Monsters of New Haven High - last update 4/02

Everything vampires do is a bit dramatic. They enter relationships to escape from boredom and ennui, to feel alive and invigorated, or to otherwise wake something in themselves. A typical vampire relationship is like a piece of performance art, meant to make the passing of decades more colorful and artistic. This doesn’t mean feelings won’t enter into it, but most vampires (particularly older ones) are somewhat self-centered in their goals.

In the newest edits, there’s a short explanation for each species (they’ll be uploaded soon, I’m finishing the day first.) In brief: werewolves and wendigos are restricted in terms of medical options, goblins have more than humans (several of which don’t affect reproduction), vampires had to decide on transition options before being turned, and 'cubi have it easy.


They should be registered thespians and a member of the screen actors guild … :wink:

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That makes me wonder something about vampires; if a vampire feeds from somebody until they become fanatically loyal to the vampire and then the vampire turns them into a vampire themselves, does said person remain fanatically loyal as before? Or does turning them into a vampire cancel out said devotion? Asking for those who want to romance their main servant but aren’t too keen on the watching them die part, and also aren’t too keen on them leaving after the fact or not being whom they were before the turning.

Was this attitude influenced by their immortality? Like them dating mortals. How would a vampire act differently dating, say a goblin or werewolf to a wendigo or demon?

…I’m happy Victoria looks her age then :relaxed:

Although now that I think about it, I’m expecting jokes about my wendigo’s age :sob:

Another thing to add to the Wendigo’s depressingly long list of insecurities

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Found a bug:
"Well, yeah. It’s a… different experience to be you in a locker room.

For one thing,

For another, this whole gender-separated locker room thing was meant to prevent people from gazing lustfully at each other."

Gender: male
Species: goblin
Powers: Technologically gifted, genius intellect, resistant to damage
Disadvantages: Short, physically weak compared to other monsters

How do dramatic is “dramatic” in vampire standards?

I can’t play my ultra-bombastic, egocentric, hedonistic vampire MC without being showier than every other vampire in the game.

First time playing as a Goblin and i’m not sure if it was suposed to happen.

Happened upon this aesthetic recently and my very first thought was–


[quote=“Sashira, post:2646, topic:7014”]
Wendigo: Yes, you can eat a bunch of people[/quote]

Pros: Less people.
Cons: Super vegan here.

Pros: The shakes might launch a sexy new dance craze.
Cons: Clinging to the last shred of warmth from an old e-card.

Pros: A non-porous surface.
Cons: Hemophobia.

Pros: There is always someone else to do the dishes.
Cons: Being known as regular and hairy by the other monsters.


Mm. I suppose my demon shall stay…

Replace “vampires” with “I” and “me” and I would swear this was one of my journal entries.

These vamps do seem quite Toreador, and I am more than happy to fill that void when Victoria lacks existence…


You can’t ask when the next update is. It’s against forum rules. Let the author take their time with the project.


I’ve never seen this bug before. When did it show up, during character creation? Did you only encounter it as a goblin? Thanks for letting me know!

MonsterNet is amazing, any chance of a spin-off?

Five foolproof ways to get blood out of clothing

“Why do you smell like wet dog?” Manicures for the social werewolf

Obeying the laws of physics, a how-to guide

Florida Man: Monster or Mortal?


Seeing as I have several more days of these to write, there’s a lot more coming. I’ll definitely be stealing that third idea. :smile:


Yes, is was only as a goblin. It was right after talking with Artemis brother at the second day, i was trying to check the stats and that happened after i try to open it :thinking:


So…a sign that Carl (or a Werewolf player in general) is getting interested in someone is he starts getting an urge to cuddle them? That…sounds completely adorable. I am all in for being cuddly :hugging:

But how open to cuddling would someone be if they’re not a Werewolf? I mean, I can possibly see Taylor being open to a simple cuddle moment and the Incubus/Succubus may be fine with it as well. But when I try to imagine Hunter or Artemis being cuddled, I just start laughing really hard because it is hard to imagine them being affectionate with someone that way and some of the others, Like Wendy, Benny, and Victoria seem a little shy. :laughing:

Then again…who can resist cuddling a fluffy wolf? :blush:

Figures Goblins would use big words when describing how they coexist with their partners. So what consists as rational affectionate cooperation?

Probably should’ve seen that one a mile away. :sweat_smile:

Must be interesting being a grounded person whose partner is interested in reenacting something out of the theater for fun while you’re dating. :sweat_smile:

…Does that mean something like a play-bite but a little more careful so that they don’t really harm their partner?

Looks to my socially suave, but physically weak Incubus and remembers his interest in Wendy :sweat:

…Should I be worried for the less…sturdy monsters who may attempt to be in a relationship with a Wendigo?

Wow, Vampires really do have a lot of advantages in life (aside from, you know, boredom and possible loneliness if they’re the type to crave some deep companionship). Looks like my Werewolf will be the only one who’ll have to do a lot of convincing to his pack and may be unable to be a Alpha because of it. :expressionless:

So…how about the courtship process for monsters (probably could imagine what the Incubus/Succubus process involves, but it doesn’t hurt to ask if how they court someone who genuinely interest them is any different than how they may go to a random person for energy)? How do they attempt to draw the eyes of someone who holds their interest? And how do they behave when being protective of said partner?


It means that there’s not enough wendigo (samples) to properly study patterns.
I somehow doubt that wendigos would be into play-biting, any case. Those who are revolted by their nature wouldn’t be happy about idea; those who are full-blown man-eaters, well, you wouldn’t be happy about it.


I think my wendigo would be into cuddly pair bonding, but, as @Okami-Nora suggested, Hunter might not be the best at cuddling back… :sweat_smile:


Oh; completely misread that then (thought ‘sample’ meant ‘taste’). :disappointed_relieved:

At least I know that my Incubus will be…relatively safe. Though I guess dating a Wendigo is confirmed to at least be a bit of a gamble in all sorts of ways. :thinking:

I really did try to imagine him or his sister being cuddly, but my friend made me stop because I was laughing so hard at the mental image. :laughing:


The demon is the most immortal out of us, you should be fine, even if that’s true.
Since they were human I’d assume either modern human ways or native American though… though I’m fine with eating a partner :smirk: 2/3’s of the cast can heal right? It’d be fine.

I honestly don’t like being an incubus/succubus, I wouldn’t want to be forced into polygamy or cheating, that’s reserved for the absolutely don’t care about consequences characters, though better than those short life spanned hobbits.

You are quite optimistic about 'cubi. I gained an impression that they will be as charming as they come, until they gain all that can be gained, in all senses. After that, partner would be discarded like a used… well…
But perhaps that’s just me. I like my monsters monstrous.