” It will definitely not help your status within the pack, and at worst could get you exiled.

Goblins, as mentioned, are fine with it as long as nothing interferes with the goblin breeding partnership being paramount. Vampires need to maintain human servants, but can indulge themselves with whoever they want otherwise. Wendigos basically have no society, being so rare; demons prey on anything.


@Sashira I’m not sure if this question has already been asked are there other Wendigos apart from Wendy/Wendel?

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Finally, what I’ve been looking for!

I might be mistaken, but I think there is one more planned in the game, but they are among the rarest of supernaturals (arising among certain Native American tribes after an act of cannibalism)…not exactly common.

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I watched a play through of Until Dawn and the Wendigos there were frightening :scream:

You mean cute. :heart_eyes:

There rare, there’s another in town but I thinks its hidden.


Got it. Fascinating stuff. From the brief glimpse we got so far of being in wolf form, I did get the impression that things seemed more instinct-driven, but I wasn’t sure to what extent, or how much of the human faculties remained.
It would certainly be interesting to see interactions between a werewolf in wolf form and a non-werewolf, playing as either. (I bet Taylor is curious.)

As a followup: Would a doctor examining a werewolf’s human form be able to notice anything off? How about a veterinarian checking the wolf form?

(I’d guess the other kinds have enough peculiarities that they’d stand out more significantly? Or would a 'cubus be able to fool a doctor given their shifting abilities?)

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Vampire. I can control minds, even without some people noticing, I can be extremely rich, and I HAVE FANGS! WHAT ISN’T COOL ABOUT THAT!? Also, it would be extremely fun chasing people away from me if I wanted to be left alone.

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Being a Vampire is extremely satisfying, I do say. I had an absolute blast pursuing Chantal, physically sticking it to Artemis, “recruiting” servants, and drinking blood!