Magikiras (Finished) - Beta Testers Needed!


Alright. First round of beta testing has now been done and I have updated the main link with a fresh copy. Opening the beta to a public beta at this point.

Edit: Anything? Anyone?



Found a minor typo with a female Larry. Jumped out since the rest of the pronouns have been on point. Failed to advance to the desert so can’t check any farther but yeah.

“So…you can’t toss fireballs around?” Balogh asks and Larry shakes
her head again. “Tried to learn the flashy and cool stuff. Can’t get
anything done. Maybe all the pre and posts takes up my magic in order to
happen? I don’t really know but I’m just a regular guy who shoots guns
and stuff.”

Says guy instead of gal or similar.

Wording for this part with the Armadillo trek with Larry is odd as well. I get what it means but the word trolling seems so out of place here.

““What do you want to know exactly?” she asks you lightly and snap her
fingers as she leans against the ravine wall and looks at you. Nothing
happens when she snaps her fingers though; maybe she was just trolling
you? You ask her if she’s really certain that all she can do is just see
visions in puddles and pools and she nods her head. “Pretty sure of
that, otherwise I’d be dancing with you right now,” she says lightly,
causing you to stare at her and you ask her what she means by that.”



I think ‘guy’ just means person rather than man



It’s okay. I’m changing it to something more neutral since my earlier beta testers were confused by it as well.



Ahhh help i can’t romance Samar and one of the Morgan endingsmademe rly rly sad



Samar’s romance is harder to get simply because it’s harder to meet with that character. Talk to Samar in Agartha, rescue Samar in Agartha and instead of hanging out with your team-mates in Chapter6, stay at the base and talk to Samar. That should work out well.

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Magikiras Discussion and Bug Report

Do I nd a certain stat to figure out how to get in touch w him the first time like devices cuz it didn’t work when I had 20 for devices?



Yeah you need a pretty high level of device to pass that test. IIRC it’s about 40+ at least. If not, I do believe that test can be skipped but the others must be done in order to stand a chance to romance Samar.


Magikiras romance

So is karin actualy romanceable? Because I just got to the scene in the alley after the pursuit with morgan and it left me wondering if I did something wrong.

Edit ah well, I just saw the possible Ro farther in the topic. To be honest it was such a big buzzkill that I just gave up on the game. Its really an amazing game but after focusing all my social effort toward one character in hope of a romance to end up with this is just really frustrating.



@cyanide Sorry about that but I am remaining firm on this stance that only Morgan, Samar and Larry are the three romance options in this game. Some of it is due to the character’s reasons and some of it is due to my own reluctance in writing romances for this game.



Oh I wasnt trying to tell you to change this. I only spoke my mind. The other characters just werent really interesting romanticaly but they are all very well built. My problem was mostly with how it built up to end up to nothing. The character was just very interesting.



Is there any way to actually stop the artifact from being stolen during the train mission? I haven’t managed it yet :confused:

Also, it would be helpful if during the disabling the device scene if we could still see what colors are associated with what notes on each page



@alliebee Preventing the theft of the artifact requires that you help Morgan earlier in the Chapter and making it through the boss fight. The boss fight is a little bit trickier to pass than normal Choicescript games due to my own preferences. I might have to do some changes to that one however since I noticed that most people prefer to pump up only one stat whenever they can.

Hmmm…I guess I could add the notes association to the colors. Will see how it can be done.



Thanks! I’ll definitely be trying it again soon. (But I just played through it like 5 times in a row and I have exams coming up so I need a bit of a cooling off period :stuck_out_tongue: )

Overall, I really liked your game, it’s just that the ending felt a bit sudden. I completely understand that this has taken up a big part of your life, you’re eager to work on something else, and you feel like the story is done now, but a bit more wrap up would be nice. For instance, if you were with Morgan and then started dating Larry it would be nice if there was a little more resolution and we could choose who our character wanted to be with. Or have the option to not make a choice right now, just basically give us a choice about the situation. It seems you’re with Larry by default, but you could also add a choice that allows us to react to the fact that Morgan has been brainwashed all this time and basically dump poor Larry on the spot and rush into Morgan’s arms. Actually it would be great if there was a reaction scene to Morgan’s return to normal. Hug, handshake, kiss, punch, punch THEN kiss, or whatever :slight_smile: Basically it’d be great to choose if you forgive him instantly, if you forgive him but it’ll take some time to get over it, that you don’t trust Morgan anymore (even though I wouldn’t pick that because it clearly wasn’t his choice, it would still be a good option to include)

Also it would be great if you could make the final scene something like the group getting back together in a bar one last time before being split up. It would give a greater sense of closure. They could be reminiscing on your past missions, a good time for you to essentially plug in a summary of the player’s game and how well they did on their missions. You could end it with something like the player proposing a toast, letting the readers choose the final line in the game.

Also with the whole being reassigned thing, it’s probably better to not say it’s an option at all. I kept waiting to get a choice about whether or not I was going to accept the job and when I didn’t I was surprised and disappointed since we kept being told over and over that it was our choice.

There are a lot of questions that are going to go unanswered which sucks, but what comes to mind right now are questions about Larry. Can you tell us a bit more about all the stuff Larry has been/is being so secretive about? And his connection to you?



Also found a small typo, I think you meant to type “good”



Really liked the story. Found some grammar errors. But all in all it is a good game



There are a lot of questions that are going to go unanswered which
sucks, but what comes to mind right now are questions about Larry. Can
you tell us a bit more about all the stuff Larry has been/is being so
secretive about? And his connection to you?

Sorry? I’m a little confused at this part myself. What connection? What secretive bits?



Raises hand Suh Ida like tah test it.



@Beezlebub Give me a few more days. I’m almost done with a revamped ending and I will announce the third round of beta testing.



Thank you kindly. I await with anticipation.